Island Fantasies: Truth in Travel

Island Fantasies: Truth in Travel

by Annette Phillips


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ISBN-13: 9781452010328
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/28/2010
Pages: 124
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.29(d)

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Island Fantasies

Truth in Travel
By Annette Phillips


Copyright © 2010 Annette Phillips
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-1032-8

Chapter One

Calvin and Natalie Adams both graduates of a Washington State School of Dentistry, the Newlyweds decided that they wanted to give their best back to Black community preferably on an Island. Calvin, was even a native from an island not far from the one Natalie chose for them to "forever live" in wedded happiness.

"I like Saint Thomas, Cal, don't you?"

"Yes, Nat, but....."

"But, nothing, Cal, we can't live on Anguilla, it's not U.S and

I'm not feeling too great about a non-U.S. territory, all of my family reside in the U.S." She blurted.

"You know Nat, for a newlywed you're really demanding, and since you're bent out of shape for your U.S. Flag, we'll move to Saint Thomas, but, I'll have you know that we will still have to "Island hop" back and forth sometimes so that I can check on my family back home", he ended abruptly.

"That's no problem with me Cal, I just don't want to be too far from my home too!" Natalie's remark stirs Calvin some, but he doesn't reply, not now anyway.

So, they moved down, lock stock and dentist chairs and opened an office on the second floor of a newly built shopping mall, and their home was meticulously new too, in the condominiums section of the mid well-to-do of the island and all seemed well.

Chapter Two

Early one Saturday morning, when just after jogging along condominiums row, Calvin decided to jump in his Jeep and head over to the local's favorite café in Frenchtown, he found while driving through the small native neighborhood in order to beat the traffic on his way back to his mall office. He tried to rouse Natalie, but she slept heavy from the previous night of Happy Hour at the local Friday Disco-retro party on the Skye Trams rooftop, but as usual, since they met in D.C., Natalie had always had a little too much when they partied, but, this was the islands and that same drink, whatever it was, probably and faithfully tell on the local bartenders' heavy handedness of rum bubbling. For special effects, they poured out something between three or four shots rum and a splash of cola for color in each order for the couple, several times. Natalie had quaintly downed four of the 151-proof cola-colored refreshments. She later sat straggled while hanging onto Calvin as they drove home in her SUV. So, as she slept on this early Saturday morning, he showered, dressed in shorts, a bright island T-shirt and sandals and headed out on his exploration of the little place called Frenchtown.

Chapter Three

The café's atmosphere was that of a local commune of coffee slurping, B.L.T chomping, Danish dipping, newspaper reading, used book depot and art exhibit. It was here, in friendly old Frenchtown that Calvin met his fate amongst the affluent Natives and retired Continentals as he chose to sit at a table adjacent to the woman who would create everlasting change in his life forever.

"Excuse me," would you mind passing that bottle of Hot Sauce", she asks.

She is beautiful, she is brown, and "tropical", he thinks as he passes the bottle of Hot Island Sauce, a concoction of hot peppers, onions, vinegar and spices.

"Mmm ..." "I love hot stuff", she utters sexily.

"That's great, it's supposed to be good for you, but, me ... It's really off limits ... Just too hot", Calvin remarked.

She licks her thumb of the hot sauce and winces, then forks up the hash browns off of her plate and into her voluptuous mouth.

Calvin watches shamelessly as the women's talented lip-licking act is one he has never had the pleasure of watching.

She is compelling and glances back at him every so often between bites, licks and tongue-rolling on the fork as she consumes her amazingly satisfying meal.

The waitress arrives with Calvin's order, he eats but simply doesn't remember what he is consuming, as he watches this tantalizing wonder.

"She is truly very beautiful", he is thinks to himself.

"Here you go, Ms. Haynes". The waitress is back and passes the bill to the sensuous woman next to him. "I didn't forget to take the extra coffee off of last week's tab", she reports while smiling at Calvin.

"No problem child," "You know you'll get it back in the tip," Ms. Haynes chats back, and then casts her eyes back to covet Calvin.

"So you're new here"? She asks.

"Yes, my wife and I are the two new dentists at the new mall".

"New Dentist, new mall", and let me guess, a new wife too?" She asks.

"Why, yes," Calvin remarks. "How did you know?"

"Island Melee", she states.

"What?" Calvin asks.

"It's just that the island is so small that from the time you put your foot down on top of it, some kind of dirt is goin' to stir-up", she replies in island lingo.

"And you're telling me that my wife and I are already a hot topic here", Calvin inquires while leaning towards his table companion.

"Hot topic?" "NO", how about Target, maybe ..." "Maybe if you don't keep her from the Friday night Tram-Jam and the 151 that dem' boys pouring on top she head", she laughs.

"I'm Jocelyn Haynes, everybody calls me Joy-cee", and you?"

"I'm Calvin Adams and my wife..."

"She's not here", blurts Joycee.

"Yes she's home, in bed, sleeping ..."

"Off the rum," Joycee blurts again.

"Yes, she is", Calvin laughs.

While breakfast ends Calvin's interests with Joycee is sustained by her beauty and cool conversation. He is captivated by her brownness compared to his dark chocolate; her long legs that travel sweetly up under a short dungaree skirt; her breasts so small and tender as a youthful teen barely hidden under a shear multi-colored blouse. As they sit near each other, a balmy tropical breeze blows through the un-shuttered windows scintillating wisps of Joycee's fresh womanly scented aroma to Calvin nostrils, he breaths in and continuously smiles with every breath.

"I hope I am not boring you with the island talk"? Joycee interjected into the mind of the now day dreaming Calvin.

"Oh, no ..." "I just ..." well, I've got to get going, ah, Joycee". "It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you, but I must go ... my wife probably ..."

"Yes, I know she's up and looking around for her man."

"Yes, probably", Calvin asserts.

"Well, at least I know a good new dentists", she finalizes with a broad smile.

"Nice meeting you, Joycee", Calvin pays and slowly departs the café doors and strolls back out into the warm island sunshine.

"That was a pleasant surprise", Calvin tells himself. "She sure got my attention. He enters his Jeep, and slowly reverses out just in time to observe Joycee once again strutting over to and entering a flashy red colored vehicle.

"And she's got style too." Calvin stares and smiles as Joycee speeds off.

Chapter Four

Twice that week Calvin drove past Joycee in traffic as she first observed him on Tuesday afternoon and then he, observing her on the Thursday, in that same island madness afternoon traffic lull that happens every day for two hours in either direction, for only God knows why, along the Rhymer Highway, a three-lane roadway with turn-offs at four major intersections leading to and from the East End of Saint Thomas. It was on that Thursday that Joycee decided to "see where Calvin's going home route would lead". She U-turned her Honda sports car in the middle of the traffic jam and commenced following Calvin approximately five cars away. Calvin observed the change but thought nothing of it. As he approached his turn-off into the hills of the affluent, he watched Joycee's beaming red Honda follow closely in tow then overtake two cars and speed up right behind his Jeep.

"Beep, beep, beep, beep ..." Joycee alerts Calvin just before he passes a yield sign to continue to the entrance of the gated community.

"Hey Joycee, what brings you my way?" Calvin smiles with twinkling eyes.

"Well, when I saw you in traffic on Tuesday, I wanted to say Hi, and today, well ... I thought maybe we could get out of traffic and stop for a drink or something". Joycee winks and smiles while smoothing her light brown hair away from her face, the tendrils brushing lightly in the warm tropical breeze.

"You know, I wouldn't mind a drink or two", "Where would we go"? Calvin asks while gazing left and right along the roadway.

Joycee decided they would go down to the Carnival Village for some island enchantment, after all, it was April and that means its' Carnival time in the Islands, and what a time it is for romance, for the willing and able.

So, it's April and the Carnival heat is on. Soon after a days' work, hundreds of residents, visitors and locals from nearby islands party in "Deh Village" a conversion of the Fort Christian parking lot into a picturesque display of lapboard built mini-kitchen/bars of a specific design to resemble the old time village homes of the newly freed slaves. Even today the materials used are made to give the shelter an old time look with outdoor cooking quarters with the women stooped over, frying fish, chicken, and Johnny cakes in huge black coal pots of boiling oil set atop a roaring fire. As a custom, there is much colorful display in Carnival Village to fade away the misery of the former slaves' life of drudgery and new found happiness. The booths are painted and decorated with a variety of brightly colored paints, layered with foil streamers and party lights, and marked with cultural graffiti art in honor of the Village Honoree. Some booths depict pictorials of cultures of other nearby Caribbean islands and their people, all in an Annual festival village for a celebration time among family, friends and visitors.

Calvin and Joycee enter The Village through one of the many auxiliary breaks between village booths, usually occupied by the heavy drinkers and eaters of food prepared by the culture bearers from almost every Caribbean Island.

"Hey, where you goin' wit she", a drunk bawls out, as Calvin and Joycee emerge through the shallow passage.

Joycee smiles and winks at the drunk. "We goin' to enjoy de Carnival"!

"Come on Cal, let's get that drink, eh!"

Calvin stood totally captivated by the party lights, Calypso music and people everywhere, not just in a crowd, but, everywhere sitting and standing atop and adjacent to the village walls, benches, village booths and right outside the village at the bus stop and taxi stands. There was a section of Carnival rides for children and that area was crowded too.

"Wow, I almost missed all of this", Calvin shouts to Joycee over the loud Steel Pan music, with its' players announcing the soon arrival of the new Governor and his 1st Lady to the village's official night of opening.

Calvin and Joycee stopped at Village Booth #26 and ordered rum shots and beers. Joycee quickly downed two rum shots to Calvin's one, then three beers to Calvin's two. She ate two beef patties to Calvin's' single salt fish patty which he left two bites remaining. They both laughed at the contest they created unnoticeably. The afternoon went into the night and the crowd thickened so much that it was almost enough to lose track of whose standing right next to you, but it didn't matter to Joycee, as she studied Calvin's stance, demeanor and awesome manliness. He was a truly divine piece of manly architecture to adore.

The crowd was now elated by a popular local band and people started to dance and move about in rhythm. More than three times Joycee was forced to clench Calvin around his waist to keep out of tow of the rhombic waxing and waning of the movements of the crowd's party atmosphere. She laughed harder each time she was pressed against Calvin. As he watched the musicians play wildly and felt the heat emerge from the crowd. With Joycee's arms around his waist the buzz of the rum shots and beer and soft tropical breeze, Calvin turned to Joycee to thank her for the experience, but when he turned around he began to feel something much more, it was Joycee.

In the heat of the crowds' activity and raging pulsating music, Joycee had now tied her shirt up high under her minuscule breasts, baring a beautiful and virginal mid-drift that bore both a rose tattoo and belly ring.

Calvin's eyes focused immediately on this tempting attraction.

"I want to thank you for the evening", Calvin spoke while gazing into Joycee's eyes. "What you can really thank me for is how the evening will last," she spoke into his ear and licked the sweat from his cheek then placed her tongue between his lips. The two remained locked for what seemed like minuets to Calvin but was only a moment in time.

"Why did you kiss me like that"? Calvin responds in a hush.

"I wanted to thank you too, but in my own way". Joycee smiles innocently and touches the curves of his lips then kisses him again. This time it is much more lasting like a dreamy interlude.

They completed the kiss and Calvin's' heart is racing. Joycee's eyes dance with glee and almost absentmindedly she secretly strokes Calvin's hardening erection. She grabs his hand and leads him away from the village. They slipped away to the darkened area of the public park across the street to resume their intimacy.

The park's inhabitants during Carnival time range from brazen marijuana smokers, drifting vagrant men and women and of course, a few dating couples occupying the benches.

Joycee and Calvin stroll past a few occupied benches and find one available in the corner below the Government House roadway. It's extra dark in the corner and Joycee clenches Calvin to her once again. This time she feels him respond in between her licks and kisses.

He gasps, "Oh God"!

She whispers, "Yes Lawd", then ever so quaintly, she glides her skirt up to cover his unfastened pants.

What seemed like a lifetime to Calvin, was all of ten minutes of very hot, very steamy fantastically fantastic sex in that darkened park on a balmy night during Carnival on Saint Thomas with Joycee, his new found friend and now lover.

Chapter Five

The next day, Calvin opened his eyes to see Natalie watching him intently.

"Cal, you were drunk last night, and you called me Joycee when you got into bed". "Who were you talking about"? She demands.

"I had a few drinks in the Carnival Village last night and met a few new people that's' all". "Why don't we stop in there tonight huh, baby", Calvin tries to beg like he really wants to go.

"You know I don't like crowds, much less drunken crowds, maybe that's why you fit in here", Natalie blurts hatefully.

"Oh, honey it's not like that here, the people are warm and friendly ..."

"And drunk and sexy", Natalie finishes.

"Yes, honey but, everyone works so hard here, you can't blame them for wanting to relax during this time of the year."

"Calvin, we came here to work, that's what I do every day, and we can't get friendly with the natives".

She fumbles with her clothing as if upset. Calvin glances at Natalie's bare breasts in her attempts to dress.

"Honey, I'm not jeopardizing anything, now just come over here and get friendly with this that is native to you.

They momentarily connected, it was brief but satisfying for Natalie who jumped up and dressed for the second time for work that morning. It was her day to open the office.

Calvin lingered at the kitchen table over coffee and newspapers. Natalie kissed him on his forehead then headed out to the carport.

"I've got my Pilates class and then hair appointment later honey," she reported as the door automatically closes.

"I know, I'll cook something before I leave, as usual", he confirms with a mumble. Just then telephone begins to ring, incessantly, not long after Natalie reverses out of the carport.

"Not going to work today?" "A little too much rum, eh?"

"Joycee, how'd you find me?" Calvin questions with glee.

"Well now, aren't we the prominent doctor listed in the phone book?" Joycee asks playfully.

Yes, but my wife...." Calvin starts to speak.

"Just left, I know, I saw her speed off," Joycee adds.

"But how did you know her or her car?"

"Because, she just drove off in the car parked right next to yours' child", Joycee remarks smartly. "I can see that all the other cars are gone too."

"Where are you," Calvin asks.

"Outside the door"! She replies.

Calvin throws open the door as Joycee stands there in a bright neon green bikini accessorized by a neon green terry cloth beach jacket that reaches just above her toned bronze thighs. She is an awesome sight and Calvin grabs for her and abruptly slams the door close.

"I thought you might want to test the waters here since you work so hard and never experience the healings of the seawater", Joycee stalls.

"Nice, very nice of you Joycee, but I do have patients in office today at noon", he asserted.

"But, its' only eight-fifteen and the beach is just right down the road", Joyce replies in her sweet accented voice. "Lets' go for a marn'in swim, it will be good for you and me", she coys.


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