Is Human Forgiveness Possible?: A Pastoral Care Perspective

Is Human Forgiveness Possible?: A Pastoral Care Perspective

by Abingdon Press




Forgiving those closest to us who have hurt us is one of the most difficult things Christians are called to do. For pastoral counselors the forgiveness issue creates a particularly serious dilemma, because it places counselors in the position of telling clients to do something their emotions vehemently fight against.

Is Human Forgiveness Possible? offers an effective way out of this quandary by giving the forgiveness issue an entirely new focus.

John Patton begins by scrapping our past understanding of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not something we do, he asserts; it's something we discover. To truly forgive someone, we must discover that "I am more like those who have hurt me than different from them. I am able to forgive when I discover that I am in no position to forgive."

Patton presents case studies from his pastoral counseling practice that illustrate the difficulty of forgiving and actively demonstrate his new solution to the forgiveness problem.

John Patton is executive director of the Georgia Association for Pastoral Care in Atlanta. He is the author of Pastoral Counseling: A Ministry of the Church (Abingdon Press).

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