It's What You Think

It's What You Think

by Mr Titus Fasawe Jr


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"It's What You Think" is a mind-growing guide to controlling your thoughts and instantly creating a happier life. Passionately written through Titus's personal experiences and growth it gives you the simple truths of the power of thinking and the vital importance of happiness. It sets your heart pounding as you read how your thoughts grow to create your reality. Through the chapters you understand why the mind is your greatest power and how belief and grateful thoughts will energise your happiness. You are guided to your inner emotional ecstasy one step at a time. Titus vaporizes some of the things you currently believe about being happy, shattering beliefs that hold you back. Applying tried and tested methods and truths releases you from stresses and empowers you to more successes. After reading this explosion of thinking wisdom there is no turning back. What you think will be totally inspired.

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ISBN-13: 9781515169055
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/27/2015
Pages: 142
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

A family man, Titus is a husband and father of three beautiful children who inspire him daily. Guide, coach, mentor, author and radio personality, Titus is a 'must see' for all in the pursuit of happiness.
Raised partly in Liverpool and partly in Nigeria, Titus has the best of the 'Scouse' wit crossed with the famous Nigerian resilience. People always ask why he is still smiling and happily living the day. It's his daily choice to get happier and fuel his motivation to think his dreams into reality.
His family moved to Nigeria when his father's school friend became Vice President and offered him a job. Titus was privileged to experience mixing with the elite, navigating the streets of Lagos, understanding the village cultures and, most importantly, appreciating and learning from the people of wisdom. Soon becoming known as 'the Smiler' because of the positive glow he carries wherever he goes, his natural energies became noticed by everyone he met.
Back in the UK, a very driven Titus wanted to share his wisdom, knowledge and ease of positivity with others and so took on the persona of 'Mr Happivator'. Starting with sharing a few kind thoughts with strangers, he realised his little pearls of wisdom were helping people in a big way. Then he had his major epiphany. His knowledge of 'Thinking' and the power of thoughts was gifted through ancient village wisdom and a mass of writings over the ages of time. Titus knew how to simply help everyone to use their thoughts to create their dreams.
A total 'people person' he can dramatically alter a person's state of mind and uplift their entire day with a few words of 'Happivation.' Titus constantly spreads the word through his one-to-one teachings, training courses and seminars, sharing his wisdom of how to get and stay happy in life through captured for the test of time in his books. He provides masses of free support and advise through social media and his website, The Happivator Chronicles.
Titus is a regular radio show guest as a respected speaker. His impressive skills transfer so well to his conference appearances where he is known for his influential motivational speeches. Titus is coming to a screen near you in the very near future. Reading his work will inspire and motivate you to think happily. It is his dream to get happier every day by guiding other people to get happier. The dream is already his reality and its growing fast because he truly loves what he does.

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