Island Secrets (The Island Escape Series, Book 1)

Island Secrets (The Island Escape Series, Book 1)

by R.T. Wolfe

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ISBN-13: 9781614177579
Publisher: ePublishing Works!
Publication date: 06/02/2015
Series: The Island Escape Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 168,760
File size: 969 KB

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It's not uncommon to find dark chocolate squares in R.T.'s candy dish, her Golden Retriever at her feet and a few caterpillars spinning their cocoons in the terrariums on her counters. You can contact R.T. through her website:

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Island Secrets (The Island Escape Series, Book 1) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
AnnePK More than 1 year ago
Another excellent romantic suspense novel by R.T. Wolfe. Ms. Wolfe continues to write compelling, intriguing, thought provoking, entwining novels. This book is the first in her new series Island Escapes. So set back, relax and enjoy an adventure with Zoe Clearwater and Dane Corbin. You will not be disappointed. These two beautiful young characters will take you along the eastern coastline as they not only engage you in their desire for one another, but will take you on treasure hunts and scuba diving that will lead to murder and mystery. Oh and, don't forget a rare look into those amazing sea turtles. Finally, Ms. Wolfe definitely leaves the reader anticipating the next novel in the series, as she interlaces other prominent characters in the story line for their own suspenseful adventure and ultimate love story. We already know Wilow and Liam are in the next tantalizing novel, perhaps Raine and Matt will follow..........
goldlady818 More than 1 year ago
The perfect combination of romance, intrigue and sea turtles! A great beach read!
Niki30 More than 1 year ago
Another wonderful romantic suspense story by R.T. Wolfe. Full of complex characters and an exciting plot. I couldn’t put it down. Zoe is in search of answers about where her missing brother is, and while scuba diving stumbles upon a skull with a knife in it. She is about to find answers, only to have more questions. It keeps you guessing and riveted until the end. I love the relationship of characters, from Zoe’s loving and very close family to a lifelong friend that ends up being her rock and lover. It makes you want to jump in and be a part of it all. Ms. Wolfe did a phenomenal job of drawing you in keeping you riveted until the very end. Highly recommended. R.T. Wolfe does it once again!
The_Brats More than 1 year ago
Island Secrets is an interesting and complex story with many different characters, as well as twists, turns, and some surprises along the way. Based on Ibis Island in the Florida Keys, R.T. Wolfe has included information about the sea life and some of the history as well. The story involves some of the trials and tribulations of Zoe Clearwater. Haunted by the disappearance of her brother two years ago, Zoe works as an aquatic guide, conducting tours with a pontoon boat. When Zoe becomes involved in an investigation, she finds that the island police are not only inept, but are not to be trusted. The book gives a realistic view of life as a single working woman who has a loving family close and sometimes too close. The book is a total pleasure to read and I know I shall do so again. I received a free copy of Island Secrets by R.T. Wolfe in exchange for an honest review.
birdladyvm More than 1 year ago
STORY LINE: Zoe Clearwater lives in a small gulf community on beautiful Ibis Island off Florida's coast; she had a perfect life. A family that was loving and close; 2 sisters, Raine and Willow, a brother Seth, a thriving diving business and a gift shop. Then her brother, Seth, diving alone disappears. Her world changed. She held herself responsible. She sold her business to Dane Corbin; childhood friend, playboy, and treasure hunter. As with most small communities everyone knows everyone's business, at least they thought they did. But secrets abound in this small community. Secrets that were the reason for murder. Zoe has searched the gulf waters for Seth since his disappearance; she suddenly finds a skull with a knife through the eye in a small cavern. From this point, the story rushes forward. ls this Seth, was it murder, if so, why? All will be answered as secrets are revealed. CHARACTERS, PLOTTING, AND DEVELOPMENT: Zoe's character was developed skillfully by Author R. T. Wolfe. Zoe grows throughout the novel as she comes to terms with the death of her brother and to realize Dane is a rock she can lean upon. I enjoyed watching Zoe's growth from an insecure grieving young woman to a secure confident woman who knew her worth and accepted she was responsible for her life choices and Seth was responsible for his life choices. As Dane stated: you're different, he said......Confident. Calm. Collected. And sexy as hell. Dane's character has hidden depths. As his depths were revealed, he is not seen as a playboy and fortune hunter but a good man with principles and a giving loving nature. The relationship between Zoe and Dane was skillfully developed by Ms. Wolfe from adversary to love. The love scenes were steamy and intense. With her, he was a man. He was whole. He would ask her and, if needed drag her off to the nearest desert island and make her say yes. The interaction with Zoe's family was wonderful. I loved their closeness, yet they were allowed to be individuals by Zoe's parents. Ms. Wolfe's portrayal of this family made my heart sing. Ms. Wolfe's portrayal of Zoe's mother, Harmony, was a hoot. What a woman; I loved her! At times I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Ms. Wolfe will keep you guessing in this tale of mystery, treasure, secrets, and murder. The revelation of the secrets was skillfully done by the author. The plots, twists and turns, and pacing in this novel will keep you reading. You will not want to stop until the last page. Ms. Wolfe has many threads in this story and she did a wonderful job bringing them all together to form a cohesive tale of love, family, treasure, abuse, and murder. When the villain was revealed, I was very surprised along with why the murder occurred. The suspense level was high and kept me glued to the pages. The information Ms. Wolfe included about the endangered turtle conservation program and the descriptions of the sea life, the island along with Florida's beauty, and the diving in those waters were vivid. I could see the color of sea, the turtles, and flowers from her descriptions. RECOMMENDATION: I recommend this book for young adult to adult due to sexual content; it is not graphic sex but love between an emotionally involved couple. This is a good book that was easy to read, had an intriguing plot, and kept my interest. I look forward to book number two in this series. I received this book from eBook Discovery Read & Review Club in return for an honest review/
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A whole new setting and set of funny and diverse characters. R.T. does it again.
MommaFish More than 1 year ago
Set in the Florida Keys, Island Secrets is a fast-paced romantic suspense novel with twists and turns around every page (or coral reef). Well crafted and with well developed characters. Eagerly looking forward to the next book. Highly recommended.
SherryF More than 1 year ago
I recommend this for adults due to the sex scenes. They are not necessarily erotic, but more romantic and important to the story. OMG, a tropical island, treasure, murder, mystery and romance. Island Secrets is the complete package. Once I started, I could not stop until the last sentence was read. Zoe is a boat captain and was a scuba instructor and guide, until she sold out to Dane after the death of her brother. She felt the guilt for letting him dive alone and was determined to find out what happened. She would not rest until she found his body. Zoe can be a bit pushy, lol, which is putting it mildly. She refuses to be kowtowed to and coddled. She is not a hardcore, kickass ninja type, just independent and tough. Dane is a treasure hunter. So why did he buy the business and why isn’t he out finding treasure? I think we know. He found Zoe infuriating and, oh so, desirable. The small town cop was lazy and incompetent, but ruled his domain like a king. Ilbis Island is a small community and like all small towns, everyone knew everyone’s business. So…what’s the big secret? What a job, cruising on the Gulf, watching the dolphins frolicking, checking out the birds at the sanctuary and I sure do wish I was on the tour with Zoe. The dance scene with Dane and Joe was sizzling HOT! When they finally hooked up, I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. I won’t call this is a spoiler, because we all know it is going to happen. The sexual tension had been so thick you could cut it with a knife. I love that R T Wolfe included all the wonders of Florida, not just the gorgeous turquoise water, but the bird life, loggerhead and green turtles and the need to protect them and the sea oats and dunes that help to save the beaches the casual way they dressed, half naked, the open air bars, the pleas to not on the dunes, use special lights so the turtle don’t go the wrong way when they emerge from the sand…. It’s as if I am living the life, well I pretty much am. It is all so familiar, except the skull and the murder. When Zoe walked on the beach, I felt the sand between my toes, the water rolling over my feet and the breeze heavy with salt in the air, coating my skin. skyline bridge copyright I have driven over the Skyline Bridge, just to say I did it. It is a beautiful view, with miles of water and I was lucky enough to be there at sunset. I was so engrossed in the book I could not put it down until I found the answers I knew wouldn’t come until the end. What a fantastic journey it was. I wanted to sit at the bar with Dane, Zoe and her family. I wanted to lick my wrist, sprinkle the salt, lick the salt, down the shot of tequila and suck the lime wedge, chatting about what we did that day. It brings back such good memories to me. I have been there, done that, all while looking out over the Gulf and enjoying the salty air. I loved this book, the writing was descriptive and detailed, putting gorgeous pictures in my mind. The mystery is still alive for Book II, but Island Secrets story was told. I received a copy of Island Secrets by R T Wolfe in return for an honest and unbiased review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
J: How can this book have 5 stars? I am more than half through the book and there is almost nothing happening. The second half must really be something, but I'm already starting to skip over some of the day to day dull drama hoping to get to the real "suspense."
ELF-thereadingaddict More than 1 year ago
An exciting start to an intriguing series. 4.25 stars ...............................“Island Secrets” by R.T. Wolfe is part of the ‘Island Escape’ series and centers around Zoe Clearwater, who is determined to expiate her guilt over the loss of her brother during his ill-advised solo dive. Her two-year search culminates in a gruesome discovery that seems to prompt a series of violent episodes that escalate in danger. Her reluctant acceptance of the help offered by her boss, Dane Corbin, is complicated by his refusal to accept that she is no longer an essential part of the business she has sold her share in, and his insistence on watching over her. Both the investigation and their relationship heat up and become more complicated and their lives will change forever, if they live long enough. This exciting romantic suspense story is a great start to the series. I will say that I am glad that I didn’t read the blurb right before starting the story, or I would have been both frustrated and confused by what it stated. There are great underlying elements, including glimpses of the hard work and regulations involved in conservation efforts aimed at assisting endangered sea turtles. Zoe’s family is filled with memorable characters who provide both lighthearted interludes and emotional impact and I hope to see more of them in future stories. I admit to being a little frustrated by the beginning of the story, as I thought her reaction was illogical since she was searching for a body, but the story picked up in momentum from that point and melded a nice combination of tension, danger and romance. There are some threads that are left unanswered that are a little frustrating, plus an definite invitation to continue following the series to search for the answer which I suspect will involve an even bigger prize, but overall, this was a fun, engaging, and suspenseful story and I look forward to subsequent tales involving these folks and this picturesque setting. A copy of this title was provided to me for my honest review
MJSchillerAuthor More than 1 year ago
You're Going To Want To Be In On ISLAND SECRETS!!! Once again Ms. RT Wolfe blew me out of the water with her latest! I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical. Could RT create a world in this new series as wonderful as the one in her Black Creek Burning Series or her Nickie Savage Series? But I loved ISLAND SECRETS and I adore the Clearwaters and the world they live in. As usual, I enjoyed Ms. Wolfe's way with words, from her witty zingers to pretty passages like this one: "The churning water around her was her life and somehow they had become the calm in the center." Isn't that beautiful? Here's another: "A gust grabbed them, scattering the white petals in a playful dance before landing in the water." I admire the way she shared her knowledge of sea turtles and how she compared their hatching to Dane and Zoe's relationship. And this book contains one of the hottest snorkeling scenes! Okay, so maybe there aren't that many to compare it to, but this scene is mega hot, sizzling! Who knew those kind of fireworks could happen underwater? And the way she ended it--last sentence--was very clever. I also loved the sneak peak at ISLAND PURSUIT, the next book in the series! Only RT Wolfe can have you fanning yourself while a character is having their hair washed! Thank you, RT, for continuing to supply us with quality reads! If you haven't bought it yet, do so!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Were introduced to the Clearwater family on Ibis Island in Florida. Zoes brother has gone missing and she is determined to find him. If you love romance,mystery, sea turtles and fun in the sun you'll love this book. This smooth reading book makes it hard to put down. The romance and suspence are unbelievable. Actually, this book is first in a three book series. Can't wait to see what unfolds in book two.
V-B More than 1 year ago
With "Island Secrets", RT Wolfe begins a new romantic suspense series set on the fictional Gulf Coast island called Ibis Island, Florida. Wolfe excels in weaving danger into each of her tasty romances in such a way that the reader never quite knows when the next shoe will drop...but is sure that it will! Here, the mystery starts in chapter one with heroine Zoe Clearwater's discovery of a skull in an underwater cave - a skull with an antique dagger thrust through one eye. It ends with a terrifying encounter with the killer that almost costs Zoe her life. In between, she  finds love in what she always thought was the unlikeliest of places. As with many of Wolfe's novels, there's also a strong link to the natural world, in this case, endangered green and loggerhead sea turtles. Zoe and her sisters volunteer with sea turtle conservation efforts, and I learned a lot about these magnificent creatures as the family worked to protect their nests and hatchlings. Murder, romance, diving, danger and sea turtles - what's not to like! I truly enjoyed "Island Secrets".  -V.B. Winkler, author of the "Milihra" series 
emabry More than 1 year ago
R. T. Wolfe does it again in her new Island Escape Series.  Meet the Clearwater family and go hold your breath adventures, fall in love with sea turtles, Ibis Island and of course Dane…   What more can a girl ask for in a book.
gypsygrandmatv More than 1 year ago
R. T Wolfe knows how to develop characters that we can fall in love with. She did that with her Black Creek and Nickie Savage series and has done it again with this new series. Not only is there a mystery but we get to learn about the beautiful and endangered sea turtle. Ms. Wolfe never disappoints and will continue to be one of my "go-to" authors.
ACarmical More than 1 year ago
I received this book for an honest review. Zoe's family has gone through a tragedy without having answers or closures. She sells her business to a high school friend because of what happened to her brother and so she could spend more time trying to figure out what happened to her brother and why. I know that may not make sense, but I don't want to put any spoilers. During her drives, she doesn't know that her high school friend keeps an eye on her. He is worried about her and just wants to make sure she is safe. Him watching her comes in handy and their relationship starts to take an unusual turn. She doesn't really like him and thinks he is a pretty boy player, but unknown to her and because of her, he has changed his ways. He no longer goes out hunting treasures or women. This is a good read that has a bit of everything in it. Love, dislike, suspense, humor. If you want a book that makes you happy, makes you mad, makes you cry, makes you laugh...this is the book for you!!!
dlk1354 More than 1 year ago
Love love love it!!! One of my favorite authors!!!