Investor Revolution: Overthrow Wall Street and Take Back Your Future

Investor Revolution: Overthrow Wall Street and Take Back Your Future

by Thomas L. Hardin


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Investor Revolution: Overthrow Wall Street and Take Back Your Future by Thomas L. Hardin

Investor Revolution! shows you how to take control of your finances and make your money work for you. Learn how to create a customized wealth management plan for your ideal future--a fulfilling and wealthy life. The status quo of investing through the Wall Street method (being sold investment products from large corporations) and merely using wealth to accumulate assets will not work for todays investor as he looks to a retirement that now often spans as long as many careers. Hardin shows readers how to create a vision of their ideal future (some starting a new career, traveling the world, or creating a non-profit), and realize it through a mix of wealth management coaching and proprietary wealth management techniques.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781933669069
Publisher: Literary Architects
Publication date: 01/08/2007
Pages: 233
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     xi
Acknowledgements     xv
About the Author     xvii
A Revolution Is Upon Us     1
Anatomy of a Revolution     2
Ages and Stages     4
The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Napster     6
What's Next on the Horizon?     10
Aging, Boomers, and the S-Curve     13
Birth Waves and the S-Curve     15
A Generation of Continual Change     22
Economic Prosperity and Changing How We Value Our Lifestyle     23
Rethinking Retirement     25
We're on the Eve of a Revolution     29
A Call to Action     31
Live Like a Revolutionary     32
Customization, Standardization, and How Money Can Buy Happiness     35
Welcoming a Whole-Brain World     39
The Creaking Machinery of Standardization     42
It's All in the Process     44
Customization and the Psychology of Money     46
Not Your Grandfather's Financial Planning     47
Money vs. Happiness     50
What Do Wall Street and Buggy Whips Have in Common?     55
Learning from Experience: The Wall Street Story     57
Wall Street's Short-Term Performance Pollution     61
Playing the Name Game     64
The Issue of Core Competency     65
Learning from Old Mistakes     68
Taking Hold of the New Possibility     69
Buggy Whips     70
How Does This Affect Me?     73
Financial Planning: A Step in the Right Direction     74
Investment Management Consultants: Not Quite Right Either     80
Portfolio Management: A Better Approach     83
Locating the Right Portfolio Manager     88
Customizing the Investment Industry     92
Looking at the Big Picture     94
Personal Wealth Management: Getting Your Life Involved in Your Money     99
Coaching and the Psychology of Money     101
The Wealth Management Benchmark - A New Coaching Tool     104
Staying on Track with a Personal Wealth Coach     107
Coaching During Times of Change     108
Coaching and the Visioning Process     110
Constructing the Future: It's Not Automatic!     113
Personal Wealth Management: The Key to a Worry-Free Tomorrow     115
Risk Management in Today's Market     119
Managing Risk: The Key to Successful Investing     121
The Myth of "Risk-Free" Investments      124
Managing Market Fluctuation: Efficient Market Theory     125
Modern Portfolio Theory     128
Let's All Move Together Now     130
The Good, the Bad, and the Diversified     133
Making Market Volatility Work for You     136
Putting It All Together     137
Market Timing: Good or Bad Idea?     140
Asset Allocation: A Balancing Act     142
The Revolutionary Investment Process     147
Why Traditional Methods No Longer Work     148
Passive vs. Active Management     150
Why Not Just Invest in Index Funds?     152
Another Argument Against Index Funds     156
Shifting Your Thinking     158
Portfolio RiskGrades     161
The Revolution Is Creating New Tools     164
Setting Your Portfolio Thermostat     166
New Tools and the Thermostat     172
Don't Confuse Companies with Stocks     174
Navigating Changing Markets     177
Investment Policy Statements     179
The Investor Revolution Is Now     185
Customize the Revolution to Fit Your Life     187
Harness the Information to Produce the Right Answer     189
Revolutionaries Come Prepared      191
Are You Ready for Today's Revolution?     192
Live a Legacy Now     193
Enjoying Your Leisure Time     195
The Future Begins Now     197
Take Action-Today!     199
Appendix     203
Bibliography     209
Glossary     213
Index     223

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