Italian Phonology (10 Cassettes)

Italian Phonology (10 Cassettes)


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ISBN-13: 9780884324560
Publisher: MPS Multimedia Inc. DBA Selectsoft
Publication date: 12/28/1992
Edition description: Unabridged
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Preliminary Unit ASounds and Sound Classesi
Preliminary Unit BStress as related to meaningix
Unit 11
Vowel No. 1
Stress related to vowel length
Dental /D/
Unit 25
Vowel No. 2
Unaspirated /K/
Unit 38
Vowel No. 3
Dental /T/
Unaspirated T
Unit 412
Vowel No. 70
Practice breath group
Translation and meaning
Unit 515
Yes/No questions & information questions
Low or stress-drop intonation
High or stress-rise intonation
Unit 622
Post-stress-drop intonation
Unit 729
Intonations for "interested questions"
Review of intonations
Unit 834
Vowel No. 40
No and non
Si and No
Verification Questions
Unit 940
Semivowel /Y/ and Vowel /I/
Word order with c'[epsilon]
Unit 1046
Semivowel /W/ and vowel /U/
Qui and li
Word order with [epsilon] li/qui + names
c'[epsilon] and [epsilon] li/qui
Unit 1154
Vowel No. 4
/O/ and /OW/
/O/ and /O/
Italian given names
Unit 1260
Vowel No. 8
/E/ and /EY/
/E/ and /[set membership]/
More Italian given names
Unit 1366
Sound-types of "s"
Variations of Che cosa
Unit 1473
Nasal sounds
Unit 1581
/NY/ and /N/
/LY/ and /L/
Unit 1691
Practice with intonation using simple questions and responses
Practice with the tongue-flap
Unit 1799
Verbs and word order
Personal titles and Italian greetings
Unit 18107
Unit 19116
More practice with the tongue-flap
Person and tense in verbs
Time expressions
Unit 20125
Unit 21138
Intervocalic tongue-flap
Syllabic tongue-flap
A(d) and di
Present tense; durative and punctual events
Unit 22148
Tongue-flap before a consonant
Common expressions
More infinitives
Count words and mass words
Una and un'
Nouns, noun markers, unit markers
Gender and genderables
Unit 23162
Word stress and the accent mark
Stress and vowel length
Pensare di + infinitive
Place expressions
Expressions with days of the week
Expressions with place names
Unit 24175
Tongue-flap after a consonant
Infinitive constructions
Forms of request for -are verbs
Definite articles with certain nouns
Unit 25183
Smooth transition
Slack and tense consonants
Number in genderables
Masculine plurals
Unit 26194
Verb classes
Syncopated infinitives
Personal pronouns
Unit 27213
The letter z
Review of tense sound-types
Words in -zione
More on uno
Unit 28227
Present tense verb-endings
Spelling with i
-ch- and -gh-
Unit 29242
Gender-intrinsic and gender-extrinsic words
More on unit markers
Unit 30255
Consonants in breath groups
Vowels in breath groups
Forms of address
The tu form
More on basic identifiers
The verb governor

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