Isabella of France: The Rebel Queen

Isabella of France: The Rebel Queen

by Kathryn Warner


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Isabella of France married Edward II in January 1308, and afterwards became one of the most notorious women in English history. In 1325, she was sent to her homeland to negotiate a peace settlement between her husband and her brother Charles IV, king of France. She refused to return. Instead, she began a relationship with her husband’s deadliest enemy, the English baron Roger Mortimer. With the king’s son and heir, the future Edward III, under their control, the pair led an invasion of England which ultimately resulted in Edward II’s forced abdication in January 1327. Isabella and Mortimer ruled England during Edward III’s minority until he overthrew them in October 1330.A rebel against her own husband and king, and regent for her son, Isabella was a powerful, capable and intelligent woman. She forced the first ever abdication of a king in England, and thus changed the course of English history. Examining Isabella’s life with particular focus on her revolutionary actions in the 1320s, this book corrects the many myths surrounding her and provides a vivid account of this most fascinating and influential of women.

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ISBN-13: 9781445652429
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Publication date: 09/01/2017
Pages: 336
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About the Author

Kathryn Warner holds two degrees in medieval history from the University of Manchester. She is considered a foremost expert on Edward II and an article from her on the subject was published in the English Historical Review. She has run a website about him since 2005 and a Facebook page about him since 2010 and has carved out a strong online presence as an expert on Edward II and the fourteenth century in general. Kathryn teaches Business English as a foreign language and lives between Dusseldorf and Cumbria.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 6

A Note on Prices and Wages 7

Genealogical Tables 8

A List of European Royalty and the English Earls in the Early Fourteenth Century 11

Timeline 17

Introduction 21

Part 1 The Conventional Queen 31

1 My Lady Yzabel, Queen of England, 1295-1308 33

2 Three People in the Marriage, 1308-1311 44

3 An Heir is Born, 1312-1314 61

4 The King's Defeat, 1314-1316 87

5 The Impostor, 1317-1319 108

6 The Contrariants, 1319-1321 123

Part 2 The Rebel Queen 139

7 Three People in the Marriage (Part 2), 1321-1322 141

8 War with France, 1323-1325 161

9 The Queen and the Baron, 1325-1326 178

10 Invading England and Deposing a King, 1326-1327 202

11 Captivity and Death of a King, 1327 222

12 Regency and Rebellion, 1327-1328 234

13 More Plots, 1329-1330 243

14 Downfall, 1330 254

Part 3 The Dowager Queen 263

15 A Conventional Queen Again, 1330-1358 265

Abbreviations in Notes and Bibliography 274

Endnotes 276

Select Bibliography 302

Index 313

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