Is Christ Divided

Is Christ Divided

by Mark G. Oliver


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Is Christ Divided?

This writing is a call for unity. It is not a call for un-challenged unity. Still it is a call to unity because this is how the Lord wanted his body (the church )to operate. Unity takes great effort. But it is well worth it!

Satan our enemy has realized he cannot destroy the church but he hopes to weaken her mission by utilizing some of his cunning tactics. Ploys such as discouragement, un-forgiveness, spiritual apathy, laziness are strategies he use on a daily bases. One of his main tools is a age-old trick called divisiveness which he has carefully re-packaged as denominationalism.

A common viewpoint might be stated: "We don't fellowship with those folks because they do not interpret or follow the 'Word' Correctly".

So the church has learned to operate in a million different brands, with the expectation that we will all meet together one day in heaven. Sometimes seeming to admire one another but then at other times refusing to acknowledge one another or learn from each other or recognize the hand of God on other believers who we perceive as the misinformed. At times we Christians even seem to treat one another like rivals. My prayer is that you carefully consider the underlined thought of this book and consider whether God might say anything to you.

Christ is not Divided.

God bless you my fellow believer.
Elder Mark G. Oliver is a licensed minister and has been studying the word of God since he was a young lad. Brought up in the church, a true "pew baby" in a strong denominational environment. He began fighting for his understanding of Christianity while he was but a pre-teen. Desiring to bring people to the truth he determined that he would affect a change in the Christian world view- his way.

But then God stopped him in his tracks to reveal to him that "you need to understand much more about your faith- and about other believers". This lead him on a long journey of prayer, study and discovery. Which finally birthed in his spirit a writing "Is Christ Divided".

"I still have a strong desire to see people receive salvation, but now hopefully, I am better equipped to share the message"

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