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The Irritant Contact Dermatitis Syndrome / Edition 1

The Irritant Contact Dermatitis Syndrome / Edition 1


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The Irritant Contact Dermatitis Syndrome / Edition 1

This book covers a broad range of topics on irritant contact dermatitis, skin irritation, and skin irritants. Many different irritants cause different reactions in different skin types. This is the first book to present a variety of discussions on these skin reactions together in one volume. They include:

  • Epidemiological data
  • Clinical aspects including special syndromes
  • Mechanisms and histopathology
  • Predisposing factors related to sensitivity and the environment with the focus on irritants and irritant factors.
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    ISBN-13: 9780849373541
    Publisher: Taylor & Francis
    Publication date: 12/13/1995
    Series: Dermatology: Clinical & Basic Science Series , #11
    Edition description: New Edition
    Pages: 416
    Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 10.10(h) x 1.00(d)

    Table of Contents

    Preface Clinical Overview of Irritant Dermatitis, J.E. Wahlberg Epidemiology and High Risk Occupations The Prognosis of Irritant Contact Dermatitis, D.J. Hogan Epidemiology of Irritant Contact Dermatitis, P.D. Shenefelt Epidemiology of Occupational Skin Diseases in Denmark, L. Halkier-Sørensen, B. Haugaard Petersen, and K. Thestrup-Pedersen The Irritants Irritants-Corrosive Materials, Oxidising/Reducing Agents, Acids and Alkalis, Concentrated Salt Solutions, G. Holland, M. York, and D.A. Basketter Irritancy of Alcohols, P. de Haan, H.H.M. Meester, and D.P. Bruynzeel Detergents and Cleansers, R.A. Tupker Disinfectants, Chr. Timmer Irritant Plants, C.R. Lovell Irritants-Organic Solvents, A.S. Boman Oils, Cutting Fluids, Lubricants, E.M. de Boer and D.P. Bruynzeel Irritant Cement Eczema, Chr. Avnstorp Man-made Vitreous Fibres: Glass Fibre and Rockwool Dermatitis, E.B. Stam-Westerveld Plastic Materials: Occupational Exposure, Skin Irritancy, and Its Prevention, L. Kanerva, B. Björkner, T. Estlander, R. Jolanki, and K. Tarvainen Irritants: Food, M.B. Cleenewerck and P. Martin Physical Factors Hydration Injury to Human Skin, A.M. Kligman Mechanical Causes of Occupational Skin Disease, L. Kanerva Irritant Contact Dermatitis Resulting from Repeated, Low-Grade Frictional Trauma, S. Freemen Special Syndromes Friction Melanosis, R. Hayakawa Photoirritation, Phototoxicity, F.N. Marzulli and H.I. Maibach Peristomal Dermatitis, M.S. Rothstein Diaper Dermatitis, A.P. Oranje Chemical Skin Burns, M. Bruze and S. Fregert Immediate Contact Reactions to Irritants, A. Lahti Special Syndromes: Asteatotic Eczema/Xerosis Cutis, P. Thune Skin Sensitivity Age and Irritation, J. Suter-Widmer and P. Elsner The Influence of Gender on Cutaneous Irritability, K. Lammintausta Skin Sensitivity. Interindividual Factors: Atopy, S. Seidenari Excited Skin Syndrome, D.P. Bruynzeel Compromised Skin, D.P. Bruynzeel and E.M. de Boer Mechanisms The Histopathology of Irritant Contact Dermatitis, C.M. Willis Mechanisms of Irritant Contact Dermatitis Cytokines, K. Thestrup-Pedersen and L. Halkier-Sørensen Bioengineering Bioengineering-Methods, E. Berardesca and F. Distante Bioengineering and Sensitive Skin, T. Agner Toxicology In Vivo Models to Predict Skin Irritation, F.A. Simion In Vitro Models, M. Ponec Prediction of Rabbit Skin Irritation Severity by Structure-Activity Relationships, K. Enslein, H.H. Borgstedt, B.W. Blake, and J.B. Hart Therapy The Treatment of Irritant Contact Dermatitis, P.G.M. van der Valk Prevention Cleaning, R.A. Tupker and P.J. Coenraads Prevention of Irritant Dermatitis by Gloves, G.A. Mellström

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