ISIS - The Church's Wake Up Call

ISIS - The Church's Wake Up Call

by Aaron B Claxton


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The purpose of this book is to awaken and acquaint Christians with the devilish religion called Islam, now headed up by their most vicious, best equipped and best funded group called ISIS. ISIS stands for the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" - the territories formally occupied by the Assyrian Empire. We try to explain ISIS' attempt to the Islamic Empire and the Caliphate.

The last Islamic Empire, the Ottoman Empire, was brought down by Christian nations in 1924. The Islamic brotherhood was formed in 1928 in Egypt, for the expressed purpose of destroying the "Great Satan," the USA and the "Little Satan" the State of Israel and to restore the Islamic Empire.

The recent resurrection of Islam in 1515 declares their false prophecy that it is time to recover world dominion and to restore their Caliphate with the rising of their Madhi or their Islamic "Messiah."

The prophet Daniel informs us that despite the severe persecution that Christ's enemies will perpetrate upon the church and the Jews in the latter times, in the end, the saints win and inherit God's kingdom that rules over all kingdoms, and shall never pass away (Daniel 7:24-27, Psalms 103:19)!

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