It Starts With L

It Starts With L

by Cassandra Fear


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High school is tough, and Arielle knows this all too well.

She's slightly chubbier than most of the other girls and gets reminded of this every day. And the fact that she's never had a boyfriend makes her prime meat for the bullying crowd.

But then in walks Blake, the cute new boy who sweeps her off her feet and stands up to her bullies. Instant swoon.

Now with a guy at her side, and the promise of a blooming love, Arielle realizes it's easy to lose sight of what is important. Her best friend, Jess, is on a downward spiral toward disaster, and Arielle needs to find a way to help her.

Unfortunately, Arielle discovers not everything in life is simple. Sometimes things happen, tragedy strikes, and it leaves you with wounds that might never heal.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781640341517
Publisher: Limitless Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 07/12/2017
Series: Letters of Love Series , #1
Pages: 242
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.55(d)

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It Starts With L 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
JulesBookverse More than 1 year ago
Real life without any cover ups and fairy tales. Just life as it happens. That's what I thought about the story at the end. It has a friendship that makes it out of a rough time. A loving family that had to fight back their tears. Complicated relationships and some major diseases. All happening during the main characters first steps into the grown-up world and her first love. I really like the topics that came together in this book, like mentioned above. But I wished the different stories would be overlapping way more in the middle of the book. Some times you saw a major confrontation of two characters and then didn't hear anything about them for a few chapters. I liked the main story about Arielles (the main character) first love, but always had a bad feeling and was a bit irritated by everything happening so fast. My favorite parts were the last couple of chapters. I was so shocked by the outcome and didn't see it happening. My emotions flowed out. Also really liked the time jump at the epilog, which felt just right for this pure life story. Although I was intrigued by one character since the beginning the author made it happen to make me fall all over another way better fitting character at the end! Included in the story are some beautiful heartfelt poems that I truly love! All in all, I liked it as a whole and was especially surprised by the end.
NicoleLambertAuthor More than 1 year ago
NOTE: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the lateness of this review. I had a lot going on these past two weeks that rendered me exhausted. With that being said, I finished this book about a week ago, and I have to say it was probably the best Cassandra Fear book I've read thus far (and I have read and reviewed her other two books as well). I suppose my favorite part of this book was the fact that it doesn't end like a typical contemporary romance novel. I don't particularly want to spoil the ending for those who haven't read it yet, but I will say this. The read itself was very refreshing based off how it ended and a completely original take on a story line that has been done many times before. That isn't to mention the fact that this book is fraught with memorable, relatable characters that will have readers on the edge of their seat. And because of how short this book is (about 200 pages on the digital copy I received), it makes for a great, easy, light summer read to spice things up. The character I related the most to was Arielle for a variety of reasons. Like me, she was considered to be not only somewhat chubby in appearance but a social outcast. Like me, she has been the victim of bullying, though the bullying I endured ended a little over halfway into middle school. I also used to have a friend like Jill who shortly after I had returned from my trip to France a little over a couple years ago I had found out had gotten into marijuana and apparently was doing it since our freshman year of high school. Even though marijuana isn't nearly as bad as a lot of other drugs, such as the ones Jill got into, such a fact still made the story relatable to me. Overall, I would definitely recommend this story, especially to those who are a fan of the contemporary romance genre.