Islamic Terror

Islamic Terror

by M. Fandi


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It is unacceptable for any religion to promote hate within any society or population. Islam, Christianity, Judaism or any other religion should be a source of love, compassion and acceptance of all diversities.
Muslims, Jews, Christians of different denominations, Buddhists, and people who don't subscribe to a particular faith, should treat each other with respect.
This book targets a major problem any religion can face; denying the other human being just because of their beliefs.
Islam Terror or Islam Terrorism is at the center of a worldwide debate. Such preoccupation resulted from the high number and intensity of Islamic Terrorist attacks during the last few decades.
Who and which groups are behind those acts of violence? When did they occur? What were the motives? Can they be stopped or prevented?
The interpretation of Islam as a religion has been taking a radical concept. Nevertheless, few centuries ago, history had showed that other religions could take a similar or more violent path. Violence or peace depend on us.
This essay has not been edited, please forgive any lack of style or errors.

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