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Isaiah Speaks Today: Drawing Closer to Jesus through the Book of Isaiah

Isaiah Speaks Today: Drawing Closer to Jesus through the Book of Isaiah

by Elizabeth Seipel


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In every line of God's Word, there are volumes of wisdom and knowledge waiting to be revealed to His people.

I believe that every book of the Bible has alternative meanings locked into them to put our Lord's wisdom into our hearts, while standing in its power timelessly. These do not negate, nor diminish, the obvious and literal meaning of the words of that book but are revelations into parallel meanings, revealed only through the Holy Spirit, much as Jesus did when speaking in parables or applying ancient Scripture to His time on earth.

The book of Isaiah is a powerful Word which applied to the chosen people of that time, to the chosen people today, to the Gentile church of Jesus Christ, and to the nations of ancient times and these present times, which we are witnessing being brought low against the precepts of God by some of their leaders. It is up to the true Christian church in every nation to stand in obedience to our Lord, as the people of God worldwide join hands in the Holy Spirit and obey Him.

It is my prayer that these messages will open the heart-doors of God's "peculiar people"—the true church; each individual of which is chosen to be a spiritual leader in the true body of Christ, in the homes, communities, and nations of the world, through the power of the Holy Spirit, for such a time as this.

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Publication date: 12/19/2019
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