Ireland Pocket Adventure Guide

Ireland Pocket Adventure Guide

by Tina Neylon




Full-color maps throughout. Tells you everything about the food, from bacon & cabbage to Irish stew and black pudding, and the best places to get it. All about the thousands of historical sites to explore prehistoric stone circles, ruined castles, Ogham stones. Explores all the towns, from Killarnee to Glengarriff. Details all the outdoor activities, such as hill walking, golf, deep sea angling. Plus the best places to stay for all budgets, based on personal visits. Like other Adventure Guides, this shows you how to experience the country more intensely and directly than most travelers know how to do getting out of the tour bus, the taxi or the rental car and seeing the place close-up, through walks, bike rides, horseback excursions, culinary adventures, interacting with the people. The author, an Ireland native, is the Arts Editor and Book Editor at The Irish Examiner newspaper. Other guides to Ireland lack this level of detail, the outdoor adventure perspective and the emphasis on direct experience of the country. The native Irish resident author offers an insider s perspective that the other guides lack. Tina Neylon lives in County Cork and Ireland is her passion. As a freelance journalist, much of her work has been published in The Irish Examiner, where she has also served as the Books Editor. Her knowledge of the country is extensive and she's thrilled to write Hunter's Adventure Guide to Ireland. "Aiming at making the visitor a participant rather than just a spectator, the author succeeds admirably in her descriptions, from Ireland's pub life to its prehistoric sites, the spectacular Cliffs of Moher and kissing the Blarney Stone. Neylon takes us on a fabulous and thorough journey throughout this beautiful country. Where to stay is thoroughly researched, with choices from rentals to government-approved hostels, B&Bs and RV parks. The Irish author's book is a compilation of how best to enjoy the delights her country holds for visitors." --Edyth Shepard, Anton Community Newspapers. "Excellent choice. This travel series is one of the best . The book is very well detailed and user-friendly. It's well priced, too, and a great bargain. I consider a good guidebook essential when visiting a new place and I was thrilled with this one. The writer is from Ireland and the book is filled with her insider knowledge. The photos and maps are great, as are the driving instructions. If you buy one guidebook to Ireland, then get this one - it has everything you need to know!!!!" --A reader.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781588435835
Publisher: Hunter Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 01/15/2007
Series: Adventure Guide to Ireland (Pocket) Ser.
Pages: 576
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
The People & Their Culture     2
History     8
The Land     23
Government     27
The Economy     29
Travel Information     33
When to Visit     33
Getting Here     33
Immigration & Customs     36
Getting Around     37
Media & Communication     43
Food & Drink     44
Shopping     48
Public Holidays     49
Accommodations     50
Adventures     58
Special Interest Trips     67
Embassies     69
Tourist Boards     69
Currency     70
Staying Safe     71
Just the Facts     72
Dublin     75
City of Dublin     75
County Dublin     89
Spectator Sports     95
Entertainment     96
Where to Stay     97
Where to Eat     99
Travel Information     100
East Coast & Midlands     101
The Coastal Counties     102
County Louth     102
County Wicklow     116
County Meath     131
The Inland Counties     144
County Kildare     144
County Offaly     157
County Laois     167
County Westmeath     175
County Longford     187
The Southeast     197
County Carlow     197
County Kilkenny     209
County Waterford     221
County Wexford     236
County Tipperary     249
The South     265
County Cork     268
County Kerry     295
The Shannon Region     317
County Clare     318
County Limerick     345
Ireland West     361
County Galway     361
County Mayo     377
County Roscommon     386
The Northwest     397
County Donegal     398
County Sligo     414
County Cavan     424
County Leitrim     430
County Monaghan     437
The North     445
Belfast     447
Antrim's Causeway Coast & Glens     465
Getting Here & Getting Around      466
Tourist Information     468
Sightseeing     469
Adventures     474
Golf     477
Entertainment     478
Where to Stay     478
Where to Eat     481
Derry City & County Londonderry     483
County Londonderry     484
Getting Here & Getting Around     485
Tourist Information     486
Sightseeing     486
Entertainment     490
Adventures     491
Leisure Activities     493
Where to Stay     494
Where to Eat     496
The Sperrins     497
Getting Here     498
Getting Around     498
Tourist Information     500
Sightseeing     500
Adventures     505
Golf     508
Entertainment     509
Where to Stay     509
Where to Eat     511
The Kingdoms of Down     513
Getting Here     514
Tourist Information     514
Sightseeing     515
Adventures     521
Golf     526
Where to Stay      527
Where to Eat     530
County Armagh     533
Getting Here & Around     533
Tourist Information     534
Sightseeing     534
Adventures     539
Golf     542
Leisure Activities     543
Spectator Sports     543
Shopping     543
Entertainment     543
Where to Stay     544
Where to Eat     546
Fermanagh-Lakeland     547
Getting Here     547
Getting Around     548
Tourist Information     548
Sightseeing     549
Adventures     555
Golf     557
Shopping     558
Entertainment     558
Where to Stay     558
Where to Eat     560
Index     561

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