Invisible Heroes

Invisible Heroes

by Keith A. McDaniel


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ISBN-13: 9781640797970
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 09/26/2017
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.19(d)

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Taking a Turn Toward Home

You never know what events are going to transpire to get you home. - Jim Lovell, Appollo 13 Astronaut

It was not quite time for their dinner reservation. There was still some time to look around. Chuck and Beth strolled along the street in Spokane, savoring the evening's leisure, wondering where that delightful music was coming from. They followed the music to its source and slowed their steps as they drew within sight of a bright carousel filled with happy children.

As he entered the carousel, Chuck began to cry.

The music and the movement, the laughter and the colors, magically transformed Chuck Kaparich, a life-hardened adult, into Chuck Kaparich, the boy who existed before the hardening began. The whirling animals of color and fantasy returned Chuck to another carousel, the one at Columbia Gardens just outside his boyhood home in Butte, Montana.

The carousel at Columbia Gardens had been Chuck's place of escape from the unspeakable trauma of his father's sudden death. It remained Chuck's place of solace through the years that his mother tried to deal with problems of her own. The carousel was the one place of sure and certain joy in a childhood of added responsibility and difficulties beyond Chuck's control.

As they stood there in Spokane and watched the happy scene, Beth saw a carousel. Chuck saw his childhood. It was a rare and sobering opportunity for him to return to his Self, the Self he knew as a child, magically spontaneous and wonderfully free of death and disappointment. There is little wonder that the carousel sighting in Spokane changed life forever for Chuck and Beth Kaparich, and for many others who would ride Chuck's carousel dream back through their own years to encounter their own true selves.

"For some people, it might be walking into a cathedral that creates that sense of awe," Chuck recalls. "For me, it was walking in and seeing those kids spinning around on those horses. I went up to the horses and I touched them, and I felt them, and I thought, 'Who would do this?'"

The emotional encounter with that Spokane carousel planted a seed in Chuck Kaparich. It initiated a yearning that would not be denied even though it would take many years to fulfill. The carousel represented home for Chuck, home to the Self he knew as a child. The carousel was about to become Chuck's tool of personal discovery. So, it is quite understandable that Chuck had to have a carousel of his own. Even if he had to build it himself, Chuck Kaparich had to have a carousel of his own.

"This is a story that will be told again and again," wrote Sherri Devlin of The Missoulian, as she began her account of the Chuck Kaparich story. Sherri realized that something bigger than a carousel had been created and donated with love to the city of Missoula. The story of Chuck's carousel is also the story of many others who reclaimed their own dreams as the carousel came into being.

Table of Contents

Taking a Turn Toward Home13
Unpacking the Carousel's Gifts15
A Metaphor from Montana19
No Such Thing as Coincidence23
Call of the Hero29
Chuck: Find Life in the Cemetery33
Cyndi: Take Time for Adult Play37
Beth: Let Unanswered Questions Ride41
Chuck: Reclaim your Childhood43
Ione: Ride the Horses of Your Youth47
Ginnie: Relocate your Secret Place49
Scott: Make your Own Kind of Music55
Mac: Find New Bearings For Your Life59
Chuck: Nourish your Roots63
Ron: Choose a New Turning Point69
Jim: Cook Up a New Future73
Greg: Schedule a Shake-Up75
John: Start a Brand New Hobby77
Jerry: Look for Familiar Landmarks79
Missoula, Take Two83
Soul Mates in Search of Home87
The Powers that Lie Within91

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