It's Over

It's Over

by Laura L. Smith


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How do you move on when It's Over?

When four college roommates lose pieces of their lives, the pain isolates and the tension rises. Emotions are hard to hide and even harder to tackle. How can the girls move forward, when there is so much pain in letting go? Together, Claire, Kat, Palmer, and Hannah learn to lean on God and each other, and through it all they learn loss is a part of life.

"In It's Over, Laura L. Smith confirms the truth we've been told that we are never alone in the midst of heartache and struggle. In fact, she takes us to a place where we not only get to see, but feel deeply the truth of the fact that every single one of us has a story. Everyone single one of us has experienced pain. But more importantly, that every single one of us has great hope. Smith's writing strikes a deep chord in my heart. It makes sense. It's real--and in my opinion, that transparency makes all the difference." ~Holly Starr, Christian recording artist.

"Laura L. Smith speaks for the broken. With a voice that's warm and true, Laura gives words to those rendered speechless by issues that high school and college girls should never have to deal with--but so many of them do. In writing that's raw, relevant, and real, Smith goes where few authors dare to go: straight into the heart of today's young woman." ~Amy Parker, bestselling author

"YA author, Laura l. Smith, crafts another story that will appeal to all girls, because no one is untouched by heartache in all its forms. The grace Smith extends the four girls in It's Over will touch readers in deep ways, as they follow these characters through some of the worst parts of life. Best of all, they'll cheer when the girls lean on one another and find ways to be thankful in everything. This is a fantastic read, one that will resonate with teens, college girls, and their mothers." ~Laura Kurk, author of Glass Girl and Perfect Glass

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ISBN-13: 9780996277006
Publisher: Birch House Press
Publication date: 07/24/2015
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

I believe in God. I believe in true love. I believe if I bang hard enough on the back of my wardrobe I'll get to Narnia someday. I believe eating chocolate is good for you. I believe God created me to be the wife to my husband, the mother of my four children, and to use words to tell stories and speak inspiration. My other books include; Skinny, Hot, Angry, It's Complicated and It's Addicting.

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It's Over (The Status Updates Series, Book 2 - YA Fiction) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In this continuation of the Status Updates Series, Laura L. Smith has created a more complex, dynamic, and realistic tangle for her IT'S COMPLICATED characters. Four college roommates, brought together by more than the four walls they share at school, are now faced with grown up issues they never saw coming and once again realize that the power of friendship is what gives you strength. That seeing yourself, believing in what's right, and leaning on each other and faith when hope seems to be scarce is an awe-inspiring power that few are able to acknowledge. Laura L. Smith is a gifted author -- allowing each of her characters to shine with their own unique voice, and weaving her novels with the right mix of tension, humor and reality that all girls (teen and college age) will identify with.