Islamic Apocalypse: How Islam Will Fulfill End Time Prophecy

Islamic Apocalypse: How Islam Will Fulfill End Time Prophecy

by James Stone


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While many Biblical commentators remain focused on a Western European Anti-Christ and End Time Apocalyptic Scenario, the real force and evil of the Anti-Christ grows daily without our notice through the power of radical Islamic beliefs which will soon bring about an Islamic Apocalypse.

In Islamic Apocalypse the author examines the most foundational Biblical End Time icons in light of their fulfillment by Radical Islam. Discover the following disturbing truths:

* The Anti-Christ will be the Al Mahdi of Islamic End Time Prophecy

* The False Prophet will be the Isa of Islamic End Time Prophecy

* The Empire of the Anti-Christ will be a Ten Nation Islamic Confederacy

* The Wound that was Healed will be the Future Rebuilt Nation of Iraq

* The Mark of the Beast will be a Tattoo of Loyalty to the Al Mahdi

* The Power of Middle Eastern Oil will Control Who Can Buy or Sell

* The Feet of Iron and Clay will be the Division of Sunni and Shia

* The Battle for Jerusalem will be a Islamic Surprise Attack Against Israel

* The Woman Riding the Beast will be the Islamic Power of Saudi Arabia

In these End Times recent events and revealed truths have helped students of Biblical End Time Prophecy realize that we are racing ever faster to an Islamic Apocalypse.

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