It Is Written The Shocking Downfall Of The Usa

It Is Written The Shocking Downfall Of The Usa

by Roger H. Ewing


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ISBN-13: 9781449051730
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/24/2009
Pages: 152
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It is Written the Shocking Downfall of the USA

By Roger H. Ewing


Copyright © 2009 Roger H. Ewing
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-5173-0

Chapter One



Our military reserves and national guard should stay within the USA to protect the homeland. That should be their main mission.


That we do it NOW, and not take a year to set it up.

This is how the draft would work. The Secretary of State of each state obtains a list of all US citizens in their state between the ages of 18 to 35 from the car registrations. A simple computer program puts in the names in alpha order. Then the list is secured. Then five lottery balls are used. The balls are numbered 7 thru 12. A drawing will be on TV where one ball is selected. For example, the ball number 8 is selected. Then every eighth person on the list is selected for the draft and receives a reporting date. The military determines the quota for how many personnel are needed, so many men and so many women. It's SIMPLE AND FAIR! Plus the system can be established in a short period of time. Remember time is of the essence. It takes almost a year to get these recruits ready. Because it takes approximately a year for training the draft is for aperiod of three years. The draft can be for all the military services - Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.

Now comes the hard part. How do you get the present people in both houses of Congress to pass two bills that is vital to the survival of the United States of America? First, they need to authorize the military to have five million active duty personnel, and second to authorize the draft.

Remember READER our country is divided. Even a subject like survival of our country is party politics. Folks it's ridiculous! The people that are elected to Congress take an oath to defend the USA and in order to defend the USA we must have the proper manpower to do so.

This may not be the "greatest generation" where everyone stood up and contributed like World War II but I have great faith in the American people to stand up and be counted. The division in the USA is caused in large part to the division among the people in both houses of Congress. The national polls of how Congress is doing are below a 20% acceptance level. I think the American people want to survive and will not tolerate their congressman or woman playing games with this most important issue. Survival of our country should be the only issue.

Americans DEMAND A REGISTERED VOTE, for or against, these two bills. Those who oppose these two bills do not have the best interest of the USA and the survival of the USA. Those who oppose these two bills should be impeached immediately.

The threat of an all out war is more real today than at anytime since World War II.


Not only are the Chinese Communists a military threat but it appears that almost everything you buy in the USA is made in China. It used to be everything was made in Japan. Then everything was made in Taiwan. Amazingly the USA has given Communist China the money to upgrade their technology. How? The USA established Communist China as the manufacturing capital of the world. Today almost every product in a store has a "Made in China" label. The cheap labor force in China and the abundance of it makes for an ideal arrangement for American companies and more importantly their CEOs, Chief Executive Officers, for a quick and short term profit and great balance sheet resulting in a big bonus for them. Many of these American companies reaped huge profits but at the expense of thousands of Americans being laid off. This exporting of work to China and other countries has come at a high price for Americans. Once known as a manufacturer of goods America is now known as a "service economy". There was a report in 1960 that of every 10 jobs in the USA 7 were in manufacturing today that number is one manufacturing job in 10 jobs. There are serious implications associated with this dramatic switch and in the long run it will have a dramatic negative effect on the USA. The effect of American companies building manufacturing plants throughout China to gain cheap labor the past 20 years has backfired. China has become modern. Their people have learned modern day manufacturing methods, systems, and technology.


In 1970 President Richard Nixon had his historic meeting with China which opened the door to trade. It is doubtful that anyone knew the explosive results that would follow. At first the Communist Chinese were skeptical of foreigners in their country but as the dollars started adding up they saw the opportunity to come out of the dark ages and become an industrial giant.

In the 1990s American companies using China as their manufacturing part of their business mushroomed. Obviously manufacturing jobs in the USA disappeared proportionally. What did our United States Congress do to prevent this? Nothing! American companies going overseas have helped create a world economy and no one wants to protect American manufacturing jobs to keep them in the USA.

Many Americans are not happy with buying so many of their purchases from China. There have been many recalls of products made in China that do not meet the standards that Americans have become used to. There have been a number of food recalls where the product originated in China. This author was shocked to hear on a major news network broadcast that China supplies over half the wheat in the world. Remember the pet scare. Dog and cat owners all across America were shocked to hear that 90% of the pet food that pet manufactures sold in the USA had wheat gluten that came from China as part of the ingredients. Furthermore, it has been revealed that some of the food in the human food chain also comes from China. It took several months for the food experts in this country to figure out that there was a problem It is Written the Shocking Downfall of the USA which leads one to question how safe our food really is and how vulnerable our food chain is. What is to prevent poison from entering our human food chain? How long would it take our food experts to act?

Japan inspects 10% of all food imports that they receive from China. Recently they found an appreciable amount of poison in the food imported from China and have questioned the Chinese government. The USA inspects ONLY 1% of the food that is imported from China. That's not much chance to find any poison, is there? Furthermore the USA used to feed the world with our food what happened? Why are we importing so much food from China?


The War With Jihad

Notice it's the war with JIHAD not it's the war in Iraq. That applies to Afghanistan and it applies to Pakistan. It applies to any area of the world where the Islamic JIHAD Muslims are attacking the USA and our Allies. This is a CRITICAL POINT. And you need to comprehend this. To do this we need to understand what JIHAD is.

"What JIHAD is: The definition of JIHAD is to fight and kill non-Muslims. It's to call the unbelievers towards the true religion of Islam and to fight against them, if they are unwilling to accept this true religion."

"The Quran orders that non-Muslims must be fought until they believe in Islam."

"Muhammad ordered: Allah's Apostle said, "I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, none has the right to be worshiped but Allah." Muhammad said, "the earth belongs to Allah and his Apostle."

"Muhammad said," Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him."

Folks, the above information in quotation marks is from a former terrorist in the JIHAD movement, Walid Shoebat. Walid Shoebat is in hiding from the JIHAD as they would kill him if they ever found him. Shoebat after studying the Bible in depth had a remarkable transformation to Christianity and he now wants to warn the world about the JIHAD.

Walid Shoebat wrote a book, "Why I Left JIHAD" which details and explains the JIHAD movement which everyone should read.

A little known fact is that Muslims have been killing Jews and Christians for 2000 years. Walid Shoebat in his book, "Why I Left JIHAD" mentions many of the atrocities over the last 2000 years.

Folks, the Muslims who are a part of the JIHAD movement which is estimated to be well over 50% of all Muslims in the world are now more organized and stronger than ever before and their goal is to destroy the USA, Israel, and the Western world. Once the GREAT WAR starts most Muslims of the world will unite. This is a fanatical idea that has been drummed into each Muslim from early childhood and consumes them. Only a very few can escape from this mission.

Islam means "submission" not "peace". Submission to the complete will of Allah (Islamic god) and the duties laid out in the Quran for his followers, and this includes JIHAD.

Shoebat says that the study of the JIHAD is part of all the curriculum of all the Islamic institutes. This study starts in early childhood and ends in the universities.

The prophecy of the Bible states that Jerusalem will be attacked by many nations. The Bible is clear and specific that Muslim nations will attack Jerusalem in the End-time, meaning the end of the world as we know it. Also, any nation that helps divide Jerusalem will be destroyed. That's from the Bible. In 2007 and in 2009 there were and are talks about dividing Jerusalem and the USA is among those nations in talks about doing just that.

(Close to the end of this book the author will explain what happens to Jerusalem and about the NUCLEAR BOMB that may be dropped.)

The Predictions For 2012

Never have so many different groups predicted the same catastrophic events for any year in the history of the world as for the year 2012. Folks, search your computer for "predictions for 2012" and you will be in shock of the results. Don't start jumping out of windows or do anything drastic because that prediction MAY be able to be altered. It is noteworthy that these predictions were at different times in history and by different groups independently of each other and in fact did not know of the others predictions.

The Aztecs who predicted many things that came true predicted the world would end in 2012. The Mayans predicted 2012 is the end of time as we know it. IT is written that the next POPE will be the 112th POPE in history and the naming of the 112th POPE will mark the beginning of the end. Also, over 50 years ago this author learned about 2012 when he purchased a book on the GREAT PYRAMID in Egypt. It is well known by many scholars that the GREAT PYRAMID was inspired by GOD as to the layout and construction. It is a stone calendar which has predicted every major event in the world and it ends in 2012! Folks, there are a half dozen other predictions that reveal that 2012 is the critical year. The greatest possibility of that happening is through a nuclear war and we are closer to having a nuclear war than any time in history.

Also, there is the prediction from the BIBLE which was made several thousands of years ago that predicts exactly what will happen when Jerusalem is destroyed. The destruction of Jerusalem may hinge on whether the USA stays in Iraq. (more on this later) We need to change our course right now.


GOD has given mankind the ability to THINK and therefore he has the ability to do RIGHT and that COULD alter the predictions. This book is about changing the course so mankind will do right.

The BIBLE talks about an ALPHA and OMEGA. That means there is a BEGINNING and an END. Folks, the beginning happened thousands of years ago and the end MAY happen soon. The world will not go on forever. The BIBLE is the AUTHORITY on all things. The BIBLE is the WORD of GOD.

Unbelievable Event

Folks, an unbelievable event happened in the world in 1776 as GOD had HIS hand on a remarkable group of men who were willing to sacrifice everything including their lives to form a country, a REPUBLIC, and create "something" called DEMOCRACY. As we all know today these remarkable men succeeded and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was born. The odds of that happening were astronomical and it happened only because GOD had HIS hand on the events that made that possible. And GOD has blessed the USA ever since. Religion played a major part in GOD establishing the USA as the people of that time wanted to serve GOD. GOD must have made a covenant with the USA that as long as the American people served HIM and became the protector of the world HE would bless her. But Americans increasingly are going away from GOD and from wanting to meet their global responsibilities. There has been and will continue to be a price to pay for this. Americans must wake up to reality that we can not hide from the world as we did during the Clinton years in the White House because that led to several hundred Americans being killed by Muslims and to the 9/11 attacks. We can not retreat and surrender our role in the world and expect to win or be left alone as the enemy will attack again and again as we found out under Clinton. Folks, the predictions for 2012 are real and we need to alter the course of self indulgence and become responsible again as individuals and as a nation and stop the insanity of wanting to withdraw from our GOD given duty in Iraq and the Middle East. If Americans do not honor GOD the USA will fall from within.

It's a WAR between the USA and its ALLIES against the Islamic JIHAD terrorists. Some of these JIHAD terrorists have called this WORLD WAR III. The Islamic JIHAD terrorists have repeatedly stated their goal to DESTROY THE USA.

Why aren't we Americans listening? Why aren't we concerned? One explanation is that this war has ONLY affected our active military, our military reserves, and National Guard units and their respective families. There are one and a half million in our active military. The reserves and the National Guard units approximate another two million plus their families. So approximately five million people are directly affected out of over 305 million. The rest of the country about 300 million people go about their daily lives without any sacrifice. Of the 300 million most know there is a war going on from watching television, the internet, or occasionally reading a newspaper.

A small group of people that we call the US Congress knows there is a war on as many of them love to be seen on television.

President George W. Bush, while still in office, had finally said that this war may be for the survival of the USA. But it is the POLITICS of the current US Congress that has divided the American people and has prevented an overwhelming high percentage of Americans from realizing and accepting the fact that this war is for survival and the survival of the USA. With half the US Congress saying this is NOT a war against terrorists it is confusing to all who will listen to them.

After all, why should the 300 million Americans worry as they have the 5 million Americans worrying for them and doing their work. And the United States of America is the greatest military power in the history of the world.

If history has proven anything over the last 5000 years, it is the fact that history repeats itself. History reveals that ALL of the greatest military powers of the last 5000 years were defeated. The great Chinese empire, the great Greek empire, the great Roman empire, Cyrus and the great Persian empire, and possibly the greatest of them all Alexander the Great and the Macedonians, each was the greatest military power up to their time in history. Each was confident that their dominance would last forever. The Greek "Congress" and the Roman "Congress" have been characterized just like our current US Congress. The selfishness of many of the members and the continuous infighting divided the empire and as we all know Greece and Rome fell from within. When the enemy came they were undecided and weren't ready and they were defeated and destroyed.


Excerpted from It is Written the Shocking Downfall of the USA by Roger H. Ewing Copyright © 2009 by Roger H. Ewing. Excerpted by permission.
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