Island Out of Radar

Island Out of Radar

by Lucinda Freeman


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After her plane went down into the Pacific Ocean, she finds herself all alone for days in a raft. As she waits each day for rescue she finds herself in very dangerous situations. Being marooned on an island for almost three years she could only trust Lord to take care of her. Each day she is amazed at His provisions for water and food. In countering hostel men she had to hide from their visits to the island. Finding treasures on the beach that God would use to help others gave Lucinda faith He would bring her home.
Rescued she finds herself being treated by a very caring doctor, who has a degree in the tropical diseases she encountered on the island. As her doctor trusts in God's knowledge they find they are attracted to each other.
She is finally reunited with her family and thanked God for using her through the treasures she found.

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ISBN-13: 9781481730044
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/19/2013
Pages: 146
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

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Island out of Radar



Copyright © 2013 Lucinda Freeman
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-3004-4



A Life Change

The call was not what I was expecting for my mother was in good health when I left her.

Many times when Brad had received orders to move we always went to our home state to visit our family members. In the military you just go where ever they say. When Brad came home with the news of our transfer we were not pleased with the idea of going to Guam but it was either there or a remote tour for Brad alone. We had only been on the island for 7 months when I received that concerning call from my sister of my mother's stroke.

Brad was not too willing for me to leave him with the children but we could not afford for the whole family to travel. We can go space available can't we? I got the look and he said, 'And what if we get a lay over and we can not afford a motel?' I knew he was right but in the back of my mind I knew he did not want to take care of teen-agers, especially girls! Brad spent most of his career traveling from home so I was father and mother most of the girl's lives. I knew the Lord was in control of the situation and I felt now it is his turn to 'bond' with his girls.

The oldest son, Donny, was not too interested but assured me he would support the girls and they would be fine. I heard the assurance from our middle daughter, Becky, that she would help with the cooking and she and Bonnie, our youngest, would share responsibilities that had to be done.

As we hugged our goodbyes early the next morning I tried to joyfully tell them I would be home before they missed me. They tried to give me their reassured smiles and waved as I boarded the military transport plane for Hawaii.

I got comfy in my jump seat type chair and watched the crew members strapping cargo down getting ready for our departure. Several of the men came by and patted me on the shoulder and gave the few passengers a reassuring smile. Most of the passengers were military guys flying as crew or they had received orders for another base. Only one other family was flying as dependents so I was glad I was not by myself. As I was placed near an exit I was briefed by an airman who was by the door. He reassured me he would take care of me first if there were any problems. Now, that is all I needed to hear but knew it as important just as it is on a commercial airliner. I had to remind myself I am in the Lord's hands and would be fine.

As we were about two hours into the flight there was a big loud noise and the plane took a dive. The plane shook awful and I was praying that we were not going to crash into the ocean. Several of the crew members made their way to the cockpit and came back hanging on to objects trying to get the other family calm. I heard him say they ran into a flock of geese and the engines shut down and we were going to have to ditch into the water. As I heard the airman by the door remind me they had a raft and all we had to do was jump in. He tried to explain to us that he would go out on the wing and I would be handed to him and pushed into the raft. We were shown where our life preservers where and we were instructed to put them on and put our heads between our knees and hang on. We hit hard and I screamed with fright but didn't have time to lay there and feel sorry for myself. The airman jumped up, pulled the door open and climbed out in the wind and hung on to the frame of the door telling me to get up and take his hand. Sounded easy.... Only if you could move!!! I was scared and could not put weight on my legs so one of the other airmen came over and moved me to the door and the waiting arms of the airman on the wing. As the plane tossed about we had to move fast but it was so hard!!

I was so frightened but got through the door and stepped on the wing the airman pushed me off and I screamed out of my mind. I fell just as the wing came up and I looked up for others to be pushed into the raft but to my panic I saw the airman falling back into the door and the plane fell on its side into the black, cold water. I was screaming and watching the bubbles and waves pushing on the raft. For a moment I thought I was going to be thrown over board and the raft felt like it was getting sucked into the whirlpool of the plane as it sunk. I grabbed my shirt to see if my travel waist band wallet was still strapped to me and it was. It held my ID card, emergency family information and money for my trip. Whenever we traveled overseas I had to do that for I knew the children couldn't keep it on their bodies.

'Where is everybody?' I called out so they could follow my voice to come over to me and I kept calling and calling but didn't hear anyone as the sound the plane made the awful gushing and gurgling sounds and I knew it had carried my voice off into the sounds. As luggage surfaced I thought it was people and I would paddle over to it but found it wasn't a person. The waves were high and I put the suitcases into the raft to keep it buoyant for I was afraid I was going to be thrown out. I kept yelling as I prayed to the Lord until my voice was gone and then all I could do was cry. I felt so alone and questioned, 'why am I' the only way in this raft Lord? I kept watching what I thought was the area of which the plane went under hoping to see someone pop up at anytime. What seemed like hours, I didn't really know that I was drifting away from where I last saw the plane go under. I knew it was late morning so figured the planes would find me so I kept my eyes to the sky and horizons for the boats. 'What are they going to say to me when they find out I am the only survivor'? As I asked God all the questions in my heart I still could not understand, 'Why Me'?

As the late afternoon approached I thought, 'how can I survive the night'? They won't see me so I will have to lie in this raft.... ALL NIGHT!!! I was beginning to get cold as the sun was headed down. I opened a couple of the suitcases in hopes of finding some shirts or jackets to put on or wrap up in. The first one I opened was one of the airman's duffle bags and thankfully there was a uniform jacket. I searched in the backpacks I found water and snack crackers. Praising the Lord I heard Him say to sparingly find nourishment. In one of the suitcases I found a pocket flashlight and a pair of binoculars so thought these would come in very handy as I looked for a boat or plane overhead. I lie down in the center of all the bags and put them around the edges of the raft. The night seemed to make the waters calmer but I get car sick so wasn't handling the waves to well and praying to the Lord to help me not get sick for I needed the strength to watch for planes or boats. I knew the rescue teams would not find me in the dark but I was hoping that the raft would have something to signal for them to find me. I had seen this on television shows so had hopes this raft had such a device. I somehow got to sleep for my stomach was not feeling too good.


Bump In The Night

When the sun started coming up so did the breeze. I was wet from the waves splashing on the raft and I had lain in the water all night so was shivering as the wind blew. I looked through the binoculars all around the horizon hoping to spot a boat but saw nothing. I was thirsty and had not drank any of the juice yet so felt I needed to sip a little. I also broke one of peanut butter sandwich cracker into and ate it. Which of course made me thirsty again? Next time I will eat the cracker and then drink.

The sun to my amazement was beginning to get warm so thought this is great to be able to dry out my clothes. In an hour I was very hot and knew I had to find something light weight to cover me from the sun. I opened the one duffle bag and found a shirt. It was large and as I tried putting it on it was like a sail and kept flying in the air. I lay down to button it at the top and let the breeze fill the shirt up and I used it like a sail. Wasn't thinking about where the raft and wind were taking me for I had lost all sense of direction so relied on the sun to know which way I was floating. All of a sudden I saw an airplane but it was so high up I didn't think it was a rescue plane. I quickly looked into one of the suitcases to see if I could find something that had a mirror on it but didn't find anything in two of the bags. By then the plane was gone in the opposite direction.

I thought I had better keep still and not use up any energy for I was not sure how long it would be before someone found me. The juice also didn't quench my thirst for it was too sweet but the sun was bearing down on me making me thirstier. I tried to sleep and keep covered up from the hot sun. I wanted to sing as I remember Paul and Silas did in the jail but found my voice couldn't handle it so just prayed. I drifted off to sleep several times and by now it was dusk and I dreaded the night for I couldn't see a thing. I could not see anything but water all around me during the day but it just gave me a little more security. I opened one of the briefcases to see if I could find a pen for writing. Thank goodness I found two tablets, pens and pencils so I took one of the pens and made marks on the front of the case as to how many days I had been drifting. Hopefully, if I was found I could tell them how long I had been in the water. I also wrote the date in case I didn't make it but they found the raft and would put it all together as to who I was with my waist band wallet. I didn't know whether to take it off or put it in one of the cases. I chose to wear it for now. As the sun fell I lay down and watched the beautiful stars and tried to remember all the constellations I had studied in school. It was calming and I must have fallen asleep.

Bump! Bump! Oh, no, what was that!!! I was thankful to be in the center of the raft and thankful that I had put the luggage around the outside so 'something' wouldn't reach over and pull me in the water. My thoughts of reading horror stories of sharks and whales in the ocean waiting to have a FREE meal came to thought. As I was praying for God's protection the bumping stopped and I was given the peace I needed and fell asleep. I woke up suddenly as rain was coming down and I hurriedly took the plastic bag I had crackers in and emptied them in the backpack. I used the flat brief case to let the rain run down it so I would have some fresh rainwater to drink. No sooner than I filled it the rain stopped. I unzipped one of the larger suitcases to find something to mop the water up from the bottom of the raft. It was mixed with the sea water so I knew I couldn't drink it.

As the night came to an end the sun was coming up and was very hot again sooner than I wanted it to be. I put the wet shirt on my head and scanned the horizon for boats and sky for help but saw nothing. I was thankful that the ocean was calm today so this made watching for boats much easier. Soon it was dusk and the darkness set in again. However, as I prayed for God's peace He soon gave it to me with sleep.

The best I can figure from my lines on the suitcase I now had survived 6 days with very little water and the snacks I had found were gone. I searched in all the baggage pieces that I had put in the raft and did find a gum package but nothing in the form of eatable substance. I was very weak and found I could not sit up holding the shirt as a sail any more. It did provide shade and when the breeze came up I used what strength I had and used it to help the raft move 'somewhere' faster. As the sun was falling I thought I had seen a dark area in the opposite horizon but couldn't fix my eyes to see it plainly. During the night I heard a lot of noise like surf and waves hitting against the side of the raft. Then all of a sudden the raft hit something and I thought maybe it was a school of whales and lay down in the bottom of the raft. I once again felt something under the raft and waited for I saw the sun was coming up and I would soon see what was causing all the noise and disturbance in the water. As I gazed around I saw large rocks and boulders in front of me and was so excited to think I found land and life. I maneuvered the raft away from the rocks for I was afraid they would be sharp and cut a hole in the raft. Thank goodness the raft came with metal paddles and I touched the bottom so knew I was in shallow waters. I climbed out and as I was too weak to pull the raft upon the beach so waited for each wave to come in and pulled until I finally got it where the waves would not take it back out. I sat down in the raft and looked for help thinking someone must have seen me but I waited a very long time and the sun was getting very hot for it was now high over me. I climbed out and found a group of palm trees and lay under them. I laid there for a while to cool off some and must have fallen asleep as the sun was farther down. I looked up at the trees and saw that they were coconut so started crawling to see if I could find one. Then I realized it had a hard shell and now I must find a way to break off the outer shell. Getting the much needed fluid that was in it was all I could think of. I crawled back to the raft and looked into a couple of the duffle bags hoping to find something to use. I had to spread it out on the sand and finally in one of the tote bags I found a hunting knife and began chipping away and finally found the little eyes to get a drink. Just as God had provided this I was able to drill into the eyes and drink what fluid there was. The groups of trees were next to a large boulder rock so I leaned against it and fell asleep. When I woke the tide had come up and it was under the raft so I quickly crawled back down to pull the raft up on the beach farther and picked up the items I had taken out of the bag and put it back inside. I went back to the coconuts and carried them to a large rock where I could cut off the outer shell and there I found another rock to try and break it open. After many tries and a smashed thumb it finally broke open and displayed the most tasty coconut morsels I had ever had. I knew I must eat them sparingly but thankful to the Lord for there were many on the ground that I would be satisfying my hunger. As the sun was beginning to fall, I knew I must find shelter for the night. I walked around the rock formations and saw a small low cave that looked like it had been under water before and had a carved opening. As I got closer and found it was wider than it looked from a distance so maybe the raft would fit inside. I crawled in hoping there were no animals or snakes but found I could scoop out some of the sand to make it deeper and be able to keep the luggage in the raft and have a place to sleep.

I thought I would put the sand scooping off until the next morning as I was very dizzy and knew I was getting dehydrated and needed something more to eat for energy to tackle that job. Plus I felt someone would be coming so I didn't want to use all my energy for nothing. With exhausting strength the Lord helped me pull the raft into the cave. As I crawled to find another coconut with water in it, I ate a few more pieces before going to sleep. The sound of the waves soothed my aching body and felt like I could sleep peaceably without being rocked to sleep. Crying to the Lord as I prayed for my rescue tomorrow I fell into a deep peaceful sleep.


Horror on the Beach

After marking one of the hard shelled suitcases, before it got dark, I was amazed to see it had been 7 days since arriving on the island and 12 days that still no one had found me. I was beginning to feel stronger with the coconut juice and meat. I thought tomorrow would be the day I had to venture around the island for more food and water. Still wondering where the birds and crawly things were I kept looking in the trees and around the ground but hadn't seen anything yet.

I must have dozed off for I woke to the sound of water slapping against my new home and saw that water was entering the opening. All of a sudden I heard the sound of a motor and got really excited that I was going to be rescued. I tried to jump up and hit my head on the ceiling of the cave and it set me back down as I rubbed my head I could hear talking and laid down at the opening but I couldn't understand what they were saying. I didn't crawl out for I think the Lord had helped me by allowing me to hit my head to stop me from getting out and seeing who it was. As I laid there I could not see their faces but only saw their legs. All of a sudden I could see they were dragging a man down the beach. I quickly took sand and pushed it up around the entrance of the cave so they would not see the raft. They were walking away and dragging the man so I worked at hiding any existence of myself. Leaving a small hole I could look down the shore and watch but didn't like what I saw and I cried in horror for my safety.

When they had finished torturing the man they staked him to the beach and sat down as if waiting on him to die. One man stood up and looked my way and I just knew he was looking at my cave. He started walking toward me but kept looking back and out to sea so I moved more sand to fill the opening when he was looking away. I climbed back into the raft and cried hysterically shaking uncontrollable into one of the duffle bags.

Excerpted from Island out of Radar by LUCINDA FREEMAN. Copyright © 2013 by Lucinda Freeman. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 A Life Change....................     1     

Chapter 2 Bump In The Night....................     4     

Chapter 3 Horror on the Beach....................     8     

Chapter 4 Forty-Four Days and Counting....................     11     

Chapter 5 Surprises From the Sea....................     14     

Chapter 6 Redecorating My New Home....................     16     

Chapter 7 What a Feast....................     18     

Chapter 8 What is that Sparkle?....................     22     

Chapter 9 Becky, Need Help in Braiding....................     29     

Chapter 10 Lord, Let Them Be My Rescuers....................     31     

Chapter 11 Off Again....................     36     

Chapter 12 Meeting My New Doctor....................     39     

Chapter 13 How Did I Get Them?....................     41     

Chapter 14 The Call I Had Longed For....................     44     

Chapter 15 No, Not My Hair....................     49     

Chapter 16 The Return of Hair....................     53     

Chapter 17 Bonnie for Thanksgiving....................     59     

Chapter 18 My First Interview....................     70     

Chapter 19 Home For Christmas....................     76     

Chapter 20 My New Home For Now....................     84     

Chapter 21 Not Miss Margery Lord....................     88     

Chapter 22 "Let's Go Get Married"....................     93     

Chapter 23 What Is Happening?....................     99     

Chapter 24 Are We Going to the Island?....................     104     

Chapter 25 The Gathering....................     107     

Chapter 26 Home At Last....................     111     

Chapter 27 Reception and 4th of July Celebration....................     119     

Chapter 28 How Many Families Can We Find?....................     125     

Chapter 29 Miracle on Church Street....................     128     

Chapter 30 Where Did The Time Go?....................     133     

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