Is There a God in Health Care: Toward a New Spirituality of Medicine

Is There a God in Health Care: Toward a New Spirituality of Medicine

Paperback(New Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9780789028679
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 04/28/2005
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

William F. Haynes Jr., MD, now retired after many years as Senior Attending Physician with the Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Medical Center at Princeton, remains active as Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine New Jersey. He earned a ThM degree from LaSalle University Graduate School of Religion in May 2001, was awarded the "Graduate Religion Achievement Award," and was inducted into Theta Alpha Kappa—the national honor society for theology and religious studies. He is currently a member of the Honorary Staff at the Medical Center and a visiting lecturer and teacher in the fields of medicine and spirituality.Geffrey B. Kelly is Professor of Systematic Theology at LaSalle University , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Best known for his research and publications on the theology and spirituality of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Kelly is past president of the International Bonhoeffer Society, English Language Section. The present book is the offshoot of his editorial work for the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works English Edition—the new translations and critical editions of the collected writings of Bonhoeffer, which are being published by Fortress Press. Among his recent works on Bonhoeffer are Liberating Faith (2002), The Cost of Moral Leadership (2002), and A Testament to Freedom (1995).

Table of Contents

Foreword Daniel P. Sulmasy xi

Preface xvii

Chapter 1 The Power of Prayer in the Health Care Ministries 1

Reflections 1

Our Journeys in Faith 9

Further Reflections: Doctor Bill 11

Prayer with Patients: Doctor Bill 14

Discussion Questions 18

Chapter 2 Faith: Its Nature and Its Work Among the Sick and Needy 21

The Nature and Role of Faith in a Life Worth Living 22

Faith As a Person to Whom We Commit Ourselves Irrevocably 25

Tillich and Faith As One's Ultimate Concern 25

Faith As That for Which We Would Risk Our Lives 27

Faith As a Longing for God 29

Faith That Sustains in the Midst of Suffering Ernest Gordon 30

Faith As "Letting Go" of Everything Standing Between Us and God Cardinal Bernardin 33

Faith As the Inspiration to Care for the Needy of This World Jean Vanier 34

Faith As the Inspiration to Care for Society's Throwaways Mother Teresa 36

Theological Reflections on a Community of Believers 38

Discussion Questions 40

Chapter 3 Learning Prayer 41

Theologian Geff's Journey 41

Doctor Bill's Journey to a Deepened Faith in Prayer 54

Discussion Question 67

Chapter 4 Jesus' Healing Ministry and Sufferings Related to Personal Experiences 69

God As the "Father" 69

Care of the Poor and the Sick 72

Health Care Providers 73

The Problems of Suffering and Death 75

Healing As Christ Does 76

The Inevitability of the Cross: Geff's Experience 77

A Religious Experience 81

Doctor Bill's Experiences 83

Carrying the Cross: We Are Not Alone 84

Do Not Blame God for Our Ills 86

Discussion Questions 90

Chapter 5 Suffering, Terminal Illness, and the Healing Ministry 93

Suffering in the Context of the Purpose of One's Life 93

Doctor Bill's Personal Reflections 97

The Deceased Beloved and the Legacy Left Behind 98

Time with the Family Following the Death of the Beloved 99

Premonitions of Death: God's Providential Care 100

After-Death Experiences 102

Geff's Theological Reflection on Suffering, Death, and Grief 104

Jesus' Courage in the Face of Suffering 106

Suffering As a Path to Holiness 108

God's Presence Amid Our Suffering 109

Dealing with Death and Grief 110

Varying Attitudes Toward Death: Religious Insights 111

Death and the Afterlife 113

Death As a "Friend" 116

Discussion Questions 118

Chapter 6 Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the Healing Process 119

Theologian Geff's Wedding Gift: A Message of Forgiveness 119

Reconciliation and Healing 120

Compassion and Forgiveness in the Service of Healing: Doctor Bill's Reflections 121

Rejection and Ministry of Reconciliation 123

Isolation and Individualism: Barriers Against Reconciliation 124

Communities of Support 126

Inner Healing Through Forbearance and Forgiveness 127

Forgiveness in Difficult Circumstances 133

Discussion Questions 136

Chapter 7 Listening from the Heart in Health Care 139

Listening in the Modern World 140

Doctor Bill's Personal Reflections 141

Theologian Geff's Personal Reflections 144

Some Practical Reflections 148

Patients Need Someone to Listen to Them: Doctor Bill's Experience 150

Summary Reflections 152

Discussion Questions 153

Chapter 8 Social Responsibility, Compassion, and Spirituality at the National and International Level 155

Poverty, Faith, and the Mission to Alleviate Suffering 157

A Spirituality That Respects Ecology, the Environment, and Related Health Care Issues 163

The World's Diminishing Water Supply: A Source of Anxiety and Potential Conflict 165

The Danger of Toxins in Drinking Water 166

War and the Wanton Destruction of Life and Morality 169

Violence As Problem Solving: A Major Threat to Health 171

Discussion Questions 173

Chapter 9 Healing Services: Miracles, Cures, and Hope 175

Theologian Geff's Personal Experience in a Healing Service 181

Healing Services: With or Without Faith 185

Doctor Bill's Personal Reflections on Healing Services 186

Discussion Questions 194

Chapter 10 Conclusion: Health Care in the Power of the Spirit 195

Health Care Empowered by the Holy Spirit 195

Strength in Weakness 196

Affirming the Goodness of God in Health Care 197

Discussion Questions 201

Notes 203

Bibliography 213

Index 217

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