Is Alive & Well & Living in Buenos Aires: Heavy Frenz the Solo Anthology 2001-2017

Is Alive & Well & Living in Buenos Aires: Heavy Frenz the Solo Anthology 2001-2017

by Luke Haines


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Luke Haines has been honing his signature amalgam of wry, Dickensian Brit-pop, righteous pub folk, and gadfly art rock since the early 1990s with bands like the Auteurs, Black Box Recorder, and Baader Meinhof. Is Alive & Well & Living in Buenos Aires: Heavy Frenz the Solo Anthology 2001-2017 dispenses with that era in favor of an exhaustive dissection of the English eccentric's prolific solo career, which began in 2001 when he was commissioned to write the soundtrack for the cult film Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry. The four-part set is comprised of a generous 80 tracks culled from Haines' bumper crop of solo outings, with the fourth installment providing the biggest carrot on a stick, as it consists entirely of unreleased material -- with predictably amusing sleeve notes from the artist himself. Haines could probably benefit from a more streamlined and concise collection of his work, but he's shown little interest in brevity over the years, and all of the best moments from his post-band career are here. Heavy, Frenz, like most of his studio albums, is simultaneously difficult, thrilling, ponderous, and compelling. Longtime fans will find plenty of grist for the mill, but for the uninitiated, Haines will likely remain a singular but elusive character, which is probably exactly the way he likes it.

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Release Date: 09/29/2017
Label: Imports
UPC: 5013929104006
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Disc 1

  1. Discomania
  2. How to Hate the Working Classes
  3. England Scotland and Wales
  4. The Oliver Twist Manifesto
  5. Never Work
  6. Death of Sarah Lucas
  7. The Mitford Sisters
  8. Satan Wants Me
  9. Bugger Bognor
  10. Off My Rocker at the Art School Bop
  11. Leeds United
  12. Country Life
  13. Bovver Boys
  14. Quenn Elizabeth I
  15. All the English Devils
  16. The Walton Hop
  17. Bad Reputation (The Glitter Band)
  18. English Southern Man
  19. 21st Century Man

Disc 2

  1. Suburban Morning
  2. Klaus Kinski
  3. Peter Hammill
  4. Russian Futurists Black Out the Sun
  5. Fag Break
  6. Inside the Restless Mind of Rollerball Rocco
  7. Gorgeous George
  8. Saturday Afternoon
  9. Big Daddy Got a Casio V L Tone
  10. Haystacks in Heaven
  11. I'm Not the Man You Think I Am Karen, I'm the Actor Tony Allen
  12. The Morris Man Cometh
  13. Enoch Powell - Space Poet
  14. Rock 'n' Roll Animals
  15. Magic (Interlude 1)
  16. Gene Vincent (Rock 'n' Roll Mums and Rock 'n' Roll Dads)
  17. A Badger Called Nick Lowe
  18. Angel of the North
  19. From Hersham to Heaven
  20. Rock 'n' Roll Animals in Space

Disc 3

  1. Lou Reed Lou Reed
  2. Alan Vega Says
  3. Ny in the '70s
  4. Bill's Bunker
  5. Dolls Forever
  6. Cerne Abbas Man
  7. Caravan Man
  8. Adventures in Dementia
  9. British Nuclear Bunkers
  10. Test Card Forever
  11. Pussy Willow (Kid's Song)
  12. Cold Feet Morning Under Bliss
  13. New Pagan Sun
  14. Ulrike Meinhof's Brain Is Missing
  15. Bomber Jacket
  16. Marc Bolan Blues
  17. The Incredible String Band
  18. Smash the System
  19. Are You Mad?

Disc 4

  1. Black Sun
  2. Property
  3. 1963
  4. Dandification
  5. Bomber Harris
  6. Building for Britain in the '70s
  7. Off My Rocker at the Art School Bop
  8. I'm the Best Artist/Skinny White Girls
  9. Suburban Mourning (BB Session)
  10. Klaus Kinski (BB Session)
  11. 21st Centruy Man (BB Session)
  12. Me and the Birds
  13. This Is Outsider Music
  14. Natural Mystic Furry Freaks
  15. John Barleycorn Must Die
  16. Jeff Starship Superhero
  17. Electronic Tone Poem
  18. Hack Green
  19. Chris From the Stars
  20. 68p in My Pocket
  21. Rave
  22. Rave

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Luke Haines   Primary Artist,Synthesizer,Bass,Guitar,Piano,Sitar,Vocals
Cathal Coughlan   Piano,Hammond B3
Audrey Riley   Cello
James Banbury   Cello
Sarah Nixey   Vocals,Background Vocals
Pete Smith   Guitar
Vicky Matthews   Cello
Vicky Mathews   Cello
Jake Morley   Bass
Amy Butterworth   Violin
Saul Hewish   Bass Guitar
Fred Haines   Background Vocals
Julia Davis   Narrator
Sian Superman   Alto Recorder

Technical Credits

Pete Hofmann   Composer,Producer
Luke Haines   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
Traditional   Composer
John Moore   Composer
Richard   Producer
North Sea Scrolls   Producer
Black Suns   Engineer

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