iridescence: Finding your colours and living your story

iridescence: Finding your colours and living your story


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ISBN-13: 9781925529562
Publisher: Mosher's Business Support Pty Ltd
Publication date: 09/13/2016
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

Paul is an Aboriginal man belonging to the land of the Worimi people on the east coast of Australia. For many years Paul did everything he could to be the perfect son, the perfect brother, the perfect student, the perfect friend, the perfect husband, the perfect father and the perfect employee.

On the day of his 35th birthday, his world came crashing down when the burden of trying to be all things to all people at all times became too much. His journey through depression was a much needed voyage of reflection and self growth.

During this journey, Paul was given something he had been told did not exist. He was given insight and learning about Aboriginal culture, philosophy and spirituality that has been in existence for over 60,000 years. This knowledge has changed his life in a profound way.

Through finding himself and living his story, over the past 20 years Paul has become a successful CEO with over 1,200 staff, a mentor for over 200 men, a caring father and husband and a passionate advocate of sharing the ancient wisdom of his ancestors.

Through various models, exercises and insights you can now embrace the beauty and power of Aboriginal culture, philosophy and spirituality to achieve improved wellbeing regardless of your culture or background.

Written for people everywhere, iridescence will help you find your colours and live your story.

Table of Contents

- Looking Within 1

Part 1 - The 6 Ls 13
- Introduction to the 6 Ls 15
- The First L - Lore 16
- The Second L - Love 38
- The Third and Fourth Ls - Look and Listen 46
- The Fifth L - Learn 52
- The Sixth L - Lead 57
- The Little Ls 67

Part 2 - The Dreaming Tree 79
- The Dreaming Tree - Roots 86
- The Dreaming Tree - Branches and Leaves 119
- The Dreaming Tree - Trunk 151
- The Dreaming Tree - The Storm 183

Part 3 - The House of Wellbeing 191
- Introduction to the House of Wellbeing 193
- The Wall of Education and Learning 195
- The Wall of Employment 197
- The Wall of Home and Place 202
- The Wall of Self and Purpose 206
- The Floor of Hope 211
- The Roof of Opportunity 215
- The Pathway of Life - Learning from the Past 221
- The House of Wellbeing - How Do We Measure Up? 239
- The Pathway of Learning - Learning from the Past and Getting It Right 250
- H.I. A.I.M.S - A Learning Model for Those Society Has Left Behind 258

Part 4 - The Journey So Far 273
- My Story 275
- A Time for Reflection 307
- A Closing Gift - The Pelican Dance 323
- About the Authors 326

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