Iron Deficiency and Overload: From Basic Biology to Clinical Medicine

Iron Deficiency and Overload: From Basic Biology to Clinical Medicine


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Iron deficiency is ever-present among all populations throughout the world irrespective of race, culture, or ethnic background. Even with the latest advances in medicine, improved nutrition, and the ready availability of cheap oral iron, there is still no satisfactory explanation for the widespread occurrence of iron deficiency or for the absence of an effective treatment. Iron Deficiency and Overload: From Biology to Clinical Medicine is an important new text that provides a timely review of the latest science concerning iron metabolism as well as practical, data-driven options to manage at-risk populations with the best accepted therapeutic nutritional interventions. Chapter topics reflect the excitement in current theoretical development and laboratory activity in this area. The distinguished authors address their presentations to professionals and graduate students who need to be better informed about the concepts, methodologies, and current status of the field. Iron Deficiency and Overload: From Biology to Clinical Medicine is an essential text that presents a sampling of the major issues in iron research, from the most basic research level to human applications.

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ISBN-13: 9781617796654
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
Publication date: 03/07/2012
Series: Nutrition and Health
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 376
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Table of Contents

I. Iron biochemistry and metabolism

1. The cellular physiology of iron – Anderson GJ. and Vulpe C.D.
2. Regulation of iron absorption and distribution –
Latunde-dada,G.O. & Simpson RJ.
3. The role of hepcidin in iron homeostasis - Ganz, T
4. Iron as nutrient: Strategies for iron acquisition and usage by pathogenic microorganisms
– Masse E & Pawelek, PD
5. Iron as a drug and drug-drug interactions – Hagemann T.M.

II. Iron overload and deficiency pathologies
6. Iron Deficiency and Excess in the brain: Implications for Cognitive Impairment and Neurodegeneration – Youdim MBH
7. Brain iron deposition in aging and disease: Role of HO-1 – Schipper HM.
8. Iron Deficiency and Neuropharmacology– Beard J
9. Peripheral effects of Iron Deficiency – Costa D. and Drews a R.E.
10. Iron Metabolism in neurons of the motor systems of the central nervous system: Lessons from Iron Deficiency and Overloading pathologies – Moos T.
11. Learning. Memory and Cognitive functioning - Yehuda, S., Rabinovitz, S., Carasso, R.L. and Mostofsky D.I.
12. Stress , Immunology and Cytokines - Sredni

III. Diagnostic & clinical aspects in CNS disorders
13. MRI of brain iron and Neurodegenerative diseases: A Potential Biomarker - Schenck
14. Alzheimer’s dementia - M. Mattson and S. Gulyani
15. Inherited disorders of brain iron homeostasis - Schipper, H.M. and P.Ponka

IV. Public Health issues
16. Iron and Heart Disease: A Review of the epidemiologic data -Sempos, CT, Looker, AC, and McGee,Sr. DL
17. Global concept of iron deficiency - S.M. Lewis and J. Emmanuel
18. Nutritional Iron deficiency in early childhood- Moy, RJ
19. Iron in Women’s Health - A. Bendich and R. Zilberboim

Appendix I: Current normal values for bloodlevel of iron constituents – Serica and Kratz A
Appendix II: Food sources of iron. – Serica and Kratz

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