It's a Blue Collar World: Exploring the Depths of a Truly Sick Mind

It's a Blue Collar World: Exploring the Depths of a Truly Sick Mind

by RB Pahl


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ISBN-13: 9781470198558
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/05/2012
Pages: 104
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.27(d)

About the Author

While working as a photographer, and working with my images to make them something unique, I became fascinated with Adobe's Photoshop.
From there it was an easy progression to a great program called Bryce 3D. This is a program that allows one to build almost anything in a virtual world from "Primitives" ie, cubes, cylinders, pyramids, spheres. cones, etc. I was able to build many things. Naturally, I had to get Poser, a program for working with human forms.
Not too much longer after that, I constructed my first toon, the Bud Frogs. This will tell you the era when I began making up stuff I thought was funny. Then puns came to mind. (See Vol 1, Puns elsewhere) And Gags, which is what we call a single-panel cartoon.
Waiting around oil patches for my father on weekends allowed me to learn about the business of drilling a hole in the ground. They have their own terminology, ie, "whipstock" is to drill for oil that is not directly under the rig. "Logging" is recording or keeping a record of what's happening underground. "Mud Logging" is chemically sniffing the lubricating mud that is returning from the deep hole and recording what's there.
To further help in introducing myself, I have taken the expediency to "borrow" some entries from my Tracy Cunningham Blog.
I consider myself an expert sailor, (albeit not in her class,) and I have had a most electric past, ranging from pilot to photographer of note. From Foundry man to a sales executive. A men's clothing store worker to men's store owner to night club owner. I am a Vietnam-Era Vet, and have been in 45 states, lived in the mountains (Pinecrest CA and Lake Tahoe NV) Florida (South Central) Mississippi, Texas, Stockton CA, Reno NV, Las Vegas NV (Now) San Francisco Bay Area. Many of Tracy's adventures are in accurate places, combined with a well developed imagination.
When I "graduated" from a substance abuse program, my personal therapy was writing. My first attempt at writing a book was a post apocalyptic tale of the world's creme de la creme people that were put on a Pacific island for survival of the species.. There one of the characters was required to run from an enemy. As the book evolved, she became more and more of the lead character, so much so I retitled the story, "Tracy's Run". That persona became Tracy Cunningham, which became a series of books, published on this site.

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