It's All Rough Draft Until You Die

It's All Rough Draft Until You Die

by David J. Mackey

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This story is a collection of Earl’s journal writings, short essays and poetry about this old man’s experiences. Earl’s journal entries are woven together with story narratives to share in his own words from his perspectives. These reflections are loosely based on the author’s life experiences. This book is a sharing of candid thoughts about segments of his life and his aging that were often stirred while sorting out his study and workshop full of reminders. His flashbacks to his past, some dating back to youth, his poems and essays have been shared willingly. Earl’s candid musings may stir your own thoughts and memories and inspire you the reader to begin your own journals for those who follow you as time slides past. Earl shares his thoughts sincerely and candidly. Earl is living with his wife in their home in a natural environment on the north end of an island community in Puget Sound in Washington.

They moved into and remodeled their house to suit their comfort expectations of living into their late senior years. For the first few years all seemed perfect. Earl frequently mused in his thinking that he wished to die there when the time came. However, as time passed, the realities of living distant from basics like groceries, medical services, and even entertainment and educational services became an inconvenience. Driving in the dark during the winter rains began to limit their location satisfactions. Earl and Susan struggled with their resistance to moving for several years until needed medical issues brought their thinking forward in time. With sadness they decided that since they were in their seventies it would be prudent to move into Olympia, Washington their city of choice, nearer resources and services that they might need in the years ahead. This is a tiny peek into a life story about our friend Earl which has been often shaped by innocence, tears, extreme joys, awe, growth, tutoring, awkward stumbles and often, compassion.

Come walk with him and share these tiny segments of his grand adventure with him. The words come from deep places within, often poorly remembered, perhaps even wishfully remembered, but no less genuine. His words and photographs sing the story-song of his life, a cacophony of whippoorwill and loon songs, of tears caused and shared, of breezes gentle and less so, of voices heard or imagined, dreams wished for and dreams dreamed, and of course laughter. The list is endless.

The words that follow are his sharing of his thoughts, his questions and experiences that have all merged into Earl’s psyche today. He shares them with no pretense or promises of insight. No apologies are offered here. You can pick and choose as you wish. Some are silly or overly simplified. Others may seem crude or inappropriate. Some may touch a place within you that stirs inspiration, or memories, or even angers of yours. Be with it. Taste it. Feel it. Whatever thoughts they may stir within you, the reader, they are for you to evaluate for yourself. Earl shares these thoughts with you to perhaps inspire your own journals and writings, and also to word-paint his own song for anyone ready to hear and to venture within. Living is indeed metaphor.

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Publisher: David J. Mackey
Publication date: 06/16/2018
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About the Author

David John Mackey was born in Potsdam, NY, and raised beside the Racquette River in Saint Lawrence County. Those early years instilled reverence for nature and art that continues to this day. Cameras and pencils became tools of choice for his photography, art, and writing. David lived in the Adirondack region for most of his first forty-five years. He later moved to New England and then the San Francisco area where his writing, photography, and outdoor adventures broadened. He is now living with his wife on the southern end of Puget Sound in Washington State. He continues his photography and writing from this Olympia, Washington home. "It's all Rough Draft until you die" is David's latest book. Earl, the protagonist, and his experiences of aging. Journal writings and narrative tell the story of the various physical and mental health aspects combined with the challenges of selling their home and downsizing into a smaller apartment in Olympia, Washington. Perhaps you will find inspiration to do your own journal writing as your life continues. This writer has published his third eBook entitled "Reflections, Do you see what you think you see?" about reflected light giving us visual experiences and also about our reflecting emotionally from image experiences. Reflections offers a mix of the science of light demonstrated in photographs, often mixed with the psychologies of our reactions. Reflections published July 1, 2017. David published his second eBook entitled "The Sixth Vortex" on March 29, 2016. This fictional story story is about discovering a new energy vortex near Sedona, AZ. (A quick and entertaining read at 10,840 words.) David's first eBook is entitled "Ponder This" which is an invitation to share his poems, essays and photographs taken over decades of his life. This is an invitation into many of his private thoughts and images collected as his life unfolded in the north east and north west. 2015

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