Is American Judaism History?

Is American Judaism History?

by E. H. Selib


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E. H. Selib believes the average American Jew doesn't know what being Jewish really means. He or she ceases religious education at thirteen, and this vacuum of adult education is reflected in the dissipation of the Jewish population.

Any Jewish person whose education has suffered such neglect can use Is American Judaism History? to learn or relearn the aspirations of Judaism. Today's classic question is, "What is a Jew?" and this illuminating guide answers that question.

Drawing from his education and involvement in Jewish affairs throughout his life, Selib explores fascinating topics, such as:

  • Judaism fundamentals
  • Judaism roots and history
  • Circumcision
  • The Star of David
  • The Three Pillars
  • The significance of dietary laws
  • How the High Holiday services relate to Abraham

Perhaps most important are the questions he raises about the future of Judaism. Selib hopes this book will provide a strong and positive appreciation of Judaism, and that, ultimately, an understanding of their religion will help stop the dispersal of the Jewish people, giving them the strength, will, and zeal to carry on.

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