Introductory Musicianship: A Workbook (with CD-ROM and Keyboard Booklet) / Edition 7

Introductory Musicianship: A Workbook (with CD-ROM and Keyboard Booklet) / Edition 7

by Theodore A. Lynn
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Cengage Learning


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Introductory Musicianship: A Workbook (with CD-ROM and Keyboard Booklet) / Edition 7

This text/workbook emphasizes the fundamental skills of reading and writing music by providing ample drill exercises that challenge without overwhelming the student. A wealth of examples, both in the text and on the accompanying CD-ROM, along with worksheet exercises reinforce each major concept covered in the book. This gives instructors the flexibility to assign as much or as little material as the student needs to master those concepts central to good musicianship.

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ISBN-13: 9780495090946
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 02/03/2006
Edition description: 7TH PKG
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. Unit One: THE BASICS. 1a: The Staff-Stave(s), 1b: Clefs, 1c: Extending the Staff, 1d: The Great Staff, 1e: Notes, 1f: Rests, 1g: Meter Signatures, 1h: Double Bars, 1i: The Anacrusis, 1j: Accidentals, 1k: Half Steps and Whole Steps--Chromatic or Diatonic, 1l: Enharmonic Equivalents, 1m: Repeat Signs, 1n: Keyboard Octave Registers. Worksheets, Review. Unit Two: RHYTHMIC AND MELODIC EXERCISES-EASY. 2a: Rhythmic Exercises: Group 1, 2b: Rhythmic Exercises: Group 2, 2c: Rhythmic Exercises: Group 3, 2d: Melodic Exercises: Group 1, 2e: Melodic Exercises: Group 2, 2f: Melodic Exercises: Group 3. Unit Three: SCALES, KEYS, AND MODES. 3a: Scales, 3b: Circle of Fifths-Major Keys, 3c: Overtones, 3d: Key Signatures, 3e: Tetrachords, 3f: Major Scales with Sharps, 3g: Major Scales with Flats, 3h: Circle of Fifths-Minor Keys, 3i: Minor Scales with Sharps, 3j: Minor Scales with Flats, 3k: Natural, Harmonic, and Melodic Minor, 3l: Relative Major and Minor, 3m: Parallel Major and Minor, 3n: The Chromatic Scale, 3o: The Church Modes, 3p: Other Scale Forms, 3q: Twelve-Tone Rows. Worksheets, Review. Unit Four: INTERVALS. 4a: Constructing Intervals, 4b:Perfect and Major Intervals, 4c: Minor Intervals, 4d: Diminished and Augmented Intervals, 4e: Constructing Intervals-By Half Steps and Whole Steps, 4f: Constructing Intervals Downward, 4g: The Tritone, 4h: Simple and Compound Intervals, 4i: Hearning and Singing Intervals. Worksheets. Review. Unit Five: RHYTHMIC AND MELODIC EXERCISES-INTERMEDIATE. 5a: Rhythmic Exercises, 5b: Solfeggio with Major Keys, 5c: Melodic Exercises, 5d: Solfeggio with Minor Keys. Unit Six: CHORDS. 6a: Triads, 6b: Chord Names and Symbols, 6c: Primary Triads, 6d: Root-Position Triad Table, 6e: Root-Position and Inversion, 6f: Seventh Chords, 6g: Commercial Chord Symbols. Worksheets. Review. Unit Seven: RHYTHMIC AND MELODIC EXERCISES-DIFFICULT. 7a: Mixed Rhythmic Units, 7b: Mixed Meters-Constant Note Values, 7c: Mixed Meters-Changing Note Values, 7d: Syncopation, 7e: Melodic Exercises. Unit Eight: MELODIC WRITING AND TRANSPOSITION. 8a: Melodic Writing, 8b: Transposition. Worksheets. Review. Unit Nine: CHORD PROGRESSION AND HARMONIZATION. 9a: Doubling Triads and Seventh Chords, 9b: Chord Progressions, 9c: Harmonization, 9d: Figured Bass. Worksheets, Review. Unit Ten: APPENDIX: TERMS, SIGNS, AND SYMBOLS. 10a: General Music Terms, 10b: Performance Terms, 10c: Instruments of the Orchestra, 10d: Voice Types, 10e: Signs and Symbols. Index. Piano Keyboard & Guitar Chord Chart Foldout.

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