Iran and Pakistan: Security, Diplomacy and American Influence

Iran and Pakistan: Security, Diplomacy and American Influence

by Alex Vatanka


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The respective policies of the governments of Iran and Pakistan pose serious challenges to US interests in the Middle East, Asia, and beyond. These two regional powers, with a combined population of around 300 million, have been historically intertwined in various cultural, religious, and political ways. Iran was the first country to recognize the emerging independent state of Pakistan in 1947 and the Shah of Iran was the first head of state to visit the new nation. While this relationship shifted following the 1979 Iranian Revolution, and tensions do exist between Sunni Pakistan and Shi'i Iran, there has nevertheless been a history of cooperation between the two countries in fields that are of great strategic interest to the US: Afghanistan, nuclear proliferation, and terrorism. Yet much of this history of cooperation, conflict, and ongoing interactions remains unexplored. Alex Vatanka here presents the first comprehensive analysis of this long-standing and complex relationship.

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ISBN-13: 9781784536909
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 03/30/2017
Series: International Library of Iranian Studies
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 588,396
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About the Author

Alex Vatanka is a Senior Fellow at the Middle East Institute and Jamestown Foundation in Washington D.C. A specialist in Middle Eastern geopolitics with a focus on Iran, he was previously the Senior Middle East Analyst at Jane s defense and security group in London."

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Marvin Weinbaum

“In tracing the course of Iranian-Pakistani taut relations over nearly seven decades, Vantanka's lively, thoroughly researched book threads together those personalities and events that have shaped two of the most challenging countries faced today by Western policy makers. The book provides for a sound understanding of areas of foreign policy and regional and global alliances that once figured so prominently in the Cold War and now in the fight against global militant extremism. The Shia-Sunni rivalry, regional nuclear proliferation, and the American dimension are also illuminated by this book's wide-ranging, engrossing narrative.”

R.K. (Ruhi) Ramazani

“This book is an ultimate supreme example of all the works so far done on the subject. Vatanka's composition, the sources he has consulted and the ease with which he expresses himself make this a unique task of scholarship”

David Patrikarakos

“Excellent. Vatanka offers timely insights into an important geopolitical relationship that is often overlooked but is critical to understanding some of the key elements that have contributed to relations between Iran, Pakistan and America”

Bruce Riedel

“A fascinating and enlightening study of the complex and intricate relationship between two key Islamic states, Iran and Pakistan. This much neglected connection between the Middle East and South Asia will only become more important in the future. This book explains clearly and cogently why that matters.”

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