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American Chemical Society
Ionic Liquids IIIB: Fundamentals, Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities: Transformations and Processes

Ionic Liquids IIIB: Fundamentals, Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities: Transformations and Processes

by Robin D. Rogers, Kenneth R. Seddon


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ISBN-13: 9780841238947
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Publication date: 04/14/2005
Series: ACS Symposium Series , #902
Pages: 418
Product dimensions: 9.10(w) x 6.30(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

University of Alabama

Queen's University of Belfast

Table of Contents

1. The Road to Partition. Mechanisms of Metal Ion Transfer into Ionic Liquids and Their Implications for the Application of Ionic Liquids as Extraction Solvents, Mark L. Dietz, Julie A. Dzielawa, Mark P. Jensen, James V. Beitz, and Marian Borkowski
2. Potentialities of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Electrodeposition and Extraction, Clotilde Gaillard, Gilles Moutiers, Clarisse Mariet, Tarek Antoun, Benoit Gadenne, Peter Hessmann, Joel J.E. Moreau, Ali Ouadi, Alexandre Labet, and Isabelle Billard
3. Ionic Liquid Technologies for Utilization in Nuclear-Based Seperations, Keith E. Gutowski, Nicholas J. Bridges, Violina A. Cocalia, Scott K. Spear, Ann E. Visser, John D. Holbrey, James H. Davis, Jr., and Robin D. Rogers
4. Task-Specific Ionic Liquids for Separations of Petrochemical Relevance: Reactive Capture of CO2 Using Amine-Incorporating Ions, James H. Davis, Jr.
5. Ionic Liquids as Alternatives to Organic Solvents in Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Aromatics, G. Wytze Meindersma, Anita (J.G.) Podt, Mireia Gutierrez Meseguer, and Andre B. de Haan
6. Use of Ionic Liquids in Oil Shale Processing, Mihkel Koel
7. Deep Desulfurization of Fuels by Extraction with Ionic Liquids, Andreas Jess and Jochen Eber
8. Opportunities for Membrane Separation Processes Using Ionic Liquids, Thomas Schafer, Luis C. Branco, Raquel Fortunato, Pavel Izak, Carla M. Rodregues, Carlos A.M. Afaonso, and Joao G. Crespo
9. Ionic Liquids: Highly Effective Medium for Enantiopure Amino Acids via Enzymatic Resolution, Sanjay V. Malhotra and Hua Zhao
10. Biphasic Acid Scavenging Utilizing Ionic Liquids The First Commercial Process with Ionic Liquids, Matthias Maase and Klemens Massonne
11. Ionic Liquids at Degussa: Catalyst Heterogenization in an Industrial Process, B. Weyershausen, K. Hell, and U. Hesse
12. Nonlinear Optical Ionic Liquids, Rico E. Del Sesto, Doug S. Dudis, Fassil Ghebremichael, Norman E. Heimer, Tammy K.C. Low, John S. Wilkes, and A. Todd Yeates
13. Preparation and Properties of Polymerized Ionic Liquids as Film Electrolytes, Hiroyuki Ohno and Masahiro Yoshizawa
14. An Ionic Liquid-Based Optical Thermometer, Sheila N. Baker, T. Mark McCleskey, and Gary A. Baker
15. Room Temperature Ionic Liquids as Solvent Media for the Photolytic Degradation of Environmentally Important Organic Contaminants, Qiaolin Yang and Dionysios D. Dionysiou
16. Bronsted Acid-Base Ionic Liquids as Fuel Cell Electrolytes under Nonhumidifying Conditions, Md. Abu Bin Hasan Susan, Akihiro Noda, and Masayoshi Watanabe
17. Understanding Reactions in Ionic liquids, Lorna Crowhurst, N. Llewellyn Lancaster, Juan M. Perez-Arlandis, and Tom Welton
18. Effect of Oxygen-Containing Functional Groups on Protein Stability in Ionic Liquid Solutions, Megan B. Turner, John D. Holbrey, Scott K. Spear, Marc L. Pusey, and Robin D. Rogers
19. Chloride Determination in Ionic Liquids, Constanza Villagram, Craig E. Banks, Maggel Deetlefs, Gordon Driver, William R. Pitner, Richard G. Compton, and Christopher Hardacre
20. (1r)-4-Amino-1,2,4-triaxolium Salts: New Families of Ionic Liquids, Gregory Drake, Tommy Hawkins, Kerri Tollison, Lesile Hall, Ashwanti Vij, and Sarah Sobaski
21. Liquid-Crystalline Phases of Phosphonium Salts with Three Long n-Alkyl Chains as Ordered Ionic Fluids, David J. Abdallahm, Hui C. Wauters, Dylan C. Kwait, C.L. Khetrapal, G.A. Nagana Gowda, Allen Robertson, and Richard G. Weiss
22. Hydrogenation Reactions in Ionic Liquids: Finding Solutions for Tomorrow's World, Paul J. Dyson, Tilmann Geldbach, Federico Moro, Christoph Taeschler, and Dongbin Zhao
23. Supported Ionic Liquid-Phase Catalysis-Heterogenization of Homogeneous Rhodium Phosphine Catalysts, Anders Riisager, Rasmus Fehrmann, Peter Wasserscheid and Roy van Hal
24. Recent Applications of Chloroaluminate Ionic Liquids in Promoting Organic Reactions, Anil Kumar, and Diganta Sarma

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