Invasion Within: Overcoming the Elitists' Attack on Moral Values and the American Way

Invasion Within: Overcoming the Elitists' Attack on Moral Values and the American Way

by Domenick J. Maglio Ph.D.


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Publisher: Regnery Publishing
Publication date: 01/28/2005
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Invasion Within

By Domenick Maglio

Regnery Publishing, Inc.

Copyright © 2005 Domenick Maglio
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-89526-044-1

Chapter One

Defeating the Enemy: The Smuggers

"We have staked the whole of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God." -James Madison, the fourth president, known as "the father of our Constitution"

This cultural civil war is not a spontaneous breakdown. There has been a sophisticated strategy since the 1930s developed by a core of Marxist-humanists with the sole aim of destroying traditional countries around the world. Their plan was to wage a war from within. It wasn't until the 1990s that an overt frontal attack occurred in the United States. However, in America their progress during that time was real and subversive. The McCarthy hearings of the 1950s demonstrated the penetration of Marxist and humanist sympathizers into bureaucratic middle- and high-level government positions, higher education, entertainment, and the media.

One generation later, the anti-establishment hippies, who were to become the greatest champions of this subversive movement, set their sights on a wide range of our traditions and values. These misguided, affluent students were like children on a beach having fun digging random holes in the sand. There was no master plan. They were anointed by their frustrated professors to attack the "repressive social fabric of our society." The vision that these young radicals held was the failed utopian Marxist ideals of their all-knowing professors. The impressionable recruits were indoctrinated with these impractical notions, which had been historically shown, time after time, to be unworkable. Elitist teachers and students continue to construct these sandcastles of elaborate theories, only to see them continually washed away by the waves of time. Yet many naïve college students with little personal experience and limited knowledge of history became unknowing pawns in an ongoing cultural war. Some of these students' personal identities as adults were derived from this period of campus charade.

I will call these converts to the anti-establishment culture "Smuggers." "Smuggers" will be the term used to describe pseudo-intellectual, secular elite, Marxist-humanist oriented, antipatriotic, cultural and moral relativist, atheist hedonists who, for whatever reason, are wishing and working for the collapse of America. Smuggers are elitist know-it-alls who possess smug attitudes and are mugging us of our traditions, morals, and values.

Smuggers have been very effective in altering our perceptions and thus our values. No longer do we honor a person who has sustained doing the right thing in life-a person of good character. We have been programmed by the elite media to think of this person as self-righteous and dull. Instead, we are indoctrinated to view people with the latest logo on their clothes, politically correct slogans, and phony sensitivity as virtuous people, regardless of their actual daily lifestyle. Image is everything. Perception is reality. Smuggers have cultivated a morally shallow culture where selling one's soul for material wealth is not only acceptable, but is seen as smart. They have demeaned and continue to destroy our traditional culture. They are the enemy.

These Smuggers have used the vast power of the media, portraying men as oppressive macho brutes, mothers as dull browbeaten victims, divorce as liberating, and the youth of the era as saviors. These Smuggers, taking potshots from Hollywood pressrooms and the ivory towers of our most hallowed universities, cause damage to every institution in our nation. In one shameful generation, these me-first egotists began the process of eroding the very foundations of traditional America that had been built up over hundreds of years.

This describes the place where the plan to attack marriage and the family originated:

No country better illustrates this [phenomenon] than Russia. In the first flush of its atheistic Marxist socialism, it denied the necessity of marriage, established abortion centers, ridiculed fidelity and chastity as a 'bourgeois virtue', compared lust and adultery to drinking a glass of water, after which you can forget the glass in one instance and the person in the other, introduced postcard divorces, which required only that you send a notice that you were no longer living with a certain party, and all obligations ceased.

In our contemporary age, the Culture War has morphed from defending our traditions against covert maneuvers to defending against overt full-scale battle operations. For this, we have the Clintons to thank, for it was not until their presidential administration that the counterculture at last felt sufficiently strong to begin imposing the ultimate phase of their strategy. Gone were the days of negotiation, of the more insidious social change resulting in the deluded Great Society of President Johnson and the ridicule phase of the 1960s. This was to be a culture based on equality, gender sameness, atheism, and cradle-to-grave entitlement coated with a veneer of hedonistic splendor. It was, in essence, new packaging for the failed Marxist concepts.

The initial Clinton administration salvo upon their election was decreed from the bully pulpit: the acceptance of gays in the military and cradle-to-grave socialized medicine. Their behavior surprised many voters, for candidate Clinton was portrayed as a centrist and moderate. The media have assisted both in advancing their positions and omitting their lies, relentlessly advancing the radical agenda set by the Clintons. Selective highlighting of daily news, focus groups, and unnamed sources are common subjective practices used by Smuggers in the media to bolster their Marxist principles. Where did all the Communist sympathizers go after the collapse of the Soviet Union? The answer is that they mutated into leftist supporters.

Confusion is a major tool in the Smuggers' arsenal. Smuggers intentionally create smokescreens to hide their destructive actions. They have refined the art of pretending to honor American principles by blurring moral distinctions, distorting the truth, and outright lying, while at the same time targeting American traditions without for a moment altering their own phony smirks. Whenever their blatant biases are exposed, their reflex is to attack the opposition by accusing them of their own Smugger tactics. They are accomplished hypocrites.

An illustration of the audacious tactics employed by Smuggers is the Joe Wilson saga. He testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee that he had assured U.S. officials as far back as 2002 that "there was nothing to the story." The "story" being the accusation that President Bush lied to the American people when he delivered a sixteen-word line in the State of the Union address saying that Saddam Hussein sought significant quantities of yellow cake uranium ore from Niger, Africa.

Originally, Wilson reported early in 2002 that Iraq was interested in purchasing uranium, saying that his evidence "... [confirmed] what the British and Italian intelligence services had told us from their own sources." It wasn't until after an Italian journalist uncovered fake documents indicating that Saddam was seeking uranium, that Joe Wilson changed his tune about Iraq's effort to obtain uranium. All at once he became a darling of the media, denouncing the Bush administration and saying that they were lying about Iraq's search for uranium. When asked whether he was given the assignment at the urging of his CIA wife, he vehemently stated, "Valerie had nothing to do with the matter." Contrary to Joe Wilson's statement, the Senate published testimony that his CIA wife offered up his name and printed her memo to her boss saying that "my husband has good relations with Niger officials and lots of French connections."

Joe Wilson was proven wrong by Lord Butler's non-partisan panel that concluded President Bush's sixteen words were indeed true. But Smuggers never admit they lie nor show remorse.

The anti-establishment hippies of the 1960s are presently in the halls of the Congress, the boardrooms of nonprofit and Fortune 500 companies, environmental groups, the courts, and on all levels of government, including the State Department, the Pentagon, and some even in the White House. This infiltration has escalated the frequency and intensity of the Smuggers' attacks on traditional America.

The election of G. W. Bush has frustrated the Marxists who have followed a gradual reconstruction and revisionist path to altering the American tradition. Many Smuggers have responded to the disappointment of the 2000 presidential election by reverting to spontaneous hysterical outbursts. Illegal gay marriages are sprouting one after another, there are anarchist World Trade Organization protests, and pro-Saddam's Iraq and anti-Bush rallies indicate a hatred of the possibility of a resurgence of traditional America. These actions are sporadic and do not reflect the slick, well-orchestrated policy of the Clinton years. We are at a crucial junction in the Culture War.

The Culture War is raging worldwide pitting moral traditionalism against Marxist secularism. Smuggers now believe that their victory is inevitable, an optimism that comes from the knowledge of the support they will receive from their international comrades. During the Iraqi War and the 2000 presidential elections, many U.S. elites spouted the same arguments previously pronounced by their counterparts across the ocean, the European socialists. Just as the French and German political leaders were calling us a renegade nation, these statements were translated and fed to the American public by our secular elite. In another example of international secular influence, the U.S. Supreme Court judges used international law to support the alteration of United States constitutional law-an event both unprecedented and dangerous.

Smuggers are ignorant people gleefully ripping apart their own homeland like wild animals. They believe they are geniuses who have the right to condescendingly snatch away our American principles and traditions. Our own press acts as if any pro-American foreign story would indicate a bias-even when it is relevant and true. Only anti-American information ensures their objectivity. They are as dumb as any person who burns down his own home or neighborhood to correct a perceived grievance.

Smuggers are people who believe their Marxist-derived ideals give them the right to denigrate anyone who does not believe like they do. They have exemplified the tactics of "the politics of personal destruction." The indoctrination process in schools, the media, and entertainment has anointed them superior to anyone who is morally upright, hardworking, and patriotic. Whenever a patriot expresses traditional viewpoints in a room with two or more Smuggers, the Smuggers will raise their eyebrows to communicate disdain to each other that they are in the company of an inferior thinking person. The power they possess does not come from numbers or ideas; it comes from their sniper tactics.

These Smuggers are slick guerrilla goons who exploit their positions to cleverly undermine our traditions and incessantly spread their propaganda. These subversive tactics can only be repelled by recognizing the phony smiles and condescending attitudes. These warning signs should alert us to the coming attack on our values. Only through greater awareness will we be able to ward off these misguided, ignorant pawns of anti-Americanism. Smuggers must be identified and neutralized to preserve our nation.

George Soros, billionaire and major contributor to, has smugly flashed his money to manipulate leaders of other nations to do his bidding. "He (Soros) is portrayed as someone ... who can be offended if a leader of a country where he is involved philanthropically is insufficiently subservient, who will consort with an autocratic regime in order to see his programs carried out; and who is intent on imposing his influence generally on an ever expanding area of the world." Mr. Soros prominently displayed his arrogance regarding the power he wielded in the Ukraine: "Soros makes no bones about his interventionist nature of his role in Ukraine. At one point, he remarked jocularly, 'If this isn't meddling in the affairs of a foreign nation I don't know what is ... I look at Ukraine with the same frame of mind as I look at REITS. By my intervention I make it happen." This Smugger seems to think he can buy an election through the 527 in yet another country-America. We must identify and reduce the influence of Smuggers like him in order to preserve our nation.

Smuggers are moral and cultural relativists. They believe that God is a figment of man's imagination. They do not believe in moral absolutes and, therefore, good can be bad and bad can be good-depending on the situation. They do not believe that American civilization is highly developed or exceptional, for all societies, including the most primitive, have to be evaluated on their own merits. By blurring the lines between good and evil, moral and cultural relativists eradicate traditional standards. This establishment of a nonjudgmental world allows Smuggers to push whatever agenda they want at the moment. The lack of absolute morals encourages relativists to fabricate reality and outright lie in order to gain advantage in reaching their goals. Smuggers cry foul whenever they are held accountable for their deeds or words, yet they are ready to call any traditionalist a hypocrite if he deviates to any degree from his principles. Embracing moral relativity frees Smuggers to do whatever they think will cause them to win. In these untrue and vicious attacks, the ends of advancing their agenda justify their sleazy means.

Yet the modern Smugger agenda emphasizes the means one uses, not the ends. They would have parents believe that so long as they raise their children in a permissive and materially rich environment they are being exemplary parents-regardless of the behavior of the child. As long as we interrogate prisoners at Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo, giving them unearned civil rights that are guaranteed only to American citizens, it does not matter if we get any information from the terrorists that would save the lives of Americans. As long as New Jersey governor James McGreevey announces his politically correct homosexual/bisexual lifestyle, it doesn't matter how he has impacted his family members or ran a corrupt administration. As long as you fight a sensitive war, it doesn't matter if we win. As long as Smugger values are practiced, you are following their concept of "the means justifies the end."

The greatness of America builds upon the idea that moral means beget moral ends.


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