Invicta: Salvation

Invicta: Salvation

by Piper Kay


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ISBN-13: 9781500699703
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/01/2014
Pages: 134
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.29(d)

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Invicta: Salvation 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
NaughtyBookSnitch More than 1 year ago
We start off in present day with Kade and Holt celebrating their 15 year anniversary and their soon to be grand opening of their new business adventure, Invicta. While celebrating they reminisce about how they met. Then we flashback to 1999, where the real story takes place.  Holt. Sexy cowboy with a messed up home life who just wants to hurry up and go to college on a football scholarship. Holt is still in the closet about his sexuality until what was supposed to be a one night stand ends up changing his entire life.  Kade. Oh my sweet control freak, territorial, bad boy who tries everything to get away from Holt. No attachments. One night stand. Don't need any drama in his life. He's got enough on his plate already without having to take care of an innocent, naive and sexy Holt. But this bad boy does have a conscious and the way Holt sucks on that lip, mmmm... irresistible.  Let's get right to it shall we... I LOVED it!  Cover Porn ¿ Good Story ¿ Humor ¿ Sexy men and sex ¿ Cocky Boys ¿ ¿ My first thought when I sat down to read this was, male strippers?  'Oh please, oh please, oh please be good'. I wasn't sure how it was going to work with strippers and dancing and how to convey that through text. I didn't want to read about a bunch of technical terms that I'm unfamiliar with and end up pulling me out of the story.... Well, well, well, I don't even know why I was worried. Its ThePiper Mutha Flippin Kay that were talking about here. I mean... I should be bent over and spanked for even thinking that... please ;) I love Piper Kay's books and she's not ever let me down. Shame on me for doubting the Queen of you know what... The Snake Charming Mistress... Sheriff of the Come Guns... Pied Piper of the Penis... The little bit of dancing that was in here was somewhat easy to follow. There were a couple of times it was difficult for me to picture what was going on.  Sex, sex, sex!! OH YEAH! I love the way Piper Kay writes a sex scene. Doesn't matter what book you're reading from her... there will always be something for everyone. Sexy, hot and sometimes even masturbation worthy. Kade and Holt are really hot together. I love the chemistry that these two have.  I bet you're wondering why I only gave it 4 stars. Ahem, these are just minor things really. There is one part in the novella that Holts name is spelled Hoyt. Hello True Blood country boy. Also the dancing reference to the Roger Rabbit is ok but the twerking and Harlem Shake I think are fairly new terms. So, I asked Master Google and from what I could find out Harlem Shake came about in 2013. Maybe there is another Harlem Shake that I wasn't aware of in the 90's which is totally possible. (update its been around since the 80's)  Twerking on the other hand... according to the 'Oxford Dictionary Online' said the word had been around for 20 years. I know, I know... I docked it a star for this because this is the only thing that pulled me from the story. I actually stopped reading so I could look it up.  Overall Invicta: Salvation rocked out with its cock out. The story never once got dull and it flowed really well. I think this could have been a longer book and I think Kade has a lot more back story to tell. There was just a touch of suspense and it made my heart skip a couple of beats, but I wasn't left hanging on the hook long. I just loved Salvation and I can't wait to read the next one! I recommend this to anyone who loves MM. 
PaulBerry1 More than 1 year ago
Invicta: Salvation-Book One in the Invicta Series by Piper Kay!!! Kaiden and Holt have been together for 15 years and now it's the grand opening of their new club, Invicta and now they're taking a look back at how they met. When they met, Holt wakes up to a very angry and abusive father and then finds himself homeless and alone in the world. He meets a guy who helps him out and starts to realize that maybe this was for the best. Kade has always avoided the closeness and intimacy and goes from guy to guy in search of what he has always longed for and then he meets Holt and everything changes. I loved how the story starts out 15 years after the morning they met which takes them on their discovery of love for one another. I adored how much they mean to each other and how much they support one another. Holt has many insecurities which does seep into their relationship. Now it's up to Kade to prove to the man he loves that it's always been him and will only ever be him. It was hard to read how Holt's father treated him in such a hateful and disgusting way but very important to the story. This is a very realistic part of a gay man's life and so great that Piper wrote about something that happens all the time. Pipers writing is so beautifully done and how she kept the lines from past and present so very clear and concise was very well done. The way the characters complimented each other was just so brilliantly written and you really felt their love for each other. I loved how Kade was the true bad boy but when it came to Holt, he gave himself completely to the man he loves which didn't come easily for Kade. The characters were so much fun to read and their journey and self discovery just made for a beautiful love story. I truly cherished the relationship between these two men and what they meant to each other. In this world it's just the two of them and their love will withstand any outside forces that try to separate them. I highly recommend this beautiful love story to anyone who wants to know the absolute true meaning of what love actually means. "Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review." Reviewed by Paul at Gay Media Reviews!
InkedRainbowReads More than 1 year ago
This book has description of an almost rape - if that is something you are sensitive to, do not read. Holton (Holt) is a country boy who ended up in a bad situation. He was hiding his true self from his family and when things went bad, it was necessary for him to run away. Kade is a street smart kid who knows what living on the streets can be like. He has survived by being smart. These two meet under circumstances that allow for them to meet their physical needs and what ensues is a story of how they survived together. They were able to lean on and learn from one another. Kade needs to save Holt from a would be rape and from there on, these two were inseparable. I think where this book fell flat for me was that it was more a story of their past and when you first pick up the story, you expect their future. They are on the verge of opening their own club - a place that held a lot of history for them. In reality, this book takes place 15 years beforehand. Also, it moves very fast - I feel like you do not truly get to know Kade - only impressions of him. Despite hating Holt's family, at least we know why he ran. I did enjoy the descriptions of their dancing. I thought that it added to their characters a lot. AvidReader