It's All About the Stragglers [UK]

It's All About the Stragglers [UK]

by The Artful Dodger

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It's All About the Stragglers [UK]

Does the Artful Dodger really deserve to recycle years-old tracks on their first "official" studio album? Mark Hill, along with a large cast of vocalists and co-producers, already released two own-productions-heavy mix albums (Rewind, Re-Rewind) when the 2-step/garage boom was trying to make a transatlantic move to American shores. This proper debut, finally appearing in 2000 (complete with ironic title), includes versions of every Artful Dodger hit to date, and those in versions usually inferior to the originals. The only difference in the new version of the originally excellent "Movin' Too Fast" is the removal of a precious few beats per minute, a tactic that doesn't work at all. Also appearing are no less than four radio edits ("Re-Rewind," "It Ain't Enough," "Please Don't Turn Me On," "Twentyfourseven"), none of which improve on the originals. For those curious about the heavy-hitters of the British garage scene, a good alternative is the excellent label compilation The Best of Locked On. [The U.K. version doesn't offer "It Ain't Enough" or the remixes of "Think About Me" and "Please Don't Turn Me On."]

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Release Date: 01/13/2008
Label: London Import
UPC: 0809274131829
catalogNumber: 741318


  1. Think About Me
  2. Re-Rewind
  3. Outrageous
  4. Please Don't Turn Me On
  5. Twentyfourseven
  6. Something
  7. Movin' Too Fast
  8. R U Ready
  9. I Can't Give It Up
  10. Woman Trouble
  11. What You Gonna Do?
  12. We Should Get Together
  13. [Untitled Track]
  14. [Untitled Track]
  15. [Untitled Track]
  16. [Untitled Track]
  17. [Untitled Track]
  18. [Untitled Track]
  19. [Untitled Track]
  20. [Untitled Track]
  21. [Untitled Track]
  22. [Untitled Track]
  23. [Untitled Track]
  24. [Untitled Track]
  25. [Untitled Track]
  26. [Untitled Track]
  27. [Untitled Track]
  28. [Untitled Track]
  29. [Untitled Track]
  30. [Untitled Track]
  31. [Untitled Track]
  32. [Untitled Track]
  33. [Untitled Track]
  34. [Untitled Track]
  35. [Untitled Track]
  36. [Untitled Track]
  37. [Untitled Track]
  38. [Untitled Track]
  39. [Untitled Track]
  40. [Untitled Track]
  41. [Untitled Track]
  42. [Untitled Track]
  43. [Untitled Track]
  44. [Untitled Track]
  45. [Untitled Track]
  46. [Untitled Track]
  47. [Untitled Track]
  48. [Untitled Track]
  49. [Untitled Track]
  50. [Untitled Track]
  51. [Untitled Track]
  52. [Untitled Track]
  53. [Untitled Track]
  54. [Untitled Track]
  55. [Untitled Track]
  56. [Untitled Track]
  57. [Untitled Track]
  58. [Untitled Track]
  59. [Untitled Track]
  60. [Untitled Track]
  61. [Untitled Track]
  62. [Untitled Track]
  63. [Untitled Track]
  64. [Untitled Track]
  65. [Untitled Track]
  66. [Untitled Track]
  67. [Untitled Track]
  68. [Untitled Track]
  69. [Untitled Track]
  70. [Untitled Track]
  71. [Untitled Track]
  72. [Untitled Track]
  73. [Untitled Track]
  74. [Untitled Track]
  75. [Untitled Track]
  76. [Untitled Track]
  77. [Untitled Track]
  78. [Untitled Track]
  79. [Untitled Track]
  80. [Untitled Track]
  81. [Untitled Track]
  82. [Untitled Track]
  83. [Untitled Track]
  84. [Untitled Track]
  85. [Untitled Track]
  86. [Untitled Track]
  87. [Untitled Track]
  88. [Untitled Track]
  89. [Untitled Track]
  90. [Untitled Track]
  91. [Untitled Track]
  92. [Untitled Track]
  93. [Untitled Track]
  94. [Untitled Track]
  95. [Untitled Track]
  96. [Untitled Track]
  97. [Untitled Track]
  98. [Untitled Track]
  99. Woman Trouble

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