It's About Time: Rediscover Your Youth And Take The Fear Out of Change

It's About Time: Rediscover Your Youth And Take The Fear Out of Change

by Ray Frigault


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Albert Einstein said, "Time is a stubbornly persistent illusion."

Ray Frigault has his own theories about time.

Ray's 20 year story begins on his 40th birthday when a sitcom rerun reached inside his drunken mind and gave him the equation that would change his life forever. The equation?

40 + 40 = 80. What does it mean? Is it up there with E = mc2? Or, is it the formula to finally understand that "stubbornly persistent Illusion" called time?

This Book holds the key to unlocking the Fountain of Youth hidden within all of us. If you are entering mid-life with the fear that life has passed you by this Book is a must read!

From the Author

I lived a life of crime and drug abuse for many years that almost destroyed me. I used the above equation to lift myself out of self-despair and discover a rich, full life. I learned that Time can turn mistakes into wisdom, heartbreak into Love, and endings into new beginnings. It's About Time illustrates how I discovered this magical equation, what it means, and how others can use it to their advantage. It turns out that this quantum physics stuff isn't as complicated as you may think.

Ray Frigaut

Author / Speaker

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ISBN-13: 9781777046125
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Publication date: 02/27/2020
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Ray Frigault was born February 11, 1955 in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. He graduated high school and went straight into General Motors at the age of 18. The ticket to a nice easy life for most people but not for Ray. He was never satisfied with his job at General Motors. At 31 years of age, after 13 years in the St Catharines GM Foundry, Ray quit General Motors to go start his own business. It was something he had always longed to do. His new business was called The Humanist Institute. It was a Dating service before Dating services became mainstream. The business did very well for a few years. but a stock market crash in 89, shortly after he had opened a second office, created the perfect storm that led to an early end to Ray's business career. His life slid pretty hard and fast from that point. He not only lost his business, he lost his family, his house his dignity and every penny he had ever saved.

As he was approaching 40, drugs, alcohol, mental illness and poor choices eventually got the better of him and he was ready to throw in the towel. However, on his 40th Birthday, Ray made a dramatic discovery that gave him a whole new outlook on life. His goal since then has been to write about that experience.

With a renewed zest for life, Ray went on to begin his third career as a Casino Dealer in one of the biggest Casinos in North America. In his 21 years at Niagara Casinos Ray worked his way up from Table Games Dealer to Supervisor and on to Pit Manager. He even had his own gig as a Learn to Play instructor where he would teach visitors how to play the various table games in the Casino.

In 2017 Ray took an early retirement from this job that he absolutely loved, sold his house, bought a trailer and hit the road. He has begun his 4th career as a writer with his first book "It's About TIME, rediscover your youth and take the Fear out of Change", where he chronicles 20 years of his life following his great epiphany. Ray plans to live out the rest of his days going from one adventure to the next, travelling, writing and sharing his stories with whoever wants to listen.

It's About TIME is not just about time. It's about Ray. It's about 20 years of his life. And it's about time he wrote it.

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