"It's a Wrap": Special Silverthorn Hidden Valley Edition


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This book is a collection of experiences remembered; both in and out of Prison. By Project Censored Award Winning Author: Dwight Abbott.
About the cover; he writes:

"This morning, I sat to draw for you, a place I often went to - near you; yet, just outside of Redding - when I was being hunted; a place I knew well enough I felt safe there; where I could be alone; a place I was convinced I would be allowed to lick my wounds, to die if necessary: Silverthorn Resort; Jones Valley. Imagine me there, Skippy, straddling the fallen log, looking out over my domain, rifle ready propped nearby. Where I cooked food from my often meager supplies on the tip of land forming the inlet to your right. At night I would roll out my sleeping bag to sleep near the dying embers. Free for a moment. Dwight Abbott, 12/24/2009"

"It's a Wrap" contains:

Story one: Titled: "Christmas Memories"; (6 pages) written by Dwight Abbott, is about a Christmas never to be forgotten.

Story two: Titled "Parole, a Parody" (6 pages) written by Dwight upon exiting the gates of San Quentin Prison.

Story three: Titled "Billy" - A Never Dying Story - (28 pages) was written by Myself, Skippy, and Sonny; as told to us by our dad; Dwight Abbott senior. It is a true story about an animal attack in a southern California desert.

Story four: Titled Dwight and Dwight Go AWOL" (22 pages) Is about Sonny' dad's' famous escape from Folsom Prison using Bed Dummies. It also includes news clippings of both my dad and brothers escapes from Prisons.

Story five: Titled: "Bear Mountain" - Brother Bear. (21 pages)This story was written by Dwight, about a year spent homeless in the mountains of Shasta County above Jones Valley, Silverthorn Resort & Marina on Shasta Lake. This story inspired the cover of "It's a Wrap!" He found himself snowed in and 'one' with many forest creatures; all facing death.

Story six: Titled "Convict and the Gopher: a Tail of Trust" by Dwight Abbott. It is a short introduction and story (45 pages); including illustrations of Sonny's adopted Gopher, Popcorn. Popcorn was Sonny's adopted "cellie" for Popcorn's entire life of 4.5 years. One must wonder what type of relationship might develop between the "most dangerous" of criminals and a Gopher; both, at first, reluctant to trust each other. This question will be answered in "Convict and the Gopher; a Tail of Trust." This story will enlighten all readers as to the forever 'lost humanity' of imprisoned convicts, who yet retain a hidden 'tenderness' that must forever remain hidden and unexplained; not only to the general prison population; but to an outside society that can not and/or will not give them 'another chance.'

Story Seven: Titled "My Affair with the Warden" ( 50 pages) was written by Sonny (Dwight Abbott) while in 'Deep SEG' at OSP (Oregon State Prison). This Story is somewhat graphic and may be deemed 'parental reading only' for youngsters; although the Story line is totally appropriate for anyone who loves animals.

Sonny includes Two stories from his brother: "The Rock" & "The Jacket".

Sonny further writes:

Fact is, if you feed a starving animal, it is unlikely he will bite you. That, dear Family, is the principle difference between them and man. Once I was told I am an "animal"; yet, always I've known I am much worse - I am human."
R.I.P. Popcorn
Dwight Edgar Abbott
California Health Care Facility, Stockton, Ca.
The above quote was written below the drawing of Popcorn that introduces this short story. The story and drawing was produced from actual experience of my brother, Dwight Abbott (aka, Sonny).
Dwight is serving four life terms in The California Health Facility at Stockton. He was transferred from Salinas Valley State Prison; level IV, as his recent paralysis left him paralyzed; in a wheel chair; and foolishly considered: "No longer an Escape Risk"? He is already an accomplished author. His credits include the books: "I Cried You Didn't Listen" and "CONSEQUENCE":

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ISBN-13: 9781523252824
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/08/2016
Series: Innocent until "Made" Guilty , #3
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Dwight Abbott is currently serving Four 25 year to life; terms at The California Health Care Facility in Stockton. He was raised and trained by the California Youth Authority, from the age of nine. This prepared him to continue his adult life in various penal institutions and penitentiaries throughout California and Oregon. Places include: Preston Castle, Paso De Robles, Deules, San Quentin, Folsom, Salinas Valley State Prison, Pelican Bay and many unmentioned. He is a hardened veteran of the Aryan Brotherhood among others. He is now an accomplished author of "I Cried, You Didn't Listen" and "CONSEQUENCE", the aftermath. He presently is showcasing his books and short stories on Ebay and www.DwightAbbott.com. His sole remaining Purpose in this life is to have one more young 'rebel' write him and say that Sonny's book had a part in a change of heart; thus avoiding the Path that Sonny took.

All the children who shared with me the suffering of physical, mental, sexual and emotional brutality. To those very same boys I met again as an adult, while I served time in Soledad, San Quentin, Folsom and in Oregon state and Washington state penitentiaries.
To the many I have watched slaughtered on those prisons' yards, and to those who went on to kill - three of whom I wrote to often until they were executed by the state that raised them.
To all the incarcerated children, who because of cruel physical beatings, sexual molestations and mental manipulations, become society's outcasts and nonconformists; not because they are bad children but because they have become products of the system.
To the children who are - and will be - growing up as I did, filled with shame and guilt, unable to speak with any member of a society that refuses to lift its head from the sands of ignorance and denial.
To the future victims of these victims.

To the following men:

George Jackson, shot and killed by guards at San Quentin; Billy Cook, murdered at San Quentin; Gary Gilmore, executed by the state of Utah; Tony Zamore, murdered at San Quentin; Wallace Michael Ford, murdered at Vacaville; Dennis Dimmick, murdered at Vacaville; Jimmy Trembly, murdered at Soledad; Kenny West, shot and killed during a bank robbery; "Joker" Jones, murdered by prison guards at San Quentin; "Wop", murdered by inmates at San Quentin; Jason, poisoned at Oregon State Penitentiary; and to Charles Manson, a friend whose soul was killed by the System.
I dedicate this book. - Dwight Abbott

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