It'S Not for Sale

It'S Not for Sale

by Karl A. Grosvenor


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The way we view religion today has changed immensely, and increased access to technology has led to a businesslike presentation of evangelism to the masses. Competition is strong with grassroots churches vying for larger buildings in order to accommodate expanding congregations, and money has become an important factor. However, the way in which money is obtained has become questionable.

In Its Not for Sale, author Karl A. Grosvenor provides us with an insightful commentary on the monetary focus of todays megachurches and televangelists, which have often promoted tithing and donations rather than concentrating on the spiritual needs of the people. Grosvenor refers to the ultimate source of truththe Bibleto caution those who blindly trust their money to televangelists, helping them to understand what God himself says about tithing, contributions, and the design and growth of the church.

The church is swiftly becoming a vast marketplace with divisions that once stood between different faiths now serving as connections for the advancement of unity and economic success. Yet Christians and church leaders must stay vigilant against putting a price on salvationfor the blood of Christ is freely given and not for sale.

In this book Karl Grosvenor provides us with an excellent, insightful, thoroughly researched and well-presented commentary on the monetary focus of todays megachurches. His concern for people of all economic and ethnic backgrounds who attend these churches and support them with their tithes was echoed in a speech by Michael Eric Dyson on the 50th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King Jr. This is a must-read for everybody, cautioning those who blindly trust their money to these televangelists, and advising them to refer to the ultimate source, the truth - the Bible, in light of this evolution of the function of the church in our society.
Shirley Gittens, New York

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