ISIS Dusk: Special Forces Operations in Syria & Iraq

ISIS Dusk: Special Forces Operations in Syria & Iraq

by Steve Stone


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ISIS Dusk is the second installment following on from ISIS Dawn, covering the final push of the SAS to remove ISIS from Iraq and Syria. Working with Iraqi and Kurdish forces as well as other special forces teams such as Delta Force. The SAS has been involved in a fierce and bitter battle against a tenacious enemy who have used tactics and doctrine not too dissimilar to the Taliban and al- Qaeda. Taking it to a new level of terror and oppression, planning a plethora of horrific attacks on the western world some of which have been successful.

Some missions having been performed at the last minute in an attempt to rescue hostages who are hours away from being executed. The war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria has without a doubt been another great test of skill and the ability to overcome the odds against a fierce enemy. It yet again shows how a handful of highly trained and highly skilled individuals can help turn the course of a war, supporting local forces helping to rid a country of an evil power. Islamic State are not finished though, this is a just one chapter of many more to come as Islamic State spread to Libya and still have a small foothold in Syria. Sadly, their plans to terrorize the world will continue for some time to come. The atrocities and human cost is still coming to light as ISIS strongholds are capture, unearthing their dark and inhuman attitude to those that do not follow their doctrine and beliefs.

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ISBN-13: 9781535188777
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/08/2016
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About the Author

Steve Stone is an accomplished illustrator. He has worked on hundreds of book covers, most notable Stephen King’s DARK TOWER series and Terry Brooks’ epic fantasy series SHANNARA. He has produced many commissions in the advertising sector for clients as diverse as General Electric, Sony and Mars.

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