Iron Ore Transport on the Great Lakes: The Development of a Delivery System to Feed American Industry

Iron Ore Transport on the Great Lakes: The Development of a Delivery System to Feed American Industry

by W. Bruce Bowlus




The availability of inexpensive steel, so crucial to the United States’ emergence as a leading industrial power in the late nineteenth century, relied upon the rise of an ore transport system on the Great Lakes that would feed American industry as a whole and come to alter the face of the region. This detailed history recounts innovations in shipping, the improvement of channels and harbors, the creation of locks, technical advances in loading and unloading equipment, and the ability to attract capital and government support to fund the various projects. When government support was lacking, reinterpretations of the Constitution were introduced to justify federal involvement. These changes, which often functioned symbiotically, represent one of the key untold stories in the spectacular rise of American industry.

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About the Author

W. Bruce Bowlus is an associate professor of history at Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio. He has written previously on Great Lakes history and has served as a contributor for the PBS documentary “Lake Erie: Ohio’s Great Lake.”

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Preface 1

Introduction 5

1 A "sterile region on the shores of Lake Superior" (Beginnings) 13

2 "The right to demand equal and exact justice" (1845-1865) 53

3 "The War changed everything" (1865-1880) 90

4 "The ore fleet will have to be increased largely to get all the ore" (1880-1890) 118

5 "The wildest expectations of one year seem absurdly tame the next" (1890-1908) 154

6 "A swan song that will be a melancholy dirge" (After 1908) 190

Chapter Notes 209

Bibliography 214

Index 257

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