Introduction to the Qabalah - A Ten Week Series

Introduction to the Qabalah - A Ten Week Series

by Kathy Cybele

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(Class Series - Handouts) A ten week course on the Qabalah which explores one Sephiroth per week along with a companion topics. Topics covered include: Intro to the Qabalah, Malkuth, Yesod, The Lightning Flash and the Serpent, Hod, The Four Qabalistic Worlds, Netzach, The Four Color Scales, Tiphareth, The Rosy Cross, Geburah, Balance and the Tree - Meditation, Chesed, Daath and the Abyss, Binah, The Qlippoth, Chokmah, The Exercise of the Middle Pillar and The Qabalistic Cross, and Kether.

83 printed pages.

I recommend Will Parfitt's "The Complete Guide To The Kabbalah" as a companion book for this course.

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About the Author

Kathy Cybele was raised in an Irish household where her mother filled her days with fairytales, Brownies (both the chocolate and the small mischievous kind) and magick. Thus, when Kathy found the path of Witchcraft in 1988, she knew she had come home.

In 1992 Kathy joined a Celtic/Garderian coven, received her degrees, and was elevated to the rank of elder and High Priestess. Kathy founded and lead The Circle of the Sacred Meadow from 1998 - 2010.

Kathy still enjoys teaching in local venues and has taught over 200 classes.

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