Island of Lost Men

Island of Lost Men

by Cain Berlinger

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Island of Lost Men by Cain Berlinger

Stranded on an island, two Rugby teams fight for survival as straight and gay men make intriguing sexual alliances.

When a plane crash leaves a group of Rugby players stranded on a remote island the men are forced to learn important survival skills, as well as overcoming fear and prejudice, whilst they wait for rescue. Each man faces the new challenges in different ways.


Tobin was the last man in the locker room. He shoved his gear into his duffel bag. Shirts, shorts, underwear socks and boots. The game had been brutal and finished with a 0-1 score in his team�s favor. On the field the teams played fiercely against one another. Competitive spirit was high. Off the field though the two teams were the best of friends. Tobin was looking forward to spending a long weekend with his team buddies and the hot men from the opposing team. They were being flown out to a remote Pacific island belonging to Harlan Matthews, one of the team owners, for an end of season party and a weekend of rest and relaxation.

Harlan�s private jet was waiting take the boys to one of the many islands he owned out in the Pacific. When Tobin finally jumped onto the transport, there was barely enough room for his bag.

�Man I don�t like the looks of that sky, bro.� Tobin whispered to Eli.

�I don't know about looking at clouds but you can test the distance between the storm and your location by counting the seconds between the sight of a bolt of lightning and hearing a clap of thunder. It is roughly 1 mile for every 5 seconds between lighting and thunder. I don�t see any lightning and I don�t hear any thunder. Relax.� Eli was always good at calming Tobin�s fears, especially before a game.

Peter Langley, Harlan�s longtime personal pilot, also knew what to look for when a thunderstorm was brewing. Generally it included a static noise on any AM radio station, the smell of rain and a sudden drop in temperature along with a strong breeze. Tonight, Peter figured they could make the flight and be out of harm�s way long before the storm hit. He climbed into the cockpit confident the plane would make it safely to their destination.

The plane took off on schedule from the private landing strip. The first three hours were relatively easy as the plane skirted the ominous clouds, but eventually there was no escaping them � there was no flying around, over or under the storm. The pilot cursed, flicked the Fasten Seat Belt sign and mouthed a silent prayer as he prepared for a helluva bumpy ride. The jet plowed into turbulence that rocked it back and forth like it was in a blender. Tobin, who had an unnatural fear of flying � quite justified in this case � held on tightly to Eli. Everyone on board heard the clap of thunder. The journey became an aerial roller-coaster ride as the plane swooped and plummeted through the unstable air, beginning to veer off course when a loud pop signaled they had lost one of the engines.

The pilot came on the intercom to make a brief announcement.

�I�m sorry men. We are going down. Please put on your life jackets and cabin crew prepare for a water emergency. It has been an honor and a privilege to have served you all. May god bless you each and every one.� That was it. For agonizing minutes there were only the sounds of the plane screaming as the pilot attempted to wrest control, and the heartbeats and heavy breathing of men fearful for their lives. When the plane crashed it broke into several large parts and the deafening roar faded into silence. Spot fires sprang up along the wings, and the front of the cabin was immediately engulfed in flames although the rain helped extinguish the worst of it. The air was quiet with only the sound of rain and an occasional clap of thunder. As dawn approached, an eerie light enabled Tobin to assess his position. Miraculously the plane had come down in shallow water close to a wide sandy beach, Tobin listened for the sounds of whimpers, moans and sobbing but simply heard silence.

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About the Author

Cain Berlinger has published innumerable short stories in various gay publications throughout Europe and America. His self published books include essays on Black America, a book on meditation, and a series of fitness books (as RD Cain)

He currently lives in New York City with his life partner who indulges him shamelessly.

His website is

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