Introduction to the Sacred Scriptures

Introduction to the Sacred Scriptures


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THE terminology of Latin has a fixed meaning, no longer subject to the ehanges incidental to a living tongue. Hence the unfolding of the Sacred Sciences in that language, according to the time-honoured practice of the Catholic Church, possesses advantages, so many and so obvious, that almost every Catholic work on the Introduction to Scripture is written in Latin. While, however, the Catholic Church uses in her liturgy, and legislation, the Latin tongue, which is one and the same for the Italian, and the Scandinavian, she is careful to expound her ritual and laws in the vernacular of every country.
Acting in this spirit I have employed the English, a language which is now spoken by 80 or 100 millions throughout the world, in the hope that by aiding towards a wider knowledge of God's Written-word, the love of Catholics for it will be deepened, and that amongst non-Catholics, earnest minds may be led to see the truth about the Bible. I feel, too, that at a time when the age is embittered with angry controversy on the authority of Scripture, it is desirable to have a direct statement of Catholic teaching on this solemn question.
It is right to add, in affectionate memory of my dear brother, the late Bishop of Raphoe, that in a few places I have drawn upon notes be bequeathed to me. I am also under obligations to the lamented Dr. Dixon, who, before his elevation to the Primatial See of Armagh, filled the chair of Scripture in Maynooth, and left an enduring record of his pro· found Biblical erudition, in his "General Introduction to the Sacred Scriptures," published in 1852.
In conclusion, I hope this little book will help to foster tender associations in the many loving and generous hearts, who pass year after year out of these halls, away from home, to the holy work of keeping the faith active among the sons and daughters of Ireland in foreign countries.

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