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ISBN-13: 9780785250111
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 03/27/2006
Series: Word Biblical Commentary Series , #25
Edition description: REV
Pages: 448
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.70(d)

About the Author

John D. W. Watts (1921 – 2013) was President of the Baptist Theological Seminary, Ruschlikon, Switzerland, and served as Professor of Old Testament at that institution, at Fuller Theological Seminary, and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. His numerous publications include commentaries on Isaiah (2 volumes), Amos, and Obadiah. He was Old Testament editor of the Word Biblical Commentary (1977 - 2011).

Table of Contents

List of Essays and Tables
Editorial Preface
Main Bibliography
Text and Commentary
Prologue (1:1-4:6)3
Title (1:1)6
In the Hall of the King of Heaven and Earth, Rebellious Children, Violent Worshipers, Polluted City (1:2-31)17
Israel's Disappointed Father and Outraged Patron of Jerusalem's Temple (1:2-20)18
How Has She Become a Harlot? Let Me Smelt Your Dross Like Lye (1:21-31)34
Title (2:1)41
The Mountain of YHWH's House (2:2-4)43
Israel Not Welcome/The Day of YHWH (2:5-22)50
Jerusalem's Ordeal (3:1-4:6)60
Jerusalem Shall Totter (3:1-12)62
YHWH Stands for Judgment (3:13-15)66
"In That Day": Haughty Daughters of Zion (3:16-4:1)69
YHWH's Branch (4:2-6)73
Part IThe Decreed Destruction of the Whole Land (5:1-33:24)77
Introduction to Part I (5:1-6:13)78
Requiem for Israel (5:1-30)81
My Friend's Song for His Vineyard (5:1-7)81
Therefore My People Are Exiled (5:8-25)87
Signal to a Distant Nation (5:26-30)95
In God's Heavenly Courtroom (6:1-13)98
Act 1Jerusalem's Royal Heir (7:1-12:6)112
Scene 1Of Sons and Signs (7:1-9:6 [7])114
Narrative: A Word for the King and a Sign (7:1-16)115
The Setting (7:1-2)119
Keep Calm and Steady (7:3-9)122
The Sign: "Within Three Years" (7:10-16)132
Announcement: YHWH Is Bringing Critical Times, the Assyrian Era (7:17-25)142
Memoirs of the Prophet (8:1-9:6 [7])146
Swift-Plunder, Hastening-Booty (8:1-4)147
Waters of Shiloah Refused (8:5-10)152
YHWH is Your Fear (8:11-15)155
Sealing the Prophet's Testimony (8:16-18)158
To Instruction and to Testimony (8:19-22)162
To Us a Son Is Born (8:23-9:6 [9:1-7])166
Scene 2A Word against Jacob (9:7 [8]-10:23)176
A Prophetic Interpretation of History (9:7 [8]-10:4)177
The Assyrian King, Rod of My Anger (10:5-19)183
"In That Day": Only a Remnant of Israel (10:20-23)190
Scene 3A Word for Jerusalem (10:24-12:6)193
Jerusalemites, Do Not Fear the Assyrian (10:24-27c)194
"In That Day": The March of Conquest (10:27d-32)197
The Forester before Jerusalem (10:33-34)201
A Shoot from the Stump of Jesse (11:1-10)204
YHWH's Second Deliverance (11:11-16)213
Hymns for "That Day" (12:1-6)218
Act 2The Burden of Babylon (13:1-27:13)223
Title (13:1)235
Introduction (frame): YHWH's Wars and Babylon's Fate (13:2-14:23)240
The Day of YHWH (13:2-16)243
Babylon's Fate-Israel's Hope (13:17-14:23)251
YHWH Overwhelms Babylon (13:17-22a)251
(For) Jacob's Hope (13:22b-14:2)254
Taunt over a Fallen Tyrant (14:3-21)256
Oracle against Babylon (14:22-23)267
The Assyrian Period (14:24-23:18)269
YHWH's Plan for Assyria and the Whole Land (14:24-27)272
In the Death Year of King Ahaz (14:28-32)275
Burden: Moab (15:1-16:14)278
Burdens: Damascus and Egypt, 716-714 B.C.E. (17:1-20:6)288
Reflections on Israel's Position (17:1-9)290
Admonition and Two "Woe" Passages (17:10-14)295
Address to "All You People of the Land" (18:1-7)300
Burden: Egypt (19:1-20:6)304
See! YHWH against Egypt (19:1-15)304
Worship of YHWH in Egypt: Five
"In That Day" Passages (19:16-25)310
Isaiah Demonstrates against an Alliance with Egypt (20:1-6)319
Four Ambiguous Burdens (21:1-22:25)323
Burden: A Swampland (21:1-10)324
Burden: Silence (21:11-12)331
Burden: In the Wasteland (21:13-17)332
Burden: The Valley of Vision (22:1-14)334
Shebna and Eliakim Are Dismissed (22:15-25)343
Burden: Tyre and the Desolate Land (23:1-27:13)350
Burden: Tyre (23:1-18)356
A Concluding Liturgy (24:1-27:13)366
See: YHWH Devastates the Land (24:1-13)372
Responses: They Raise Their Voices (24:14-20)381
YHWH of Hosts Reigns on Mount Zion (24:21-25:8)384
Response from a Yahwist (25:9-12)393
Response: Song of the Judeans (26:1-19)395
The Judgment and Its Results for Israel (26:20-27:13)404
YHWH Emerges to Judge the People of the Land (26:20-21)405
Leviathan's Fate/Israel's Hope (27:1-6)407
"That Day" for Israel (27:7-13)411
Act 3The Woes of Israel and Jerusalem (28:1-33:24)416
Disaster from Expansion (28:1-29)422
Woe, Ephraim's Drunkards (28:1-13)422
Scoffers in Jerusalem (28:14-22)432
YHWH's Strategy: A Parable (28:23-29)441
Disaster for Jerusalem's Policies (29:1-24)446
Woe, Ariel (29:1-8)446
Like a Sealed Book (29:9-14)451
Woe, You Schemers (29:15-24)455
Disaster from Rebellious Self-Help (30:1-33)459
Woe, Rebellious Children (30:1-18)459
Hope from the Teachers (30:19-26)467
A Cultic Theophany (30:27-33)471
Disaster from False Faith in Egypt (31:1-32:20)475
Woe to Those Who Go Down to Egypt for Help! (31:1-9)476
Suppose a King ... (32:1-8)480
Until Spirit Is Poured Out (32:9-20)484
God's Promise to Judge the Tyrant (33:1-24)489
Woe, You Destroyer (33:1-6)489
See! Their Valiant One! (33:7-12)492
Who Can Survive the Fire? (33:13-24)495
Part IIThe [characters not reproducible] of Zion: The New Order (34:1-61:11)503
Act 4The Inheritance of the Nations and Israel (34:1-49:4)511
First Imperative: Summons to the Nations (34:1-8)517
Second Imperative: Find and Read the Scroll of YHWH (34:9-35:10)528
The Hezekiah/Isaiah Inset Narratives (36:1-39:8)543
The First Reading from History: The Assyrian's Speech (36:1-37:8)551
A Reading (Continued): From Hearsay to Knowledge-Sennacherib, Hezekiah, and Isaiah (37:9-38)564
A Reading (Continued): Hezekiah's Illness (38:1-8, 21-22)581
A Reading: Hezekiah's Psalm (38:9-20)586
A Reading (Continued): Hezekiah's Mistake (39:1-8)596
Third Imperative: In the Hall of Voices (40:1-11)602
YHWH Introduced to the Nations: The [characters not reproducible] Continued (40:12-31)614
Coastlands and Peoples Assemble for Trial; Israel Affirmed as YHWH's Servant (41:1-20)630
YHWH Defends His Authority and His Choice of Cyrus (41:21-42:12)643
YHWH Sends His Servant to Rescue Israel (42:13-43:21)661
Remember These, Jacob! (43:22-44:23)679
YHWH Introduces Cyrus (44:24-45:13)689
In YHWH Is Legitimacy and Strength (45:14-25)703
Bel Bows ... My Purpose Stands (46:1-13)708
Sit in the Dust, Daughter Babylon (47:1-15)712
Move Out from Babylon! (48:1-22)718
Israel's Swansong: A Light to Nations (49:1-4)727
Act 5The Inheritance of Jerusalem (49:5-54:17b)730
A Light to Nations (49:5-12)734
YHWH Has Comforted His People (49:13-21)739
Even the Captive of a Champion (49:22-50:3)745
A Student's Tongue (50:4-51:8)749
Awake! Put on Strength! (51:9-52:2)765
How Fitting: A Messenger's Feet (52:3-12)773
The Punishment for Our Peace (52:13-53:12)777
Sing, You Barren One! (54:1-17b)794
Act 6The Inheritance of Yhwh's Servants (54:17c-61:11)802
Title: The Heritage of YHWH's Servants (54:17c)807
A House of Prayer for All Peoples (55:1-56:8)811
The Dark Side of Jerusalem (56:9-57:13)823
I Shall Heal Him (57:14-21)832
YHWH's Kind of Fast (58:1-14)836
Troubled Times in Judah (59:1-15a)846
YHWH Decides to Act (59:15b-21)853
Zion's Day Dawns (60:1-22)858
YHWH's Agents to Bless Jerusalem (61:1-11)868
Epilogue: For Zion's Sake-New Heavens and New Land (62:1-66:24)877
A New Name for Jerusalem (62:1-7)878
YHWH's Oath and a Disturbing Apparition (62:8-63:6)883
Sermon and Prayers (63:7-64:11 [12])892
YHWH's Great Day: A New Jerusalem (65:1-66:24)907
YHWH Deals with His Opponents (65:1-16)909
YHWH Moves to Finish His New Jerusalem (65:17-25)921
The One YHWH Esteems (66:1-5)926
YHWH Confirms His Servants in His New City (66:6-24)933
Authors Cited943
Biblical Backgrounds957
Key Hebrew Words958

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