It's Coming To America: The Majesty of God's Law

It's Coming To America: The Majesty of God's Law

by W. Cleon Skousen


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ISBN-13: 9781630720001
Publisher: Ensign Publishing Company
Publication date: 06/09/2017
Pages: 654
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 3.00(h) x 9.50(d)

Table of Contents

Dedication iii

Author's Preface v

Contents vii

Chapter 1 In the Beginning Politicians Studied the Bible 1

Chapter 2 The American Founders Make an Exciting Discovery 11

Chapter 3 The Marvelous Manner in Which God's Law Was Revealed to Ancient Israel 31

Chapter 4 The Famous Statutes of God's Law 49

Chapter 5 What the Founders Learned From a Study of God's Law 57

Chapter 6 Lessons Learned by the Founders From the Old Testament 77

Chapter 7 The Founders Study God's Law Under Biblical Christianity 99

Chapter 8 Jesus Adds Many Significant Refinements To God's Law 115

Chapter 9 The Founders Search the Bible for the Keys to a Happy and Abundant Life 131

Chapter 10 How Could the Founders Be Certain That God's Law Is the Best System? (The Laws of Babylon and Greece) 145

Chapter 11 How Could the Founders be Certain That God's Law Is the best System? (The Romans) 169

Chapter 12 How Could the Founders Be Certain That God's Law Is the Best System? (Cicero) 179

Chapter 13 After the Passing of the Apostles Many Changes Occurred in Christianity 193

Chapter 14 Christianity and God's Law Enter the Dark Ages 211

Chapter 15 After a Thousand Years God's Law Finally Began to Emerge in England 225

Chapter 16 What Americans Learned from the Failure of the First English Constitution 245

Chapter 17 The English Struggle to Plant the Seeds of Freedom in Virginia 263

Chapter 18 New England-Land of the Pilgrims and Puritans 279

Chapter 19 Sweat, Blood and Tears-The Price of Freedom 297

Chapter 20 Probing the Minds of the Founding Fathers 323

Chapter 21 Preparing for the Birth of a New Nation 347

Chapter 22 Setting Up a Constitution for the First Free People in Modern Times 361

Chapter 23 Launching the Constitution 385

Chapter 24 Did the Founders Leave Us A Book of instructions? 409

Chapter 25 America's Manifest Destiny Grounded on 28 Principles 429

Chapter 26 The Founders' Indispensable Principles-Part II 447

Chapter 27 Eventually the People Must Be Organized in God's Own Way 465

Chapter 28 Strong Warnings From the Founders and Early American Leaders 481

Chapter 29 Preparing America for the Adoption of God's Law 497

Chapter 30 Setting up the New Order of Things 505

Chapter 31 The Restoration of the Original Constitution 525

Chapter 32 Striving for a Higher Level of Civilization 549

The Statutes-A List of God's Law-Alphabetical By Topic 561

Bibliography 629

Index 635

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