It's OK to Be Not OK: Preaching the Lament Psalms

It's OK to Be Not OK: Preaching the Lament Psalms

by Federico G. Villanueva

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How often have you seen a friend and been greeted with “How are you?” Almost always our automatic response is “Fine thank you” regardless of whether it’s true. We proclaim in church services that “God is good all the time . . . All the time God is good,” but there are often times when we feel that life is just unfair and ask God, “Why?” The uplifting songs and victorious testimonies of our church gatherings are frequently difficult to identify within the midst of the suffering and hardship of people’s daily lives, yet there is all too often no room for our “not-OK” experiences in our Christian communities. This is especially true for pastors and leaders who are required to always be strong and OK all the time. But the songs of lament in the Psalms paint a very different picture of understanding life and how human beings express themselves to God. Dr Rico Villanueva uses these Scriptures to teach us that in the presence of God, there is room to be “not-OK” and that our negative experiences don’t have to be ignored. This book challenges us to confront our struggles and questions instead of denying them. Most importantly, the author invites us to bring all of ourselves into the presence of God and the community of faith. For it is through our experiences and sharing them with God and his church that we grow in intimacy with God and our relationships with one another.

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ISBN-13: 9781783682294
Publisher: Langham Creative Projects
Publication date: 09/30/2017
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 160
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About the Author

FEDERICO G. VILLANUEVA is married to Rosemarie, with two children, Emier and Faye.
He has been in pastoral ministry in Manila for over a decade and recognizes the significance of lament for the life of the church there. He regularly visits other churches in the Philippines to preach, often on the Psalms, as well as teaching in seminaries on how to preach the Psalms. He serves as Scholars Care Coordinator in Asia for Langham Partnership and is the Publications Secretary of the Asia Theological Association. Dr Villanueva earned his PhD in Old Testament studies at Trinity College, University of Bristol, UK.

Table of Contents



1 Introduction

2 Learning from the Lament Psalms

3 It’s OK to Be Down

4 It’s OK to Be Sad

5 It’s OK to Cry

6 It’s OK to Be Afraid

7 It’s OK to Struggle

8 It’s OK to Be Angry

9 It’s OK to Question God

10 It’s OK to Fail

11 Conclusion

Appendix: Sample Sermons on Lament Psalms

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