It's All Good: How to Create Your Life on Purpose ... Rather Than Playing Victim to It

It's All Good: How to Create Your Life on Purpose ... Rather Than Playing Victim to It

by Pamela Poli DiSarro


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Developing Trust

Life, as I choose to call the omnipotent power within, loves you more than you love yourself. Frankly, this is one of the most valuable perceptions that you can envision your life through. You see, Life undeniably has your back, but did anyone ever assure you of that or actually teach you the significance of this empowering statement? I'm always telling my friends and clients that, "Life loves you and talks to you and guides you at all times, but you just don't pay attention."

It was the old adage, "Live and Learn" that led me to question the experiences in my own life and search for a better understanding of the human condition. The introduction to this text will open an autobiographical window into my own journey providing a glimpse into some of my "live and learn" moments. The body of this publication is a comprehensive study, over four decades, of the nature of mankind and its reality. The Epilogue will give you insight into my surviving the unthinkable and why appreciation, sharing and service are my heart's commission to a life of fulfillment.

We are all experiential beings through the sentiment of our emotions. Our true mission and purpose for this life experience is to develop a trust and cultivate that trust in knowing who we are and why we are here on this planet. Though it is mostly obscured from our emotional understanding, our challenges play as important a role as our successes in deepening that trust, thus...It's All Good!

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