Iron Age Communities in Britain

Iron Age Communities in Britain

by Barry W. Cunliffe

Hardcover(2d ed)

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ISBN-13: 9780710087256
Publisher: Routledge
Publication date: 10/01/1978
Series: Archaeology in Britain Ser.
Edition description: 2d ed
Pages: 439

Table of Contents

1 The beginnings of Iron Age studies
2 Space and time
3 Background
4 Regional groupings: an overview
5 Regional groupings: the ceramic evidence
6 Protohistory to history, c. 150 BC to AD 43
7 The tribes of the south-eastern core: Catuvellauni/ Trinovantes, Cantii
and Atrebates
8 The tribes of the periphery: Durotriges, Dobunni, Iceni and Corieltauvi
9 The late pre-Roman Iron Age in western and northern Britain
10 The establishment of Roman control
11 Themes
12 Settlement and settlement pattern in the south-east
13 Settlement and the settlement pattern in the west
14 Settlement and settlement pattern in the centre and north
15 The development of hillforts and enclosed oppida
16 Food producing strategies
17 Exchanges with the wider world
18 Craft, production and art
19 Warfare
20 Beliefs and behaviour
21 Iron Age society and social change
22 Models, systems and beyond
Appendix A Pottery
Appendix B A note on radiocarbon dating
Appendix C List of principal sites

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