Invitation to Murder

Invitation to Murder

by Beth Prentice

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From USA Today bestselling author Beth Prentice comes one invitation you won't want to turn down...

When Alexandra Anderson is invited to a work place reunion at the television station where she formerly worked, she's excited to catch up with old friends. And the theme of the reunion is a Murder Mystery Party, so that should be fun, right? Wrong! Alexandra's first horror is coming face-to-face with her ex-boyfriend and his brand new, gorgeous wife. Second, the party happens to coincide with one of the worst storms of the season, knocking out utility lines and cell service. And when her less-than-beloved ex-boss becomes the Murder Party's fake victim, Alexandra and her "team" are tasked with solving the fake murder before anyone else. The only bright spot? The sexy cameraman on Alex's team with the sparkling blue eyes and soft, full lips.

But what starts out as a game becomes all too real when Alexandra stumbles upon the actual dead body of her ex’s new wife. Did someone take the game too seriously? Is there a real murderer among the party-goers? Can following the clues to a fake murder help Alex solve a real one? Trapped by the storm, with "players" disappearing and time running out, Alex finds herself in the middle of a deadly game of cat and mouse... where not everyone will make it out alive!

"If you're looking for a great way to spend a lazy day of summer or a wonderful reason to snuggle up with your fur baby, this is a great read."
—Night Owl Reviews

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BN ID: 2940152926811
Publisher: Gemma Halliday Publishing
Publication date: 05/03/2016
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 266,706
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About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Beth Prentice was born in Manchester, England, but after moving backwards and forwards across the world 13 times in 14 years she decided that at the age of 18 that Australia was to be her home. She now lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia where every day is a good one. She is the lucky mother of two grown up children, and, along with er ever-patient husband, she is the proud but sometimes flustered owner of four dogs, a cat, and a canary. She has always had a love of reading, and even though her background is in accounting, she has now discovered her love of writing. Her main wish is to write books you can sit back, relax with, and escape from your everyday life...and ones that you walk away from with a smile! When she's not writing you will usually find her at the beach with a coffee in hand, pursuing her favorite pastime —people watching!

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Invitation to Murder 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Story for a tweener
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite Invitation to Murder by Beth Prentice is a murder mystery story. Alexandra gets an invite to a reunion she doesn’t really want to go to, but she does want to catch up with some of her old mates. The reunion is being held at a television station where she once worked and it has a theme – Murder Mystery. Alex knows she is going to come face to face with her first true love, Jake, who dumped her without a reason, and his new wife, Faith. She isn’t sure how she is going to react, but things may be about to be taken out of her hands. The night of the party sees the biggest storm of the season, a storm that takes out the power and the phone lines, making what follows difficult to deal with. Not only are the teams trying to find a fake murderer, it looks as if they may be on the trail of a real killer, one who looks eerily like Alex. Together with the cute cameraman she never noticed when she worked there, Alex finds herself dead center as a target in a game of cat and mouse. People are going missing, people are dying, and Alex needs to find out what's going on before she’s next. Invitation to Murder by Beth Prentice is an addictive read! What started out as a simple murder mystery party game soon descended into chaos, and Beth Prentice has done a fantastic job here. The story unfolds gradually, giving a reader time to get to know the characters and a bit about their background before the main event and, in my mind, for this book that was essential, because it gave me some insight into what was really happening. When it all kicked off, the story picked up pace and clipped along at a fair rate. There was plenty to get to grips with, lot of action, lots of edge-of your-seat story telling and plenty of suspense. There are several stories unwinding here, but each of them is intertwined in the finale and all are necessary to the whole story. I found this an enjoyable read and ideal for a lazy sunny afternoon.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
tjbg More than 1 year ago
I love this book!!! I love the setting, the plot, the characters and the details! I felt like I( was tagging along with them!! Another great book by Beth Prentice!!
Sodapop74 More than 1 year ago
This is an excellent mystery!!! There are mysteries within mysteries in this book. There are several clues and if you read the book closely enough you might figure it out. However, I really did not see it coming, I assumed it was someone else. I was so engrossed that I sat up reading very late and then could not go to sleep because I was trying to figure out whodunit!!! The author does a really good job with the characters, you know enough backstory and quirks that you get them, you will also get enough information to form opinions about whom you like and don't like. The other thing I really liked is the author is from Australia and the book is based there, it is fun to read "slang" that comes from another country. I highly recommend this book and can not wait to read another by this author!
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
This is a great book by Beth Prentice. Alexandra Anderson and her best friend are invited to a work place reunion at the television station where they formerly worked. She is not looking forward to seeing her ex-boyfriend and his new gorgeous wife. The theme of the reunion is a murder mystery party. When people start turning up missing and dead, Alex soon realizes there is more going on than a fake murder. Alex and her team work together to find out what really happened before someone else becomes the next victim. If you are looking for a great book, then you need to read this book. I am looking forward to reading the next book by this great author. A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This intriguing murder mystery includes romance, lots of suspects and humor. It is a quick read you won’t be able to put down and keeps you guessing until the end.
Lacey623 More than 1 year ago
Invitation to Murder’s mystery started with a mystery, which lead to a party/reunion with a mystery, which develops into quite a few mysteries. This is a book that has layers. Believe me, you won’t see it coming. You won’t know who the heck the killer is because of the intricacies of the stories. I truly enjoyed this story. Plus, there’s a spark or two of romance. Invitation to Murder will keep you guessing. I like the heroine, Rachel. She has a great spirit and doesn’t give up or give in. Her long-time best friend Georgie is there to smooth out the edges and Sam is a rock. But, wait. What about Jake? Oh, and Faith? Read this book. There’s mirth, mayhem and murder. If you’re like me, you won’t want to put it down until you get to the absolute end. It‘s a great summer mystery you can read while lounging on the beach, patio, and balcony or wherever you fancy. I read it on the bus to and from work. I even missed a few of my TV shows because Invitation to Murder was so entertaining. It’s an enjoyable book. Where will the next adventure take place?