Iron Moon: An Anthology of Chinese Worker Poetry

Iron Moon: An Anthology of Chinese Worker Poetry

by Eleanor Goodman (Translator)


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“Iron Moon is a monumental achievement. It redraws the boundaries of working-class poetry for the new millennium by incorporating at its center issues like migration, globalization, and rank-and-file resistance. We hear in these poems what Zheng Xiaoqiong calls “a language of callouses.”  This isn’t a book about the lost industrial past; it’s a fervent testimony to the horrific, hidden histories of the 21st century’s working-class and a clarion call for a more cooperative and humane future.”—Mark Nowak, author of Coal Mountain Elementary

Eleanor Goodman is a writer and translator. Her translation of work by Wang Xiaoni, Something Crosses My Mind, won the Lucien Stryk Translation Prize. Her first poetry collection is Nine Dragon Island.

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ISBN-13: 9781945680038
Publisher: White Pine Press
Publication date: 05/16/2017
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Eleanor Goodman: Eleanor Goodman is the award-winning translator of Something Crosses My Mind: Selected Poems by Wang Xiaoni, published in 2014. It won the Lucien Stryk Translation Prize and was shortlisted for the 2015 Griffin Poetry Prize. Nine Dragon Island, is her first poetry collection.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Remembering the Anonymous Qin Xiaoyu 15

Li Yongpu

Old Zheng 35

Directions 37

Guo Jinnm

Going Home on Paper 38

Bing Ma

Cleaning a Wedding Gown 40

May 9-10: Mengzi Road in Shanghai, at the Station 41

Hubei Qingwa

Magpies 42

Moon's Position in the Factory 44

Tie Gu

Power Crane 49

Barber 50

Tang Yihong

Returning Home Backwards 51

It Seems I'm Really His Father 52

Hide That Uniform Away 53

Mixer 54

Tear-filled Paradise 55

November 8, Beside Su Xiaoxiao's Grave 57

Chen Nianxi

Meaning 58

Demolitions Mark 60

Son 61

Yang Sai and Yang Zai 63

Li Shangge

Temporary Worker 65


Close as Fingers 68

Working the Nightshift 69

Li Shougang

1992: Wuda, Inner Mongolia 70

1993: Repair Shop in Jiangkou 70

An Shiliu

Spring Festival: Train 72

Xie Xiangnan

Breath 74

Work Accident Joint Investigative Report 76

On Sunday, We Gather in the Post Office 77

You Have to Sit Down and Get Used to Such Sounds 78

Orders of the Front Lines 79

The Busy Crowds Congeal 80

Let's Have More Poets Like Xie Xiangnan 81

Listening to a Song on an Endless Tram Ride 82

Guangzhou Tram Station, March 1996 83

Girls Buried in Shenzhen 84

Production, in the Middle of Production, Is Soaked by Production 86

Ni Wen

Filling Out Job Applications 90

Tao Tiancai

Chitchat 92

Sun Haitao

Employment ID 93

Machine Documentation 94

Chen Caifeng

The Women 95

Under Fluorescent Lights 96

Plastic Molding Factory 97

Li Zuofu

A Bowl 100

Crowd Sickness 102

Like a Horse at Full Gallop 103


Purging the Landlords 104

An Elegy for C 105

Zheng Xiaoqiong

Life 112

Iron 113

Industrial Zone 114

They 115

Time 116

A Product's Story 117

Assembly Line 119

Witnessed 120

Language 122

Workshop Love 123

Woman Worker: Youth Pinned to a Station 124

Moonlight: Married Workers Living Apart 125

Kneeling Workers Demanding Their Pay 126

In the Hardware Factory 128

Cheng Peng

Abandoned Village 137

Homesick 139

Song of Construction Workers 140

Chi Moshu

In the Factory 141

The South's Dilemma 142

The Baths at the Hardware Factory 143

In the Rubber Factory 146

In the Print Shop 149

Train, You Pass Through the Darkness 153

Rainy Night 154

Watch Factory 155

Severed Finger, No Sound of Crying 156

Xin You

We "Lame Ducks" 161

Zheng Dong

Book of Sorcery 163

Wu Niaoniao

Rhapsody on the Advance of Heavy Snow 164

Wu Xia

Sundress 165

Bowls Wearing Earrings 166

Who Can Forbid My Love 167

Li Hao

Elegy 168

Ji Zhishm

Rocks by the Road 170

Migrant Workers 171

Bleeding Fingers 172

Ambush 173

The Deaf Workers 174

Old World 175

Dinner 176

Trial 177

Jike Ayou

Workers in a Typhoon 186

Late Arrival 187

Tian Xiaoyin

I'm Not a Poet, I'm Just a Rebel in May 188

I Use Nails and Screws to Fix China's Deficiencies 189

Makeng Shantytown 190

File 191

Zeng Jiqiang

Here I Gather Up Poetry's Bones 192

Xu Lizhi

A Laborer Entering the City 193

I Speak of Blood 194

Obituary for a Peanut 195

Terracotta Army on the Assembly Line 196

A Screw Falls to the Ground 197

I Swallowed an Iron Moon 198

Translator Afterword 199

The Editor 201

The Translator 201

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