It's in the Rhythm

It's in the Rhythm

by Sammie Ward
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It's In The Rhythm 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the drama and constant twists in the storyline. Great book! I read it in two days, couldnt stop reading!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Garrett Martindale is living the dream: he has left his small-town roots and made it big in the music industry, becoming a huge R&B star reigning at the top of the charts. He has money, he has fame, and he has legions of women screaming his name. One in particular, the incredibly beautiful Imani, craves to settle down with him and start a family, but Garrett has no time for serious commitments, no matter how alluring the prospect appears. Achieving superstardom isn't easy, though, and the toll of making it to the top has worn on Garrett so, taking a much-needed vacation, he returns to his hometown in search of some well-deserved R&R. Nothing he has ever experienced in the music industry, though, could prepare him for what he is soon to face... Garrett soon becomes reacquainted with Trinity Blake, his old church choir compatriot, and soon deep feelings that he thought were long gone come bubbling back to the surface. Spending more and more time with Trinity, Garrett begins to reconsider his commitment to bachelorhood however, just as he begins to think of settling down with his old crush, out of nowhere come both Darius, her ex-boyfriend, and Imani, each looking to reclaim what (and who) they feel is rightfully theirs. Add to all this Garrett's father's insistence that Garrett rejoin the church and his gospel roots, as well as a devastating secret life that Garrett's sister, Tamara, has been living (which threatens to tear the family apart), and what follows is a series of unfortunate - and almost deadly - developments that hold little hope for anyone's true happiness to ever be fully realized... It's In The Rhythm will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions with its full-blooded characters and true-life storylines. Ward does a great job of not sensationalizing anyone's particular persona or circumstance, instead presenting Garrett, Trinity, and others as more deserving of understanding and less of scorn or reproach. What can be learned from her tale is that, as human beings, we are all subject to rash decisions and misguided actions, but the common element of forgiveness unites us all and redeems our many misgivings. Even when we seek to hurt others through bitterness, jealousy, spite, or selfishness, such feelings never originate in a vacuum, but instead can be traced back directly to something done to us by someone that caused us pain - whether they were aware of it or not. In keeping with this theme, we understand the motivations of people like Darius, Imani, and Tamara, even if we disapprove of the ways they choose to express their hurt. The smooth, conversational prose of It's In The Rhythm draws you into the compelling lives of its characters, lives that you'll find eerily parallel your own - which is not an easy feat for a writer to pull off. As such, Ward is to be commended for creating such a realistic tale so rife with the sonorous chords of true life.