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Introspection: Prose and Poetry

Introspection: Prose and Poetry

by Enosh Aganah


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InIntrospection: Prose and Poetry,Enosh Aganah, through a varied collection of writings, considers the universal human emotions brewing in the wake of global crises and constrictions. He gives voice to those who cannot speak for themselves as he paints candid pictures with his words. His poems capture the essence of the diversity of life and the challenges we face in spite of where we live. The common thread in all of his writing is emotional honesty and truth, the very art of expression that considers the geographical, philosophical, historical, moral, and ideological diversities of life as they relate to the human fabric of existence.

Introspection offers the author?s thoughts on the fullness of life, finding hope through adversity, and the goodness that love brings to all things. Through illuminated poetry and prose, Aganah presents an odyssey of pain, pleasure, power, and potency that brings our feelings to the fore.

In the misty morning,
I thirst for the dew of heaven.
In the wake of the sun,
I seek the truth of life.
In the dusk of each moment,
I search to feel the fulfilment of light.
In season and in reason, in existence and exit-trance,
Righteousness still remains:
My boots, peace, hope, and joy.

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ISBN-13: 9781491749333
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/14/2014
Pages: 114
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.27(d)

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Prose and Poetry

By Enosh Aganah


Copyright © 2014 Enosh Aganah
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-4933-3



    As gold makes the old glitter,
    Wine makes the wise bold to filter away
    Their goodness.

    Put not your trust in the heart of princes,
    For their breath is as a mere moment:
    Quick in manifestation and
    Quick in exit from existence.

    My stance is made known
    Even as the noon of the day dawns.
    My own will I not forsake, and
    Neither will I disown the words that
    Come from the mouth of Omnipotence,
    Which constitutes all living things and
    Manufactured elements
    Cemented to the times and seasons that
    Breed and sow the seed
    Of purpose and destiny and the light that
    Dwells among men.
    Feel the fill, and make merry the rivers
    That the
    Sentiments in my soul.
    Concerned with
    The wrist of projection

    And manifestation of the bricks of the
    Of each day.


    Sole searchers
    Crawl toward the creams of yesteryears.
    Neat colours of doom
    Flow toward the sachets of silent
    Through the voices of living serpents in
    Of survival.

    The philosophy of man
    Only cures the lust of his need
    But never restores the bricks of broken
    That bound the relation of history to
    All already known,
    And grown, and made renowned,
    As silence,
    Slays the esteem of the moment.


    Many moments have gone unpredicted,
    Many seasons have hid the foundation
    To reveal the talking and broken strides
    The sides of destiny.
    In the end,
    Only the strength of a man's will matters.

    In the end,
    Only the plight a man seals settles
    Where grammar has failed.
    Silence shall prevail
    Where movement had failed.
    Faith shall exhale
    Where stone walls have stood.
    The foundations shall be ruptured
    To release
    The captives and set free
    Those who have been bound by the
    Oppressions of man and flesh
    And deception of ignorance and
    Rebellion –
    All for the edification and affliction of
    The day,
    Which shall be despair to some
    And a joy to them whom the truth shall set


    The bees get bonuses,
    But the bribes hold back their strength.
    The stars twinkle above the palaces
    While the desert wind swirls across the
    Guess it is a gesture for repentance
    The voice of the wind
    Keeps wallowing through the senses,
    Arrested by the stems of willow trees.


    The whirl moment whispers the rain
    True to say the truth has come to stay.
    The foundations of men lay as scattered as
    But true to say
    Waging will forever not stay
    At the palms of people who yearn
    For the birth of mercies each day.


    May speech not comply
    But answers reply ever in silence.
    Quick are senses to detect
    Though thought lay inferior to action.

    Sin after sin, note after note, my heart
    Gambles not
    With the lashes of evil eyes.


    Character esteems
    As memory redeems a
    Victor's progress and
    As scriptures project
    Power for the persistent
    And favour for the faithful
    All at the cool of the day
    And at the mould of dawn.
    Simple surprises:
    Samples of enterprise.


    From the York of history
    Word has been the force that has shaped
    Mystery and moments
    Have laid foundations even to the
    Of destinies and dynasties.
    All distinct, others extinct
    Even in the present time,
    Which curves like a flickering candle.

    My plight has been the bonus
    That strengthened my heart against
    And effectualized even the deepest part of
    That lies under the issues of life
    Flow from within.
    With the seed to truth as my root of
    The breath of life saturates my soul with
    Understanding as tongs
    To hold my peace
    Even in the latter part of the day
    That relevant my potency
    In contemporary existence.


    A bound spirit thirsts in vain,
    For its strength is in the prowess of
    And technicality.
    The love of life is not in its beauty but its
    But basic-low understanding of such
    Has forced many to be vulnerable and
    Victims to the chocking
    Quills of the issues and deceptions of
    Life –
    Lust and riches
    As a nude definition of life
    In the snares and oppression of death.


    Pestilence of good,
    An addiction to excellence, and,
    The laying souls,
    Fear and hard labour.
    The bread and butter of my neighbour's
    Plate keeps me
    Staring at the small bits of ashes
    Chocking the vision of the fainters.


    How can the wheat bury its corn
    Even before its conception?
    How can the dusk bury the dawn that
    Without any warning?

    As a glance toward the portraits of
    Try to travail to kill the root that has
    Already borne fruit
    And is henceforth dropping seeds to

    I am not of the same;
    I let reason and wisdom train and embed
    Toward the pinnacle of the paths of life
    Rather than
    Chase the wind and fund my thoughts
    Void common sense.
    I will stand and stride toward perfection
    Even in the rivers of the poetic:
    "My excellence in expression."


    Lay I upon the rock of salvation.
    Lay I upon the rivers of living waters.
    Lay I upon the roots and beauty of life.
    Lay my soul upon the palms of grace
    Lay my spirit in the heart of Zion.


    To the mouth that proclaims truth,
    Grace and mercy shall be ordained to
    Forehead of his soul.
    For righteousness exalts a nation,
    And sin is a reproach to everyone.


    Sip the tip of the current
    With the dew of milk and honey,
    For no wicked one or of its priestacy
    Arise and erase the stone that lays as the foundation in Zion.
    I decree as an apostle of time –
    A disciple of truth and reverence.


    Time after time, sigh after sigh,
    The sacrifice of life crawls to the scene
    To chock the power of sin.

    As a bird in search of sweet waters,
    Desire and despair taps the neck of man
    Saluting and surveying for fertile
    In the barren soil of contemporary

    As winter comes, and another one leaves,
    The difference in reference is the same:
    Same old tune, same old song, same old
    The ring around the beak of the robin.
    Lying and crying, yet dying to her
    Conviction to its fallacy.

    Surround the throne of mercy with
    Repentance and conviction key within.
    Listen to the silent cries of your heart.
    Run for mercy and restoration at the
    Of the hem of life, and see
    Rivers of healing with its glorious
    Mounted in the wings of majesty.


    I kiss the throne of gold for a moment
    And let not its revelation pass me by.
    Relation, relation, relation have I got,
    But an aim is yet to be called an act.
    As a fact in mind I speak to honour the
    Wisdom within
    And lay a yolk for foundation and a yoke
    For my heart had heard my yearns to
    Possess and
    The art of potential in practice.


    The rocks keep rampaging,
    And more and more reruns keep
    I would have to lift up my head
    And tell the tenses of the truth.

    My own is a re-proof to man.
    Their own is a re-proof to me.
    So I trod upon the path of life
    So as not to be snared by the stares and
    Claws of deception.

    Be it to all, and it is to one,
    For men live not and shall live not by
    The stares within the roots of survival
    Demand strength
    While the plight of the modern man
    But as folly as the ways of man are
    To the flesh and lust
    Must come the decision to discern the
    Difference between
    The eternal and the carnal.

    The elements of life and the laments of
    The power that progresses
    For the choice of life and death, a blessing,
    A curse.
    Peace or poverty
    Have been laid at the palms of man
    All via the valley of decision.


    White as the wheat in the barn of
    Cold as the crusts of stone.
    Come O ye that search peace deep
    And drink of the life-giving waters.
    For the waters are the Word,
    And the Word is life giving,
    And its truth is truth that sets souls free
    Through the ministry of its power and the
    Making of its own glory.
    Amen, Amen, Amen.


    The growth of darkness
    Shall never exceed that light of glory.
    The hem and speech of righteousness shall
    Always exalt
    Even in the time of grief and suffering.

    Turmoil and tribulation are the
    Destitutors of
    The current contributors of desolation
    Protests of multitudes,
    But even in the same, draw I the strength
    To see
    And be a warrior of the season, for
    The sword of the spirit has
    I to slay the winter prey.


    My expectation loudens its borders,
    For with joy shall man draw waters from
    Well of salvation.
    Neither by might nor by power, oh! Yes
    Fore-see the ground of
    The coming of sweet sentiments.


    Resurrect o ye my vision and desire!
    Dwell within my strength, and strive
    Mould me and make me whole and new
    Plant, and judge me with grace and
    Peace without pain.
    Sow me a seed
    For righteousness forever.


    In the misty morning,
    I thirst for the dew of heaven.
    In the wake of the sun,
    I seek the truth of life.
    In the dusk of each moment,
    I search to feel the fulfilment of light.
    In season and in reason, in existence and exit-trance,
    Righteousness still remains:
    My boots, peace, hope, and joy.


    Sterility substituted, and
    Esteemed supreme
    Supplicated service.


    As a song have I in the petals and
    Palettes of
    My mouth and speech
    To portray the serenity of grace and truth,
    Which trades and advocates
    Beauty for ashes and
    Strength for fear.


    In it is grace moulded into glory
    And beauty perfected into excellence.
    In it is the river of mercy
    Flowing toward the essence
    Of Existence
    Of man.
    In all
    Are all
    Perfected and purified
    And mystified according to the truth
    That upholds
    Serene surroundings and sound
    "The oracle of life"
    In righteousness.


    As the rays of the sun sharpen the
    And senses of my vision,
    Decisioned am I
    To tread the art of perfection.
    Each day brings a new look, a new life
    New speech
    For men
    And situations,
    But all out without thee
    Makes no difference nor influence upon

    This day I cry,
    And this day I humble myself from deep
    To clinch another realm of glory
    That nothing
    Mine has ever touched.

    Even from beyond the forces of
    Mysteries and
    May thine grace and mercies, pleasures
    Flow in abundance to me
    Even in prayer and practice of each
    As I go
    Forward with Thee.


    From miles away
    Have I written this day
    As the york of my aspiration,
    The meditation and practicalization of

    Through the hills and valleys of decision
    Have I laid my burdens to rest,
    For I do embrace the yoke of light
    And manifest the fruits of glory.

    Brother, today I am
    For the Spirit of power.
    Peace and a
    Find themselves resident in this
    Of my existence.
    As the corn of the field strengthens the
    Of the ox,
    Truth and righteousness
    Exalt the nation
    That has already been justified in


    Overhauled are the tendons of reasoning
    In the abundance of strife.
    Like the light that shines in the presence
    The sun
    The impact is a little to none,
    But by the fray of each moment
    Rays of the above shine between the
    And spaces
    Surfaced by the slaying of circumstances.

    Over the realm of mysteries,
    And beyond its borders
    Lives a trait and a spirit called revelation
    Who sings the songs of a reality that exist
    Beyond mortal understanding,
    Human expectation, and inglorious
    Leaving all cleaving into the real to be
    That reveals that
    Stands at the stance
    Of truth.


    Even in the midst of the flame
    There is a hope for life.
    Even in the raging storm
    There is a ray of peace hidden within.
    Even in the raging seas
    There is a calm wave that hangs on its
    Even in the presence of death
    Strength is a virtue must acknowledge.
    And while true are the afflictions of the
    The Lord delivers.


    No matter the depth of the sea
    The salt can never be sweetened.
    No matter the hours of the day
    Minutes come and complete the progress.
    Paradoxes cannot reconcile
    Unless truth is compromised.
    And compromised truth
    Is not justifiable.


    Since the birth of creation
    The travail in nature began,
    And the cause of history began to turn
    In and to the advances of prophecy
    Of a word and will already established
    That awaits its glorious manifestation
    At the end of age and death of time
    And death to self.
    Awake all ye that sleep the slumber of
    Make mention the name of life as the
    Testimony of your heart
    And enjoy the embrace of
    The sweetness of the womb of salvation
    And the joy of the fruit of its womb.


    Kiss the silent seal, and sip the golden steam.
    Meet the flowing wind, and dance to melodic
    Look, and love the leap that leads to the
    Existence of abundance.
    Sustain your substance and search to settle
    At the
    Wheat of wit, and
    Bread of life, and
    Water of the spirit.
    For in all those
    Comes out the work and meaning of existence –
    Omni-potentic living through grace.


    The face of life is distinguished
    By the patterns and face of the colours that
    Accompany it.
    Access its contours
    By its philosophies and experiences
    All at the dispensation of wit and vision.


    The soundness of mind brings the accounts
    Of events.
    The swiftness of sound shows the
    Superiority of speech.
    The power of correct judgement projects the
    Worth of truth.
    Stern are the roots that govern the principles
    Of life
    And its progressions and transgressions.
    The sum of a man's life
    Is determined by his experiences, exploits,
    And expectations.


    Reason is a matter of wisdom in the art of
    Practical operations.
    Manifestation is an instance of
    Potential proclaimed and practiced.


    Said to say all they need to conquer me, but,
    See me
    Said in
    Said what
    Said who, and
    I am he though they know me not.


    Persistence is the key to survival.
    Survival is the womb that bears revival.
    Revival is the vital aspect and project that
    The strength that retains and sustains it
    Through the force known as sound.
    Sound is a substance –
    One of the spirit.
    Spirit is the element of life and the potency
    Of it –
    Not to mention the bearer of it and all
    The issues
    To which it pertains.


Excerpted from Introspection by Enosh Aganah. Copyright © 2014 Enosh Aganah. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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