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Springer Netherlands
Invasive Species and Biodiversity Management / Edition 1

Invasive Species and Biodiversity Management / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9780792368762
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 06/30/2001
Series: Population and Community Biology Series , #24
Edition description: 1999
Pages: 431
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.45(h) x 0.05(d)

Table of Contents

Contributors. Preface; P.J. Schei. 1. Introduction: the many aspects of the invasive alien species problem; O.T. Sandlund, P.J. Schei, A. Viken. Part 1: Human dimensions. 2. The great reshuffling: how alien species help feed the global economy; J.A. McNeely. 3. Species invasions and the displacement of biological and cultural diversity; V. Shiva. 4. Nile perch in Lake Victoria: the balance between benefits and negative impacts of aliens; R. Ogutu-Ohwayo. 5. An alliance of biodiversity, agriculture, health and business interests for improved alien species management in Hawaii; A. Holt. Part 2: Ecology of introductions. 6. Invasive plant species and invasible ecosystems; M. Rejmánek. 7. Lag times in population explosions of invasive species: causes and implications; J.A. Crooks, M.E. Soulé. 8. Modelling of the impact of biological invasions; R. Hengeveld. 9. Biological invasions and global change; H.A. Mooney, A. Hofgaard. 10.Introductions at the level of genes and populations; K. Hindar. 11. Alien species and emerging infectious diseases: past lessons and future implications; R.T. Bryan. 12. Effects of invading species on freshwater and estuarine ecosystems; P.B. Moyle. Part 3: International pathways. 13. The scale and ecological consequences of biological invasions in the World's oceans; J.T. Carlton. 14. The Red Sea-Mediterranean link: unwanted effects of canals; C.F. Boudouresque. 15. Trade and exotic species introductions; P. Jenkins. 16. Commercial forestry and agroforestryas sources of invasive alien trees and shrubs; D.M. Richardson. 17. Consequences of spreading of pathogens and genes through an increasing trade in foods; E. Skjerve, Y. Wasteson. Part 4: Management tools. 18. Legal authorities for controlling alien species: a survey of tools and their effectiveness; M.J. Bean. 19. Strategies for preventing the world movement of invasive plants. A United States perspective; R. Westbrooks, R.E. Eplee. 20. Managing insect invasions by watching other countries; M.J. Samways. 21. Biological pest control and invasives; G. Oduor. Part 5: Country case studies. 22. Invasive species in Mauritius: examining the past and charting the future; W. Strahm. 23. Biodiversity conservation and the management of invasive animals in New Zealand; M.N. Clout. 24. South Africa's experience regarding alien species: impacts and controls; B.J. Huntley. 25. Managing alien species: the Australian experience; R.P. Pech. Part 6: Where do we go from here? 26. International instruments, processes, organizations and non-indigenous species introductions: is a protocol to the convention on biological diversity necessary? L. Glowka, C. de Klemm. 27. A Global Strategy for dealing with alien invasive species; H.A. Mooney. Index.

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